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What happens when a bored amateur author decides It's Easy, So It Sucks! for every Final Fantasy game after Seven (VIII and IX had some touchy moments at least, but I digress) and decides to see how well he can do on his own.

Mostly due to Procrastination, these remain theoretical in anything more than a mostly-gathered soundtrack (consisting of mostly music from other games, as I don't have a composer, though a few original tracks from various writers across the Internet have slipped in) and either complete or partial scripts of dialogue, action, and a vague idea of where certain combat scenarios should go. In other words, the projects vary between barely started and around 25% complete, leaving really only the hard stuff like creating sprites and maps and the actual coding of the game. Apparently, I've got a tendency to complete writing a project then start writing a new one before starting the actual building... wonder what that says about me.


So far I have four such stories at least partially tinkered with. Here they are, in order of completion, most to least:

Final Fantasy Odyssey

The Empire is on a rampage. La Résistance is desperately seeking allies. Between the two is Cestal Morwind, a vagabond on the run from Emperor Malvedar and his army. He finds shelter with the rebel faction, the Freedom Riders, led by Richter Kline, who takes to Cestal immediately, and Midgard Barion, who has been burned by mysterious allies in the past and is significantly less trusting. While the Emperor seems more concerned with grabbing up as much territory as he can and bulldozing all resistance in the way, his Dragons Shaed and Magnas seem to have other plans, involving the legacy of the Legendary Hero Gilgamesh...


Will theoretically eventually provide examples of:

Final Fantasy Enigma

Tyranny is on the rise - thanks to a constant struggle between the various countries ignited years ago at a peace meeting gone horribly horribly wrong, coupled with a rutheless pirate scourge along the southern coastlines and a planar breach spilling The Legions of Hell into the harsh lands of the North. But this story is just as much about that as it is about Karish, an amnesiac young woman found in a cave. Karish is a Soulbinder, a person who can call Vestiges - trapped souls of powerful ancient entities - out of The Void between life and death. She also looks like she halfway swapped bodies with a demon. And doesn't remember why.


  • Karish: A young woman with no memories, a fiendish appearance, and strange powers.
  • Denton Conway: A Magic Knight and a soldier of The Baronic Brigade.
  • Andrew Iratio: An older scholar studying magic, especially the unexplored areas of "Grey Magic".
  • Cid Lartesson: An instructor at a school of magic.
  • Renard of the Whisperfang: A Lupin sage and geomancer.
  • Zara Silverscale: A rogue Yuanti ranger who is part of a clan rebelling against the rest of their kind.

Will theoretically eventually provide examples of:

Final Fantasy Sojourn

The Age of Dragons came to an end not long ago, thanks to the now-legendary Tabaris the Dragonslayer and the Companies - teams of warriors working in units - that came in his wake, ushering in what scholars have begun to call the Age of Humanity. But some dragons are not so willing to go quietly into that dark night, despite lingering on the edge of extinction - and one of those is Shaal'Runar the Black. One Company has been hired to deal with the threat: the Mazona Mercenary Corps.


  • Rebecca Elvier: One of the newest members of the Mazona Corps, a hand-to-hand combat specialist.
  • Winter: A Black Mage with a vendetta against the few remaining dragons in the world.
  • Shaal'Runar: A Black Dragon, one of the few remaining dragons in the world. Also known as The Dark Lord and The Destroyer, he eagerly plans to destroy as much of humanity as he can before extinction claims his kind.
  • Lorelei Starrwyn: A high-ranking member of the Corps and Rebecca's superior officer.
  • Shelbey DeMarter: An expert swordswoman and founder of the Mazona Corps.
  • Marisol: The Corps' mechanic and engineer. Also a White Mage.
  • Deacon Vice: A suspicious clergyman from another country.
  • Tanas Fenton: Rebecca's cowardly informer.
  • Kenja: A spy, scout, and assassin.
  • Hammer: A wandering warrior known only by the weapon he carries.

Will theoretically eventually provide examples of:

Currently Unnamed

Expectedly, perhaps, there is very little information available on this at this time.


  • Garion: A Druid of the Arbor Grove.

Will theoretically eventually provide examples of:

(To be completed)



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