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Tropes applying to "Fergard's Souls" in general:

  • Alien Invasion: Two of them in span of ten years which turned most of Europe into burning wreck.
  • Super Weight:
    • -1: God
    • 0: Crimson Viper, Rafael(he does have his array of nifty powers, but is still next to useless in actual combat)
    • 1: Rattenberger, Chaos, Murphy, Veronica, Allistair, Logan, Max, Casper after sealing down Creatures of Abyss, but not before his fatal encounter with Midnight.
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    • 2: Casper, Marcus, Kathleen, Kimberly, Porcupine, Himler, Albrecht, Goldbaum, Jarema, Areus, Ritter, Sigma
    • 3: Casper after his fatal encounter with Midnight, Nega, N. Shooter, Sonia, Midnight at start, Michael, Uriel, Natanael, Lilith, YMIR, Fergard the Fifth, Raguel, Xipanticus
    • 4: N. Shooter when serious or pushed, Gabriel, Akrasiel, Daeva, Alastor, Necromancer, Szabla is implied to end up here
    • 5: Midnight ends up here, Samael, Lucifer, Metatron, Forcas(but only should he decide to get to work)
    • 6: Abyss, God used to be here.
    • 7: The Cause of Evil (Since it survived The Catastrophe caused by pre-catatony God without any plans or preparations, it should be naturally stronger)
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    Casper Stratoavis 
Note: Of legendary Stratoavis bloodline, the man known also as The Last Stratoavis is quite a legend. Started out as a asocial, arrogant jackass, but after enough treatment he gets better. Would die by Midnight's hand if not for Daeva's intervention. Later on, plays a key role in defeating Midnight, although it comes with Heroic Sacrifice. The closest to "main character". Would be voiced by Brad Swaile.

    Nega Casper 
Note: An Evil Counterpart of Casper, known for its bloodlust and lack of any morals. The origins of it are unknown, but it may be related to Creatures of Abyss. Apparently, it can die only with Casper himself. In other case, it will keep reincarnating, even if it will take some time.

    Amadeo "Night Shooter" Nocturne 
Note: Being the bloodhound of one of the most influential beings in the whole universe, Dark Reaper, N.Shooter is laid-back, optimistic, always-smiling kind of type. Though he seems goofy at first, don't push his limits too far or else he'll get you in no time. Would be voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura and Patrick Seitz.

Tropes applying to N.Shooter:

Grim, brutal and with no regards to human life, Porcupine has quite a Freudian Excuse: He was given free will only to be turned into malformed abomination, twisting genes of demons and Creatures of Abyss. Made a sucessful escape, but the hostility he encountered on his journeys made him grow bitter and spiteful of others. Hired by N. Shooter for Team Inferno purposes. His mixed heritage proves crucial in his betrayal of Team Inferno as he joins Midnight's ranks and kills Chaos. N.Shooter was not amused. Would be voiced by D.C. Douglas.

Tropes applying to Porcupine:

  • Body Horror - Went through some serious experiments which not only gave him a permanent Glasgow Grin and gold eyes, but also blessed him with a line of spikes made out of his own flesh and bones that can be used as a circular saw.
  • Bulletproof Vest - Wears a custom one that is able to halt everything but the biggest calibres.
  • Dark and Troubled Past
  • Glasgow Grin
  • Guns Akimbo
  • The Gunslinger - Type B. He will absolutely rain down the opposition with bullets.
  • The Quiet One - Does not talk much, mostly because following experiments considerably upped the ante in speaking for him(he spits blood every time he speaks for too long).

And old luciferian demon and one of the few of this date to have a free will. Is a part of Team Inferno alongside N.Shooter and Porcupine. Usually a voice of reason between insane N.Shooter and sadistic Porcupine, though he isn't called "Chaos" for nothing. Killed by Porcupine during the Last War. Would be voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Tropes applying to Chaos:

  • Badass Normal - Not exactly "normal", considering he's a demon, but still, when he still holds his own in a company of Night Shooter and Porcupine...
  • Confusion Fu - His Weapon of Choice is a set of two mechanical hands which are able to change into flamethrowers, rocket launchers and chainswords. Combining it with his mobility and a quirk for Rocket Jump, you never know where this guy is and what is he going to do.
    • Glass Cannon - That being said, he lacks a natural tankiness of N.Shooter and heavy armor of Porcupine, so once he gets hit, it's all downhill for him.
  • Only Sane Man - The voice of reason in Team Inferno.
  • Wrestler in All of Us - Even moreso than N.Shooter, Chaos is able to deliver devastating blows and throws with a mind-boggling ease.

