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Takes place in a city watched over and protected by an agency called VICTOR. The agency runs the city, protecting it from threats from crime to natural disasters. Yet from an unknown source, a quarrelsome quartet determined to shut VICTOR down has emerged. They call themselves the Frankenmen, and they are extremely dangerous.

...At least, that's what VICTOR would have you believe. VICTOR really has no goal other than its own power. Many of the threats it purports to fight are actually engineered by VICTOR itself. Oh yeah, and VICTOR has a tendency to do these really unethical experiments with unwilling citizens.


The Frankenmen consists of four individuals who have been victimized by the villainous VICTOR in different ways. Because of their monstrous and typically villainous appearance, it's not hard for VICTOR to turn the public against them.


Adam - The Main Character, and leader of the Frankenmen. Made from parts of those killed by VICTOR and brought back to life technologically, with the added ability to transmit temporary life and limited sapience to the dead. He has the appearance of Shelley's Frankenstein: black lips, skin that barely conceals his veins and muscles, and horrific-looking eyes. Yet he is a highly ethical person who uses his powers rarely and cautiously. Has a fondness for grim humor, but is a father figure to the other frankenmen. He has no memory of the people whose parts were used to make him.


Coral - Coral used to be a model, until she fell afoul of one of VICTOR's escaped experiments, and was contaminated with the DNA of a coral snake. Her powers are super-flexibility and paralyzing venom. She is rumored to be hideous. In reality, she is not ugly, but unconventionally beautiful, being long and lanky in appearance, with yellow skin, black hair and eyes, and bright red lips. She has some scales scattered around her face and body. In personality, she is cool, sarcastic, and pragmatic. Although she isn't very book smart, she is ingenious and clever.


Qwerty - As his name implies, a technopath. He was a curious gifted child who snooped a bit too much for his own good, and found a secret laboratory of VICTOR. They soon after arranged a little accident for him, and allowed everyone to believe he was dead. Back at the laboratory, they replaced parts of his limbic system with computer chips, hoping to train him as a tykebomb. Instead of emotions, he now has technopathic powers and lightning fast mental processes.

Tania - Was Qwerty's older cousin and babysitter, and the only one who didn't believe in his accident. She went snooping after him, and VICTOR kidnapped her and tortured her. To hide her scars, she wears a suit of Powered Armor. Though she is the physically strongest member of the group thanks to her armor, she is also the most emotionally damaged, having a bad case of PTSD from her experiences.


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