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If you die, will you lose your connection to yourself?

Danganronpa: Despair Days is a post-based Tumblr Roleplay set in an alternate universe inspired by the original Danganronpa series. In a world where the events of The Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind never occurred, twenty one Super High-School Level Students find themselves separated from the rest of their classmates and stranded on Black Smoke Islandnote , an abandoned and isolated floating fortress inspired by the real-life Hashima Island. Forced into a cruel Game of Mutual Killing at the paws of the devious Monobear, these students must face off against their biggest threat to survival, each other, all while trying to uncover the identity of the Mastermind who put them there.

Despair Days features original settings, students and NPC characters to help drive the story of the game along, as well as original art and media done in the Danganronpa style.


The game is scheduled to have approximately eight to nine chapters and is estimated to begin sometime in mid-July 2015.

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     Game Masters 


Hope's Peak Academy's Official Chaperone
"quote pending"

The self-proclaimed chaperone for Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class Trip. A black-and-white bear with a black-and-white disposition. Monobear is the unfortunately necessary guide and resource for the students throughout their stay on the Island. He provides them motives and incentive to force their hands to kill, though who he is and what his intentions are remain a complete mystery.

    Male Students 

Hayato Kawata

Super High School Level Basketball Player
"Hey, what’s up? I’m Hayato Kawata! You wanna try and swim across the ocean with me?"

Appearing almost out of no where, Hayato Kawata rose to fame as the youngest and most talented basketball player in Japan. After moving from Osaka to Tokyo when he was 14, Hayato spent the next 3 years training and charming the crowds with his bright smile, boyish face, and incredible displays of agility and skill. He was appointed as his middle school’s shooting guard and managed to lead his team into defending National title for two years. His speed is his most noticeable trait as he’s able to speed through even the fastest of players, in which the media had dubbed him, “The Falcon”.

His popularity soared through the roof when he was invited by the Japan Basketball Association to play for the international team. After an amazing victory, he was sponsored by many companies and was offered to play professionally for the international team, but ended up accepting an invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy as the “Super High School Level Basketball Player”.

  • Animal Motifs: His name literally translates to falcon and his personality is often compared to a dog sometimes.
  • Ambiguously Brown: His skin is quite dark and it hasn't really been confirmed if it's a very deep tan or he has a mixed ethnicity.
  • Beauty Mark: On the bottom corner of his left eye.
  • Berserk Button: Upon the reveal of the Chapter 2 motive (Having your darkest secrets exploited), he get's incredibly pissed and starts swearing and screaming threats of breaking the Mastermind's neck for digging up his past. This happens again when Stella/Usou Tsukino is murdered, causing him to blow up at everyone once he discovers her corpse and storm off.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: While he is kind and friendly, he revealed he was a delinquent who apparently hurt people for fun.
  • Break the Cutie: Get's broken terribly in Chapter 2. His secret of being a delinquent when he was younger get's threatened to be exploited which causes him to explode, shattering his image as the nice and cheerful guy he was before. Taken even further when after getting close with Stella/Usou, she ends up being the victim for the chapter, causing him to reveal his secret out of anger towards the culprit. He does seem to be a little better in Chapter 3, though.
  • The Captain: Was responsible for leading his middle school team in defending their National titles for two straight years.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: Has brown hair and brown eyes!
  • Dumb Jock: Doesn't really care much for academics as much as he cares about basketball.
  • Expressive Hair: His ahoge reacts along with him; turning into a heart shape whenever he's excited, getting pointy when he's angry, and wilting when he's sad or scared.
  • Gentle Giant: One of the tallest students in the group but a textbook Nice Guy.
  • Idiot Hair: Has a rather long one and has more....personality than brains.
  • Idiot From Osaka: Was born in Osaka before he moved to Tokyo.
  • In-Series Nickname: “The Falcon”.
  • Japanese Delinquents: Was one when he was younger, and was apparently a ruthless one.
  • Keet
  • Lightning Bruiser: Is renowned for his unrivaled speed while on the court.
  • Little Big Brother: Towers over his three sisters but is the youngest out of all of them.
  • Lovable Jock
  • Nice Guy: A real friendly and amicable guy.
  • Sticky Fingers: Has a habit of hording things and keeps all of the items he finds during his investigations.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome
  • Trademark Clothing: His green jersey.
  • Tragic Keepsake: In his Chapter 3 sprites, he keeps Stella/Usou's sunglasses and wears them on his sweater.
  • Trauma Conga Line: The entirety of Chapter 2 utterly destroyed him emotionally.
  • Wing Ding Eyes: Get's literal stars in his eyes whenever he's excited.