    Albrecht "The Scavenger" Kaiser 
Note: A vampire of the germanic origin, turned undead after losing the duel with Szabla Stratoavis. Since that period of time he's been pretty much everything: Mercenary, noble, teacher, soldier, attorney etc. Despite being listed as crazy, carnage-loving sociopath via Mercenary's Guild notebooks, he's surprisingly social when not on battlefield. Would be voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi.

Tropes applying to Albrecht:

  • BFS - Wields a flamberge. One-handed.
  • The Butcher - Named "Scavenger" after his preference of food: Corpses, especially those whom he killed recently.
  • Evil Albino - When working with the bad guys.
  • Heroic Albino - When not working with the bad guys.
  • Knife Nut - Has twenty four throwing knives as his means of ranged combat, strapped to two belts on his chest.
  • Lightning Bruiser
  • Older Than They Look - Died at the age of 22. Has over seven centuries of existence as a vampire.
  • Our Vampires Are Different - They prefer to eat fresh meat out of the corpse rather than suck blood. Have no disadvantages when exposed to the sunlight, garlic doesn't phase him, neither do moving water.
  • Power Fist - Has a diamond glove that he uses for the means of defence and counterattacking.
  • Scars Are Forever - One going through his eye. He got it when battling Joan of Arc.

    Allistair Rasmunsen 
Note: Ranked second in Mercenary's Guild, this skeleton is likely to be one of the best snipers in the world, if not the best. Emotionless, stoic and having rather cold attitude to everything sans his teammates(And even then it's very likely), he kills since his death several centuries ago. Responsible for the First World War. Tasked to eliminate Rosarita Cisneros in 1999, which he didn't quite succeeded.

Tropes applying to Allistair:

  • Boom, Headshot! - His prefered method of assasination.
  • Cold Sniper - Cold as death.
  • Cool Shades - Wears a pair. Obviously, he removes them before taking a shot.
  • Dem Bones
  • Foil - Can be considered one to Albrecht. While both of them are undeads with centuries of experience, Albrecht went for being a versatile Jack of All Trades and ended up being quite social and funny guy to have around(despite his sociopathic tendencies when on battlefield). Meanwhile, Allistair perfected his skill to almost perfect level, turning into amoral, unsocial killer in return.
  • Glass Cannon
  • Green-Eyed Monster - Holds a big grudge against those who dare to go even one place ahead of him. He simply doesn't show it.
  • Grey and Gray Morality - His worldview. It doesn't matter who, it does matter: how much?
  • Nice Hat - Wide-brimmed cowboy-like.
  • That One Case - The fact that he didn't finish Rosarita off still bothers him.
  • The Stoic

    Murphy Greenblade 
Note: Brash, brutal, sociopathic, addicted to drugs and with a serious skin deformation, those words are able to sum up Murphy Greenblade quite easily. Works alongside Allistair, Albrecht and Veronica and although he is often ridiculed by Allistair for his so-called "lack of professionalism"(because screaming at your target when you missed him is apparently a serious insult), he proves to be a dangerous Jack-of-All-Trades.

Tropes applying to Murphy:

    Veronica Greenblade 
Note: A newest member of Allistair, Albrecht and Murphy's mercenary team as well as Murphy's niece, Vera is full of energy and enthusiasm. An expert in usage of nunchuk and skilled in kung-fu, she's a formidable opponent, despite her inexperience and lack of weaponry. Would be voiced by Satsuki Yukino.

