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The Fair Folk. You know they're out there. You know they're out there. The question is whether or not you let yourself believe it. Because here's the thing: I know a guy who knows. Who knows the truth. Who sees between the lines.

They just call him 'Professor.'

Or doctor, since he is a doctor. Yes, that kind of doctor. Except he's a doctor for mythical beings. A vampire with tootchache? A griffin with a broken wing? Dragonbirth? Dwarf plague? You call Professor Harchford.


The series is told from the point of view of Daniel, the professor's apprentice. Also along for the ride is Crystal, a Winged Humanoid and somewhat Broken Angel who formerly studied under the professor.

For other works this Troper, Maltor Drey, will never finish, see Histories Of Qarkunta and The Last Heroes.



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