Hiroshi Okada

Super High School Level Wrestler
"quote pending"

Actor, dancer, model, athlete - Hiroshi Okada does it all. He’s most famous, however, for his professional wrestling career, known for his over-the-top character King Okada, his dirty fighting tactics, and his publicity stunts that have single-handedly pulled his modest wrestling company into the spotlight. Beyond that, Hiroshi is infamous for his versatility, his fashion sense, and his inflated vanity and egocentrism.

Jiro Yoshida

Super High School Level Gastronomist
"quote pending"

Adamant, astute, and ambitious; these are the traits that are rightfully becoming of someone born under world renowned duo endocrinologist, Junichiro Yoshida and enzymologist, Hideko Yoshida. These two together have created the foundation of what sensory perception is today, enhancing the human senses to a degree that had been deemed unfathomable. The heir to such a designation would be no other than Jiro Yoshida, a task that seemed impossible for anyone other than him, provided he had the motivation to follow through in their footsteps.

Of which he did not; instead choosing to direct his knowledge and understanding of the senses to a more humble approach: culinary. It was a sudden change, from when he was so vigorously pursuing the line of biochemistry into something that was considered trivial by the scientific faction. But not one person could question the abilities of this man, as the skills and proficiency he once held in another field seamlessly transferred to this one. Jiro was responsible for creating perfection; dishes that appealed to all the senses and prepared in methodical refinement every time. With his inheritance, he had already become ranked among the world’s greatest restaurateurs upon opening his own, Vitalibria. The results of which had already earned him three Michelin stars, the youngest molecular gastronomist to achieve such a prestige. And his progress had no signs of slowing down, as he would continue to create and invent until he achieved his goal of complete equilibrium in the senses.

  • Anime Hair
  • Consummate Professional
  • Renaissance Man: His knowledge of endocrinology and enzymology transferred into the culinary arts quite nicely.
  • Supreme Chef: Owns a restaurant that has earned him three Michelin stars by the age of seventeen. For comparison, real life celebrity chef Marco Pierre White was the youngest chef in history to earn three stars at the age of thirty three.
  • Team Chef

Masumi Mori

Super High School Level Oneirologist
"quote pending"

Sleepy eyes and lips parted in bewilderment; the expression of Japan’s critically acclaimed oneirologist, Masumi Mori. With such a lazy expression, and often absent-minded thoughts, it comes off as almost comical that this young man is recognized in the field of sleep study as a phenomenon; his eccentric take on dream interpretation has piqued the interest of his colleagues, and even more so that of therapists and neurological specialists nationwide.

Despite controversy concerning his professionalism, or more specifically, his whimsical nature, Masumi seemingly has no trouble juggling his many clients. With such recent success, such as Masumi’s recent diagnosis of the ‘Night Trance Syndrome’ of Nagoya, it seems he is literally ‘living the dream’.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Is described as whimsical in nature and eccentric in his line of work.

Nisemono Yoshida

Super High School Level Chess Player
"quote pending"

Nisemono Yoshida is a chess player, known by those who are interested in the world of chess playing, for frequenting chess tournaments in Japan — especially single-elimination tournaments. However, local tournaments aside, Nisemono is most well known for his win in a national chess championship, where he won after successfully beating the player he was up against, in a game that was almost twice as long as the entire tournament up to that point.

