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Essentially, Deus est Machina is what you get when you tell Zenith to create a story based entirely on non-sexual Author Appeal. It's been described as a "techno-punk science fantasy influenced by Christian and Hebrew mythology that takes place After the End".

The story takes place in a floating city of alabaster called Heaven. In Heaven, robots called Angels keep order and protect the populace, which consists of the descendants of mankind. The commanders of the Angels are the seven Archangels; at the start of the series the group consists of Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Sealtiel, Metatron, Jegudiel, and Barachiel. The Archangels are extremely robotic in nature, and are made up of different pieces. The rest of the angelic choir works behind the scenes.


It's revealed fairly early on that the world Heaven is floating above is a future Earth. A far, far future Earth.

The story revolves around a few characters; none of them are really the main character. Sariel is not important to the overall Myth Arc, but her actions cause important events in the long run. Lucifer is the commander of the Angels, second only to the Archangels; he questions the tactics of Michael and uncovers some pretty horrific Ancient Conspiracies. Gabriel is Sariel's long-time friend who has to contend with the fact that someday one of the Archangels is going to die and he will have to ascend to the position, losing his "humanity" in the process. Joshua is a teenager who was frozen due to an incurable illness; he wakes up in the devastated world and decides to help the survivors, becoming the Messianic Archetype in the process.


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