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The Mega Crossover Fan Fic by Professor Raine that, for some strange reason, makes canonical sense when it tries to.

The story starts off with the main character, Issac (which is not Professor Raine name In Real Life), ends up going though a dimensional portal and landing, instead of on pavement, in a shallow beach reminiscent of the Bahamas. He then finds a castle encompassing a gigantic island with only a spit of land in front of it resembling a park at the beach. He then meets the Dimensional Master, the only thing residing in the castle that resembles the aurora borealis. Issac then goes on a albeit forced adventure to gather the Dimensional Knights; warriors, one from each dimension, that can traverse the dimensional rifts in order to aid opposing forces in other dimensions (ala Zerg style).


The main characters are as followed (in order of appearance):

  • Issac: A dangerously thin, frail loner and the group's Jack-of-all-trades/Summoner. His role is to find Dimensional Knights with his necklace, being extremely savvy and using what info his knows of the dimension to his advantage.
  • Danielle: The ever-so-worried friend of Issac that goes on a wild goose chase looking for him in her dimension.
  • The Dimensional Master: An all knowing entity that assist the group whenever it can.
  • Hermione: The Black Mage and the one with the wits for the whole team. She's fiddles with her magic in order for their luck in be in their favor. She also develops a crush on Issac. It doesn't work.
  • Joey: The lucky one of the team and a bit stubborn as well. He uses his good luck streak as a way to play the Martyr for the group.
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  • Cait Sith: The Blue Mage and the backup for the group for pretty much anything they need (except physical force). He isn't a robot, but he seems to be a spy controlled by Revee, until he leaves his dimension.
  • Aeris: The White Mage and the calm and content one. Yes she lives, but at the expense of Issac.
  • Trish: One of the bad guys, and the hottest one out all of them. Very opportunistic and changes sides when needed. Finally joins the group in order to be safe, adding the Tactician to their ranks.
  • Belle: The Powerhouse of the group, despite looking like one of Issac's old stuffed animals. Very cutesy, very girls, very blunt and fills in Issac of any info he needs.
  • Dart: The Lancer of the group and a little upset over the death of a close friend. He supports everyone on the battlefield impressively and goes Dragoon when needed at times.
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  • Vale: The Big Bad in control of the Wraith's Guild. After taking over one dimension and finding out about the dimension rifts, sets out to take over the Dimensional Master's castle.

The story starts to deviate from the same old same old part way though and from there throws curve balls at the reader while the group tries to stop the Wraith's Guild from their evil plans for absolute domination of all possible realities, running into several familiar faces along the way.

And yes, I'm fully aware of the misspelling of Dimensional in the title; it's intentional. :P

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