Tropes applying to Vera:

  • Action Girl
  • Ambiguously Brown - Her skin is noticeably darker than her friends.
  • Badass Normal - Probably the most normal around.
  • Bi the Way - Has no qualms about admitting this.
  • Cute Bruiser
  • Fragile Speedster - One of the fastest and most agile characters in the roster, but relies on multiple attacks and ability to not get hit at all.
  • Friend to All Living Things - Animals seem to love her.
  • Kick Chick - Uses nunchuk only when she needs to.
  • Rapunzel Hair - A ponytail up to calves.
  • Technical Pacifist - While she doesn't like killing and prefers to avoid doing so, she still has no qualms about beating someone senseless.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair - Actually there's a pretty good reason for that: One of her trips with Murphy resulted in: New car, marihuana bush and her red hair now turned dark blue and apparently the paint was too much to handle, even for solvent. Since that day Murphy vowed to deliver sufficient amount of paint, everything from his salary.

    Sonia Flayer 
Note: Full name Sonia Heather Richardson-Flayer, this strange girl was rather unfortunate. After getting captured by Nazis, she became Ezekiel Goldbaum's guinea pig for his experiments alongside her comrades. Enduring two years of suffering and blinding pain gave her super efficient body and an ability to control things with her minds. She decided to put her newly-acquired powers to a good use and mutilated Goldbaum for everything he'd done to her. After that, she hid in the mountains for a long time and finally returned, wanted to understand the world she's in better. She is picked up by Midnight as his personal servant for the time of Last War, but, thanks to Albrecht, C.Viper and Veronica's Soul's influence, she gets better. Would be voiced by Chiaki Takahashi.

Tropes applying to Sonia:

    Himler Gunsche 
Note: The former SS-man who was recruited by Lucifer(when his avatar was still ruling the Purgatory) as one of many talented officers. However, it was Alastor who saw his true potential and made him his First General. Despite what his past may implicate, he's actually a decent guy who is ashamed of his deeds as a nazi. Commands Damonisch SS, a formation modeled after real-life SS, but with some extra firepower - Demonic energy tends to work wonders on some previously unuseable machines. Would be voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.

Tropes applying to Himler:

    Ezekiel Goldbaum 
Note: Of the Jewish origin, a scientist that was willing to work with Nazi scientists. Especially obsessed with the idea of Übermensch, he went to great lengths to create a perfect aryan superhuman. The experiment went a little bit too far. Dead Goldbaum was found by Himler and made his second-in-command. He's responsible for providing extra muscle for Damonisch SS as well as creating some extra soldiers in a hour of need.

Tropes applying to Goldbaum:

    Melchior "Midnight" Herald 
Note: A mysterious being from another world, he became one of the biggest threats for this world after acquiring powers of The Ark. Known for his expert usage of Mind Rape, calm demeanor and lack of any possible morals. Has a position of Second General of Alastor, though he's not really commanding anything sans his own servants. The one truly responsible for Eleventh of September. Later on becomes a part of Big-Bad Ensemble and almost brings the true End of the World as We Know It. Would be voiced by Junichi Suwabe and Crispin Freeman.

Tropes applying to Midnight:

  • Authority Equals Asskicking - His title as Second General of Alastor isn't only for show, y'know. He actually outmatches Alastor himself in certain abilities.
  • Beneath the Mask - He lost a good chunk of his face at price of aquiring the power of The Ark. Since The Ark was destroyed by Night Shooter, Angels of Death was in need of some vessel to further exist and since he was the only one available at the moment... The Abyss itself enveloped Midnight in pitch black skin to cover his disfigurement.
  • Beyond the Impossible - Was placed in The Abyss, a giant graveyard for everything that could possibly breathe and exist in this world. He simply left it after one year of existing there. Both angels and demons with an exception of Samael state this is literally impossible to do.
  • Card-Carrying Villain - Is as Obviously Evil as you can possibly get from liliputian(1.09 meters, the shortest character in the whole stable) being from another world.
  • The Chessmaster - Used to be a decent planner even before aquiring Angels of Death for his own disposal. After spending one year in the Abyss, he now has mind control techniques to further his potential.
  • Dark Is Evil - He's pitchblack save for his snowwhite eyes, uses mind control and the angels he controls are Angels of Death. Can't get any more obviously dark than that.
  • I'm Melting! - Is at disposal of Twenty Angels of Death though one of them is taken away from him who tend to kill off their unfortunate victim rather messily via facemelting. Just ask Arnold Toht.
  • Killer Rabbit - Hilariously(Or disturbingly, take your poison) enough, possibly the most dangerous being in Purgatory sans Alastor himself takes a form that seem to resemble some kind of a creature from Sonic universe. He manages to slightly subvert this though, as he isn't exactly cute with his Prophet Eyes and pitch black robe. He later changes his form into more humane.
  • Manipulative Bastard - Does he ever...
  • Mind Rape - His modus operandi.
  • Nietzsche Wannabe - Apparently, his imprisonment in the Abyss, messed up with his mind to the point he at times wishes for the entire world to turn Abyss. Quite literally so.
  • One-Man Army
  • Only Known by Their Nickname - Very few beings in the world know about Midnight's name. He doesn't seem to particularly care for his existence pre-Ark.
  • Prophet Eyes
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork - With Himler. Those two really don't like each other.
  • The Stoic - Is described by some as virtually impossible to anger.

Note: An ancient demon hailing from Goetia who served as an advisor to Lucifer when he was still in charge of the Purgatory. Made Third General of Alastor, though he doesn't seem to care that much. Is in command of bulk of demonic armies, called also "Purgatory Hordes". He still doesn't care and would prefer to be alone so he can continue his work. Would be voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki.

Tropes applying to Forcas:

  • Anti-Villain - Type IV. Aside from his Mad Doctor tendencies in alchemy and when messing with genetics, he's perfectly sane and reasonable fellow.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy - The biggest offender of this roster. His magical skill is comparable to this of Samael and could easily be bigger should he decide to actually do something about it. Instead, he decided to work on his alchemy skills for science.
  • Deadly Upgrade - Most of his beverages tend to revolve around this. They are some serious upgrades though, but since only a few demons are insane enough to use them repeatedly...
  • Heavy Sleeper - Is prone to fall asleep on Generals's meetings on regular basis. Himler isn't amused by it.
  • Immortality - Of specific Made of Diamond variety: He's constantly surrounded by small, person-size magic shield which happens to be just about unbreakable. In case it does break, it teleports him to safety and reassembles itself. Unless you brought some God-power cannon which can one-shot him, he can effectively stay alive for the eternity.
  • Punch-Clock Villain - Even more so than Himler.
  • Zerg Rush - When he happens to command an army, he usually allows them to go freely to whatever they please. Given their numbers, it sometimes works.

    Jarema Wiśniowiecki 
Note: The man who stopped Cossacks's uprising from curbstomping Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth's forces, revived by Ezekiel Goldbaum to serve Alastor as Fourth General... for whatever reason. Brash, abrasive, Hot-Blooded, but also honorable, courageous and full of good intentions. Too bad he got brainwashed into thinking that angels are actually demons and vice versa. He snaps out of it later on though, courtesy of Akrasiel, and repents by pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to break Purgatory Regiment's line in one of the battles. Would be voiced by Tony Oliver.

Tropes applying to Jarema:

    Areus Harbinger 
Note: An angel from Powers' choir, he was once tasked with a quest of receiving one human into Heaven's service. Unfortunately for him, he fell in love with her which brought him his status of a Fallen Angel and permanent body damage. While now he's redeemed and works now as Team Paradiso's leader, he still is an arrogant prick. This arrogance leads to his downfall which consists of him being turned into Midnight's servant and dying because of that. Would be voiced by Tomokazu Seki.

Tropes applying to Areus:

    Rudiger "Silber" Ritter 
Note: A strange being of an unknown origin, working as a part of Team Paradiso, Heaven's counterpart of Team Inferno. Unwilling to retreat, relentless, apparently unable to express emotion, it slices its way through Heaven's enemies. It apparently has rather strange sense of morality, often picking up targets that are marked as evil only because of his own speculations.

