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Stoart floated in a dark, black, empty void (according to the Department of Redundancy Department.) He wondered why anyone would create such an afterlife, what was the point? How could an afterlife exist if energy turned, over time into heat? He had nothing to do but think, because the world he inhabitated was empty and pointless.

He awoke, suddenly resurrected, in a bed in an Access-Mundi laboratory. I know this is inconsistent with the last episode but no one in Hollywood gives a fuck about consistency. "Thank you for your service," said Evilton Shithead "but I require more evidence before you can achieve your full potential. I know the location of Johnny and Baronessy, would you like to avenge yourself?


Stoart ran through the Absurdly Spacious Sewer. He was, now, covered in tentacles and fangs. He found the base and entered with ease because of the Incredibly Poor Security.

He turned to Baronessy and filled every orifice with tentacles. He had an incredible orgasmic experience but she felt a horror worse than a million of the most humorless prison fucks. Johnny was inches away, holding a gun but suffered Cutscene Incompetence and did nothing.

Stoart left Baronessy drained and in severe pain, promising to kill her after he finished with Johnny. He wrapped his tentacles around Johnny, slowly crushinng the life from his body. Johnny saw a, conveniently and inexplicably, placed vat of acid and kicked Stoart into it. Stoart grasped the rim with one hand, desperately trying to escape but the rest of his body disintegrated. Johnny was, also, drenched in the acid but suffered minor, painless injuries. Johnny and Baronessy stood behind furniture until, seconds later, their health regenerated and they could run. They knew that Access-Mundi has found them so they fled into the streets, clean and fresh despite wallowing in shit, fearing the Laser Guided Satellites.


The End... Or Is It?: His hand and the remains of his arm twitch and leap from the vat, then, begin to regenerate. He will not die until the end, after turning into a One-Winged Angel during the Boss Rush in the Very Definitely Final Dungeon during a Gainax Ending worthy of Hideo Kojima.


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