Tokaji Uzaki Isayuki Sadao

Super High School Level Counter-Terrorist
"quote pending"

Having spent the better half of his childhood as an orphan, subsisting on his late parents’ sizable inheritance and cared for by their estate’s attendants, Tokaji Uzaki chose to pass his time alone with an unusual hobby – constructing explosives. Soon upon entering junior high school, this unhealthy obsession quickly escalated to culminate in a series of minor bombings across Tokyo. After effortlessly eluding the local police for over a month, the Special Forces Group of the Japan Self-Defense Forces was mobilized within the city and soon caught Tokaji with his hand quite literally on the trigger. Needless to say, the general public and all parties involved were shocked to learn that a middle school boy was responsible – while his age prevented the release of his identity, the media dubbed him the “Chuunibyou Bomber” for his actions.

Still, intrigued by the unprecedented natural talents he possessed at such a young age, the incumbent Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff jointly chose to conscript him into the Special Forces Group in exchange for exonerating his treasonous deeds. Despite the initial outrage surrounding this move, Tokaji has since gained begrudged recognition over the years in light of the sheer results his unorthodox methods have wrought both on and off Japanese soil. Even so, the media regularly continues to slander him, claiming that he is such things as the military’s rabid attack dog, a clandestine terrorist for hire and a general menace to not only Japan but the world at large.

The first victim in Despair Days. He died from head trauma caused by Ushio Yamaguchi who at first attacked him with a pipe and then grabbed him by the neck, smashing his head into the ground repeatedly.

Yoshiko Gouro

Super High School Level Horror Mangaka
"quote pending"

The reclusive author behind modern manga classics such as “Dr. Wilhelm’s Skin Castle” and “The Nothing Machine”, Yoshiko Gouro has been producing tales of creeping horror for various different publications in a timespan of over three years. Despite starting as a completely unknown name in the horror scene, Yoshiko and his manga soon proved to everyone that monsters were alive and well.

The young mangaka’s art takes distinct influences from Western movements, with German Expressionism being the most obvious, and serves to accompany writing that would look right at home with the likes of Le Fanu and Poe. While he is best known for his first full-length manga, “Dr. Wilhelm’s Skin Castle”, which has racked up numerous industry awards, little is known about the author himself. His odd mannerisms and emphasis on keeping his private life to himself have become something akin to running jokes amongst his fanbase, and have only lead to further public intrigue.

    Female Students 

Chika Minami

Super High School Level Bassist
"quote pending"

Chika Minami, commonly known by her stage name “Nyaoko”, is the bassist, backing vocalist, and main songwriter of the recently popular band Charismatic. Known for their high school uniforms, anonymity, and unique sound they quickly climbed the charts and made it to the top 5 hottest bands of the year with their hit single “Hazy Mind.” Chika is possibly the most mysterious out of the three, mascot head wearing, band members with little to nothing publicly known about her off the stage.

There is, however, a rumor that Chika is linked to the popular cell phone novelist Neko Ne due to the similar names and writing styles. Could Charismatic’s bassist also be Neko Ne? So far she’s denied any such claims, but observant fans say otherwise.

Harumi Cho

Super High School Level Spirit Medium
"quote pending"

A spiritual prodigy famed for her ability to contact and channel the dead. While some deny the existence of such entities, her customers swear by her talent and have formed an almost cult like group to support her. Though her name and talent are rather well known, details on the girl herself are rather sparse as she only takes in a select few per month and she remains a mystery to those who have yet to meet her in person.

The second killer in Despair Days, executed for the murder of Stella Ethereal, AKA Usou Tsukino.