Tropes applying to Ritter:

    Natanael Joseph Talon 
Note: Previously Nathaniel Joseph Claw, but now is a full-on FC. An angelic being of unknown origin, even weirder appearance(of a humanoid dog in pirate clothing) and ridiculous quirks. That being said, he's easily the most dangerous member of Team Paradiso, as well as being the most forgiving, talkative and easy-going. Despites Areus, but works with him anyways(although the feeling isn't mutual). Would be voiced by Showtaro Morikubo.

Tropes applying to Natanael:

Note: Sharing a Big Good position with Metatron, this guy is responsible for making Heaven running now that God is just a shadow of His own self. Strange looking, intellectual, always calm and perhaps with a strange sense of humor, he's also a relentless, pragmatic and cynical being. Neverthless, since he doesn't believe his subordinates could handle managing of Heaven, he's still around, also acting as repellent for Alastor. Would be voiced by John Cygan.

Tropes applying to Samael:

  • The Archmage - He's said to be the original Angel of Death. His offensive skills in magic are unmatched by everyone in the universe, with possible exceptions of Alastor and Forcas.
  • The Atoner - It didn't end up too good for him. See entry below.
  • Broken Ace - If not for the Alastor's omnicidal tendencies, he'd likely end his life this instant: To sum it up, his bitterness from his repenting for First Angelic Rebellion, when he, back then with the name of Sa'el alongside Lucifer refused to bow down to the humans still bites him in the ass; then he found out that God is more or less dead, which caused Second Angelic Rebellion, then his own brother, Metatron, turned against him during Third Angelic Rebellion when he refused to support the idea of flooding the whole mankind... Then demons showed up for the first time on Earth...
  • Broken Angel - His wings got removed after First Angelic Rebellion.
  • Captain Ersatz - His looks are totally ripped from some other Samael.
  • Environmental Symbolism - His office is choke full of chains. They seem to represent his inability to fly, which comes from removal of his wings back at times of First Angelic Rebel.
  • Angel Aliens - Alongside Metatron and God.
  • Samael Has a Bad Sense of Humor - Type 2.
  • The Stoic - The world has yet to see Samael angry. It won't end pretty should someone angers him though.
  • Time Abyss - If Metatron is to be believed. See his entry for more info.

Note: The other one in charge except not really since Third Angelic Rebel. The closest this world has in terms of Incorruptible Pure Pureness except maybe for Jesus himself. That being said, while he won't fight on his own, he can still grant his allies a powerful array of heals and shields. Such a shield proved vital in Samael and Alastor's encounter against Tor. After Samael mysteriously disappears, he gives all authority power to Great Council's members and aids them from behind.

Tropes applying to Metatron:

  • The Ace - He's good at everything but fighting(although he'd likely put up a good fight if necessary).
  • Actual Pacifist - The only thing he does is to buff and heal his allies, but damn, if he isn't good at it.
  • All-Powerful Bystander - Since Third Angelic Rebellion.
  • Big Good
  • Good Is Not Dumb - Metatron can be quite smart when he wants to.
  • Angel Aliens - Alongside Samael and God.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness
  • Time Abyss - If Metatron is to be believed, he, Samael and God were traveling for tens of millenia before they appeared on Earth... And they were already "adult" when they were leaving too.

    Uriel, The Archangel of Flame 
Note: Heaven's local One-Man Army in case Team Paradiso screws up badly. Being a complete sociopath at fight and an obnoxious prankster outside of it, he's loathed by both demons and angels alike. He's still respected for his incredible fighting ability, rivaled only by few. Naturally, given his title, he tends to use fire as one of his forte. Killed by Goldbaum in 2090. Would be voiced by Tomokazu Sugita amd Reuben Langdon.

