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Electra Heart is a NaNoWriMo 2015 novelnote  by Astriferous, based on the album of the same name by Marina & the Diamonds, reinvented into a Space Opera, heavily inspired by the likes of Cutey Honey, Star Wars and Yellow Submarine. It is, within the CPC Verse, the series that takes place the farthest into the future(late 21st century).

Electra Heart is a quirky girl who once gets her heart broken, but she swore to never let another girl to go through the same thing she did. So, she reinvented herself, and now she’s living her dream as a heroine who breaks other people's hearts. From that moment on, she was never alone.

Meanwhile, in a distant planet, where a race of colorful, canine looking aliens, the sonaga, live; Lady Blue, a calm and disciplined soldier, is told that one of her mates has disappeared. Reports say that she claims to call herself Armour Love, and that she’s a Guardian of Love. She is now on her way to bring her back to their planet, and possibly rescuing an old love who’s stranded someplace in the galaxy.

Cut to Earth, where an unhappy suburban housewife, and a carefree biker who gets it on with everyone, are abducted by extraterrestrial beings.


As development advanced, it has been expanded into other works, also based on Diamandis’ discography:

  • Hollow Heart, AKA The Electra Heart Cut, is a prequel, that retells some of the first story, from Electra’s perspective, and gives a conclusion to the first book.
  • HEARTC♡RE, is a brand new story, taking place in The '50s, featuring the "original" Archetypes, and their love misadventures. Serves as Electra's Origins Arc, so it's the least closer to the science fiction genre.
  • WilDie Life, is based on The Family Jewels. Wallis is a girl left stranded in middle of the jungle, along with five other children. But suddenly, she has to choose between the forsaken road of fame and finesse, and the freedom of nature.
  • Planet FROOT, which is based in, uh, FROOT, takes us to an Amazing Technicolor World. Ecithya is a girl looking for her older sister, who was separated from her in her childhood, who also searches for that "dolce vita" she’s been dreaming for all of her life.

Tropes found in Electra Heart:

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    Electra Heart 

    Hollow Heart 
  • Animal Motifs: Mario has birds, especially starlings. His appearance after ascending resembles one.
  • Cyborg: Astrid is this because of her wish of staying alive: Ètoile’s main gave her half of her body this way.
  • Energy Beings: Starchildren, although they take on a humanoid appearance once their gain consciousness. This is because they’re organic matter mixed with stardust.
  • Flower Motifs: Properly, Hustle Rose, Goddess of Love, has a red rose motif.
  • Physical God: Cosmic beings, like gods and starchildren are this, with varying degrees.


    WilDie Life 

    Planet FROOT 

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