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Devil's Lake is a fan made work by hollowcoyote. Set in the town of Devil's Lake Minnesota, the disappearance of local boy Charlie Monroe reveals the darkest secrets of the close knit community.

This show provides examples of:

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     The Barnes family 

Lauren Barnes

A local police officer who becomes involved in the case.

Patrick Barnes

A State Trooper. Patrick is the loving patriarch to the Barnes family but hides secrets.

Sarah Barnes

A bright sixteen year old girl and as much a pillar of the community as her two parents.

Leo Barnes

Lauren and Patrick's son.

     Devils Lake Police Department 

Kyle Clarke

The cheery police officer who works with Lauren to solve the case of Tommy.

Anthony O'Sullivan

A weathered, cynical old police officer.

Emma Martinez

A cowardly young police officer.

Paul Garcia

A stern, authoritive police officer.

     Christopher King's Organisation 

Christopher King

The mayor of Devils Lake. Secretly runs every criminal organisation in town.

Julia Drake

Christopher's cold right hand woman. Or not.

Rick Evans Jr

The closeted assistant of King.

Edward Adams

The 'brains' behind King's organisation. In reality his drug cook.

Mr Simon

The flamboyant head of crime.

Barbara Stokes

King's beloved young wife.

Lilly Stokes

King's beloved stepdaughter.

     Devils Lake High School 

Charlie Monroe

A popular student at the local high school, Charlie leads a secret double life parallel to his seemingly wholesome day; at night he lives a secret life of sex and drugs.

  • Abusive Parents: His biological father molested him every night until the police found out when he was eight. He was promptly adopted out.
  • Chick Magnet: Presents himself as this but in reality he's 100% gay.
  • Expy: A Distaff Counrerpart of Laura Palmer-he's a seemingly wholesome, popular star at school who lives a secret life as a prostitute and all because of their father's sexual abuse.
  • Hooker with a Heart of Gold
  • Likes Older Men: Begins a relationship with a man thirty years older.
  • Straight Gay: The whole school seems to believe he's straight, so...

Robin Michigan

A soft spoken young boy who is bullied for being gay.

Ciara Henderson

A deadly clever girl and best friend to Sarah.

  • Adorkable: Apparently she used to be this but grew out of it.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Once she starts dating a jock.
  • Driven by Envy: A very jealous perfectionist girl.


     Honey Bear Diner 

Tom O'Sullivan

The sweet waiter at the diner. Also a closeted gay.

Alicia Black

A clever waitress.

     Devils Lake Law Office 

Jennifer O'Sullivan

A talented but pessimistic lawyer. And a lesbian.

Michelle Fergusson

A more bright eyed lawyer.

Elliot Lloyd

A cheery lawyer in his thirties.

Laura Mc Manus

The secretary at the law office.

     The Kennedys 

Mary Kennedy

An abused housewife who works as a secretary at the police force.

Caleb Kennedy

An abusive thug.

     The Lynches 

Killian Lynch

The uber-Christian dentist.

Sinead Lynch

A gossipy housewife.

Louise Lynch

The most popular girl in high school.

     The Beattys 

Richard Beatty

The calm doctor.

Jacqueline Beatty (Drake)

A woman who lost her children. Sister to Julia Drake and half sister to Kenneth Drake.


Athena Moore

A quirky judge.

Lisa Romano

A prostitute who longs for a chance at normal life.

Teagan O'Hare

A stupid young woman.

     Howlingwood Bar 










Mr Witt


Jacqueline Beatty


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