Tropes applying to Uriel:

  • Anti-Hero - Slides between types III and V. Means well and is an affable guy outside of battle(disregarding pranks), he sometimes goes a little too off his rocker.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking - Is one of the Five Command Archangels(alongside Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Raziel) and happens to be one of the dangerous residents of Heaven. Actually subverted, as he doesn't have that much of an authority to begin with.
  • Cool Shades
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon - Fire breathing shotgun, to be precise. He prefers hand-to-hand combat and creative usage of flints installed in his gloves and heels though.
  • Kill It with Fire - Where to start...? He has flints in gloves and heels, so he can simply ignite enemies with enough impact of the attack. There are also numerous bottles of petrol under his leather jacket, multiple matches, some explosives, a little bit of thermite etc.
  • Lightning Bruiser - Moves unusually fast, hits like a truck and happens to use that fire of his a little too much.
  • Man on Fire - Boy does he loves it! He and his belongings are completely fireproof, so he has no qualms about igniting himself just to make things even worse for his enemy.
  • Red Baron - He's called "Archangel of Flame" for some reason.
  • Smoking Is Cool - Constantly smokes Montecristo cigars. Constantly. Sometimes accidentally ignites his covered-in-petrol wings.

    Gabriel, The Archangel of Miracles 
note: Only second in terms of goodness after Metatron, Gabriel is a laid-back fellow who reasons as the most down-to-earth and most affable out of Archangels. At the time of Last War though he proves that Good Is Not Soft if necessary. Would be voiced by Akira Ishida.

Tropes applying to Gabriel:

  • Good Is Not Soft - Stands as a leader of Heaven during the time of The Last War.
  • Only Sane Man - Let's see: Uriel is a sociopathic pyromaniac, Michael is a grumpy soldier and no less crazy, Akrasiel speaks with riddles and is wrapped with mysteries and Rafael is a sardonic jackass.

    Michael, The Archangel of War 
Note: A giant hulk of an angel, towers anyone else in the roster. Also happens to be a leader of Heaven's army. Grumpy, doesn't speak much and generally prefers to do his job instead of gloating. Hates humans and this is the hatred which is the reason Operation Genesis ended up so spectacularly. Midnight uses it later to brainwash him into his servitude. Would be voiced by Joji Nakata.

Tropes applying to Michael:

    Akrasiel, The Archangel of Magic 
Note: Soft-spoken, very polite and charming, this little guy is also ruthless, manipulative and cunning enough to anticipate many moves of Alastor's hordes. He can go to great lengths in this one, even if it means sacrificing something or someone in the name of Greater Good. Humans interest him little, although he doesn't exactly dislike them. Would be voiced by Daisuke Ono.

Tropes applying to Akrasiel:

    Rafael, The Archangel of Cures 
Note: Grump, sarcastic and sardonic to the bone, Rafael has been broken by First and Second World War when all he could do is to watch in terror as humans slay each other, everything based on Crystal Law. Since that day, he tends to care little about others' feelings, although he still watches over humans. Killed by Goldbaum in 2093.

Tropes applying to Rafael:

    Kimberly Ironfist 
Note: A friend of Casper from times of high school and early adulthood, she's as butch as you can get: Agressive, prone to violence and sometimes very bitchy. There's however a second side of the coin, a shy, insecure girl who hides her weaknesses with agression. That being said, she's a very dangerous opponent who mastered her Super Strength and Good Old Fisticuffs to near-perfection mark. Would be voiced by Maryke Hendrikse.

Tropes applying to Kim:

    Marcus Aftermath 
Note: The Decoy Protagonist, he possesses most qualities of a hero: Powerful with his Elemental Powers and katana mastery, reasonable, fairly intelligent and handsome. And yet, he is often ridiculed by Casper for numerous reasons, ranging from his short height(which actually isn't all that short), large ears and cases of complete obliviousness to his surroundings, which almost cost two lives. Later on gets married with Kate and has two kids from it. Would be voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Tropes applying to Marcus:

    Kathleen Windsdaughter 
Note: Silk Hiding Steel at its best, although with a touch of wittiness and irony, Kate is a gifted healer, able to cure the heaviest of wounds in mere minutes, going even as far as to revive the fallen ones. To protect herself, she uses a power given to all members of her family, control over wind. Later gets married with Marcus and has two kids from it. Would be voiced by Yui Horie.

