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Original novel currently existing only on void_nothing/Nyarlathotep/Alex's hard drive.

The cast:Alex - The main character and narrator, a paranoid, eccentric genius young mortal actor who finds he can access magical and psionic powers... as can the rest of the world. He winds up with a demonic heartstone wedged in his chest, the ability to generate non-Euclidean multi-dimensional objects, and the mantle of the Spirit of Lust.Natalie - Alex's best friend, confidant, and occasional object of lust, a year older than him. She often seems detatched and cynical, but is truly a fangirl at heart. Also, she's one of the world's most powerful summoners. And a seraph.Gabe - The main cast's insecure 6-foot-4 gay Jewish Hispanic strong guy. He can absorb stone into his skin, increasing his strength and durability.Joshua - Alex's friend with the terrifying ability to freeze magic and matter, which will eventually run the universe down to absolute zero. Despite this chilling power, he's warm, friendly, and loves a good joke.Narsingh Thundermask - The Big Bad, a shapeshifting rakshasha with terrifying ambitions.



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