Mayu Hagiwara

Super High School Level Toxicologist
"quote pending"

Enigmatic and cavalier, Hagiwara Mayu is one of the brightest young minds in the field of chemistry that the world has seen to date. Born into the family of the globally celebrated neurochemist Hagiwara Michiyo, Mayu’s is a household name among some of the most highly revered scientists in the nation. Despite urgings from her family to pursue a career in the field of neurochemistry, though, Mayu never found herself to be particularly fascinated by the mundane study of molecular structures and chemical bonds. Instead, the girl’s interests were captivated by a more perilous study of matter, elements, and the ways in which they behave — poisons.

With a focus on improving overall public safety (often pertaining to common household goods), Mayu’s contributions to the field of toxicology have been immense even given her brief scientific career. She typically carries out experiments and field work, working diligently to reduce the existence of harmful and otherwise toxic substances from exposure to residential areas. Thus, although she is an expert when it comes to deadly substances, saving lives is her priority first and foremost. Both Mayu’s passion for her work and overall influence are significant.

  • Can't Take Criticism
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Of the white-haired variety.
  • The Fundamentalist: She has a devout disbelief in anything involving a greater power or any supernatural forces. Strict, scientific facts are the only things she will accept as true without a good deal of suspicion.
  • Hot Scientist
  • Innocently Insensitive: More often than not, passive and unintentionally abrasive comments Mayu makes are interpreted as highly insulting. This is perhaps as a result of her being admittedly Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense.
  • Insufferable Genius The chemist has ingrained arrogance when it comes to intellectual affairs.
  • The Lab Rat: An overwhelming amount of her time is occupied by tedious lab work (although Mayu considers this to be a pleasant pastime).
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Born of two decorated neuroscientists, Mayu's childhood was nothing if not opulent. And although she is book smart, the girl's social skills are lacking. She is not a 'people person' by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Teen Genius

Mayuri Tomomi

Super High School Level Volunteer Worker
"quote pending"

Have you ever noticed those strange volunteer work fliers popping up everywhere? The walls, the bulletin board, the hallway—heck, even in library books? While there may be a chance that some other student may have left those there, most come straight from the hand of Mayuri Tomomi— volunteer worker and leader of the Actions Speak Louder Than Words Charity Campaign for disabled children; notable for significantly improving the treatment of those disabled in Japan. Despite taking a break from business, she’s still always available to help passing students or teachers —of course and unintentionally, with little regard for her own health and school work.

Despite developing deafness at only 3 years old; Mayuri believes that people aren’t as hopeless as they think, and that silent observers always have the power to make things better.

Miki Iwai

Super High School Level Akiba Idol
"quote pending"

Miki Iwai, the continuously rising star of Akihabara. After failing many auditions the young wannabe idol turned to the streets of Akihabara to showcase her large skill set. With her cute features, energetic personality, and talent she became a hit with no trouble. As well as landing a place in the hearts of many patrons of Akiba. Her main spike in popularity mainly occurred due to the high quality of her performances of a completely self made idol.

Rie Amano

Super High School Level Treasure Hunter
"quote pending"

Daughter of archaeologist Keigo Amano, leading professor at Tokyo University's Department of Archaeology, Rie was set up to follow in her father's footsteps. History was first while everything else came second. She was enraptured by the historical facets her father introduced her to: scrolls that dictated the time of Homer, Mongolian weapons refurbished, and scepters of the rulers of Egypt uncovered were some of the things her father showed her as he sowed the seeds of his future into his daughter. With the beauty of knowledge bestowed upon her it was only right that she follow her father’s aspiration.

However, growing up Rie found out what interested her the most wasn’t historical knowledge or wishing to make her father proud, but a more superficial, material object which was the treasure that came from history’s past. She became widely renowned throughout the archeological community as the “Pillager of History”. It was because she kept all the artifacts she found rather than provide to the public for self gratification of her accomplishments. Many archeologists are wary of the gift she possess in discovering remnants of the pasts in a matter of days when it took them years to find a single fragment. She’s a looter with jurisdiction as many of claimed, but none can denounce her presence has progressed archeological discoveries throughout the world.