Tropes applying to Kate:

  • Back from the Dead - She can pull this off although it's a very risky maneuverer, as it not only attracts Necromancer.
  • Blow You Away - Par course of being a Windsdaughter.
  • Brainy Brunette
  • Healing Hands - She tries her best to avoid attracting Necromancer's attention, so she restricts the usage of her healing ability to absolutely necessary moments.
  • Petite Pride

    Michael Rattenberger 
Note: Not really aware of his surroundings, obnoxious, cowardly and with a weird taste of fashion, Rattenberger is a resident Death Dealer who's able to summon reinforcements from a mere deck of cards. While he usually runs from the danger first, he shouldn't be underestimated as his Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass aura can kick in when his or his friends' lives are threatened. Oh, and he's not short. Would be voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa.

Tropes applying to Rattenberger:

    Daeva of Spira, "The Spellspinner" 
Note: An extremely powerful and ancient demon from times before The Catastrophe, Daeva was bind to every Stratoavis that existed with two exceptions of Fergard Stratoavis the Fifth and Szabla Stratoavis. With a twisted sense of humor and large enthusiasm to cause some ruckus, he's also a wise and reasonable guy. Is able to sustain Casper's soul after he got hit with Angels of Death and do so for a long time, as well as supporting him with a vast array of powers.

Tropes applying to Daeva:

Note: While not as powerful or as ancient as Daeva, Xipanticus is still an enemy one shouldn't underestimate under any circumstances. This demon is a mindless, monstrous and enormous pile of meat, designed only to turn every battlefield and every opponent(or even ally) on it into mince meat. After Casper got hit with Angels of Death, he's able to leave at Casper's will and fight by his side, although he listens to his "owner".

Tropes applying to Xipanticus:

Note: One of the youngest "old demons", Logan is a mercenary with swift moves and quick, fatal wakizashi slashes. Regards the world as a boring place and usually pays little to no attention to other people's lives. Actually, pays little to no attention to many things. However, there's still a heart of gold under that carapace which ultimately puts her on the side of good guys at times of Last War. Would be voiced by Ayako Kawasumi and Amanda Winn-Lee.

Tropes applying to Logan:

    Crimson Viper 
Note: Not that Crimson Viper. A helicopter pilot, shot down by Komato and mysteriously ressurrected with much bigger amount of persistence, cynism and insanity. Regards the world as a big fun(and by "fun" he means screams of burned enemies or blowing up stuff in general), although is a Nice Guy at "heart"(even if a sociopathic and crazy one).

Tropes applying to C.Viper:

    Max Luck 
Note: Punny Name aside, you can't kill this guy. It seems there's a ridiculous amount of luck this guy has. That being said, the man himself lacks common sense by an order of magnitude and had managed to earn his place in Top 50 Mercenaries only on a behalf of being Fearless Fool.

Tropes applying to Max:

    Dark Reaper, "The Cause of Evil" 
Note: Perhaps the oldest and the most powerful thing on Earth that was already old and powerful when God made his entrance. The creator of "Old Demons", used to be a serious rival to Lucifer(and later, Alastor), but decided to fall back into his domain for unknown reasons. N.Shooter describes him as a "hammy and cheerful guy", but, given that it was N.Shooter who made this statement, nobody really knows...

Tropes applying to Dark Reaper:

Note: The first(and, as later estabilished, only) member of Angelian Air Force, this girl is devoted to ideals of Heaven and Akrasiel, being his top enforcer. An elite warrior, a bit of a witty pottymouth, despites Areus. As it turned out, shutting down The Gates of Heaven with her outside left her a bit scarred and bitter, although she got better later on.

Tropes applying to Sigma:

Note: A golem made by an anonymous scientist and one of the greatest inventions of biotechnology. Originally was intended to get rid of paranoid scientist's colleagues, but because of his death before inserting correct instructions, Necromancer now wanders around the globe, looking for those who violate "The Equilibrium". Impossible to stop, destroy and often even scratch, it just plunders through enemy's lines, usually paying them no mind.

Tropes applying to Necromancer:

Note: Not to be confused with other YMIR robot. Apparently, the very same scientist who did Necromancer was attempting to create a mass-produced biomechanical soldier before. Quite unfortunately, the biological part was the head which, through series of events, gave the machine a free will. Because of that, YMIR is the only one of his "kind" and was shut down for a long time before finally returning to this world. Cautious, cold and always calculating risks and rewards.

Tropes applying to YMIR:

    Fergard Stratoavis The Fifth 
Note: An uncle of Casper. A Fallen Hero who succumbed to Creatures of Abyss' influence, abbandoned Daeva and Xipanticus to turn into bloodthirsty laughing wreck of a man. Killed by Casper and put under series of purging rituals that allowed him to regain his peace of mind in death. Would be voiced by Mamoru Miyano.

Tropes applying to Fergard:

    Szabla Stratoavis 
Note: A legendary Stratoavis, known for his mastery in swordfighting and spellcasting alike, earning him a title of "Magic Knight". Not much is known about his past or how the hell did he get his blue skin, but just mentioning the name was enough to send most warriors panicking. Not much is known about his "death" either. Some even speculate he's not dead and just watches the world changing from afar. He refused both Daeva and Xipanticus which made him the first Stratoavis to do so.

Tropes applying to Szabla:

Note: Resident Big Bad who reigned over Purgatory after the death of Avatar of Lucifer. While not as bloodthirsty or direct as his predecessor, he's still a bad guy who won't hesitate to attack. Later on he starts losing his patience and sanity which ends up in Operation Genesis which almost succeeds in overtaking Heaven and destroying it, but instead lays waste to Earth. After his "inprisonment", he comes back as Lucifer's right hand. Would be voiced by Jim Cummings.

Tropes applying to Alastor:

Note: Bigger Bad and the guy who basically started it all. Once a proud and most trusted Seraph of God, he lost First Angelic Rebellion and was thrown couple of levels down alongside his fallen brethren where he created Hell. However, something went wrong and Hell became a hellhole(Dark Reaper was quite possibly involved). He was reigning over Purgatory for a long time as well, only to have his avatar killed in unknown circumstances. Returns on Earth and back to power just in time for The Last War.

Tropes applying to Lucifer:

  • Bishōnen Line - His Avatar was a giant demon thing with a BFS. His original form is based on The Divine Comedy... Then he comes back to Earth during The Last War and looks just like he did before his fall.
  • Fallen Angel - Well, duh.
  • Power of Creation - He was one of the few Angels to be granted with almost unlimited, God-like power. Came in handy when creating Hell and the whole species of Luciferian Demons.
  • Pride - His fatal flaw and the one which started it all.

Note: Twentieth Angel of Death and Casper's companion until his real death at the times of The Last War. Witty, sarcastic and often ridiculed by her choice of appearance which is little, 14-year-old girl, she's still a caring and gentle soul. Hardens noticeably after Uriel's death. One of the few souls in the world able to use Wild Bunch. Would be voiced by Aya Hirano and Cristina Vee.

Tropes applying to Raguel:

Note: The First Wife of Adam, Lilith's one of the oldest luciferian demons, if not the oldest and a Mistress of all Succubi and Incubi. Playful, upbeat, spunky, sultry and very passionate, lacks any form of care for human beings and treats them as mere toys although they were cases of her getting attached to certain beings. After Avatar of Lucifer's death and Alastor's faked death, she attempts to take control over Purgatory, but is quickly stopped by returning Alastor and his First General, Himler Gunsche. For a long time was hiding in a mind of an unknown girl, was took out of there by Midnight and made his servant, although the process reduced her intelligence to a dog level. She got better and is very pissed at Midnight, taking his place as Second General.

Note: What was thought to be a giant graveyard for forsaken souls turned out to be an ancient entity, probably as old or slightly younger than Dark Reaper. It's a collective mind for all Creatures of Abyss which finds the world repulsive and wants to get rid of it by expanding her(Abyss is usually noted as "she") influence over the whole world mankind knows, but was too weak for a long time to succeed. However, since the day Midnight was cut off Alastor's influence, Abyss grew stronger with her herald and was able to send more of her "children" to the world. By the time of Last War, Abyss is ready to unleash all of her forces at mortals, angels and demons...


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