Stella Ethereal Usou Tsukino

Super High School Level Crystal Gazer
"It looks as if… how many…? Two? Two people will fall soon. Soon? Soon. And how soon? Heheh! Keheheh!"

Stella is a seer who seeks to guide others towards their future, whether it be for good or bad. Her predictions have gathered interest in the fortune-telling community, especially due to their accuracy. She is shrouded by anonymity both online and offline, often seen in a pair of sunglasses, a cloth wrapped around her nose, mouth, and neck, and her hair tied up in a tight bun. All that is known about Stella Ethereal is her gender, her age, and her amethyst crystal ball that she holds in hand. One of the more known rumors around Stella online is that if you are to make eye contact with her, you will be blessed with good health, wealth, and luck in your future.

The second victim of Despair Days. She died from multiple stab wounds caused by Harumi Cho who stabbed her in the back multiple times.

Umeko Miyamoto

Super High School Level Class Representative
"quote pending"

Umeko Miyamoto is the second child of Kanae Ota and Hirohisa Miyamoto, two highly-respected representatives at the Japanese Ministry of Education. Since her early childhood, Umeko has grown up underneath the academic thumb of her parents, tailoring her into the model student she current is today. A natural beauty with two teardrop moles beneath her left eye, Umeko has both the manners and appearance of a typical yamato nadeshiko, with the resolve and moral code to match any disciplinary committee member.

Firm, yet fair, Umeko displays a natural leadership ability that leaves little room for question. As the Class Representative, she does her best to shape her classmates into proper students by any means necessary. Maintaining her academic standing at the top of her class since middle school, as well as masterfully juggling her responsibilities of the student council with extracurricular activities, Umeko has always exemplified the ideals of the Japanese Education as the ideal student.

Ushio Yamaguchi

Super High School Level Boxer
"It's not about me. Never was."

With nine younger siblings, a constantly-absent mother, and a host of different fathers who may as well have not existed, Ushio Yamaguchi seemed like the kind of person who would never amount to anything, an opinion she’d agree with. Throughout her childhood she often found herself fighting on behalf of her sukeban older sister, but when she tried to teach herself boxing and came across a veteran personal trainer who used to overlook professionals, someone who finally thought she had potential, it became something more. When she knocked out her opponent thirty seconds into her first amateur bout, she proved she would take out anything her coach pointed her towards, and became the terror of the women’s amateur boxing circuit.

By the time of her Hope’s Peak acceptance at 18 after her stunning breakout performance in that year’s Women’s World Amateur Boxing Championships, she was harboring dreams of being the first Japanese medalist in women's Olympic boxing. She is the first killer in Despair Days, executed for the murder of Tokaji Uzaki, AKA Sadao Isayuki.


     Nonbinary Students 


Super High School Level Magical Boy
"quote pending"

Intergalactic Prince Mahou Shounen Kuro☆Kometuto (or just Komet to skip the mouthful) is a magical boy intrusted with protecting the Earth from malicious space royalty who wish to rule mankind and beseech the head off His Majesty’s shoulders. Millions of fans have watched the child star grow on the screen and explode to a dazzling supernova.

Currently, the show’s popularity has reached an all time (mercantile) high, it’s hard to avoid this cosmic cutie’s face plastered on every other store display and tv commercial. Komet’s heroics span on and off screen, often reported performing various charity work (such as hospital visits for his terminally ill fans) in full dress and character. For his tremendous dedication, he’s been honored by Hope’s Peak Academy as their Super High School Level Magical Boy.

Mei Katsunoda

Super High School Level Triathlete
"It's not enough to just wait! We have to go and do something about it!"

Athletes from all around the world aspire to do what Mei Katsunoda had accomplished. Being the youngest competitor to ever place in Japan’s National Triathlon - the Ironman - Mei set a new standard amongst her age and weight group. Appearing in triathlons from the age of thirteen, she made a name for herself as a “future elite" amongst athlete.

Soon excelling at the three stages of the competition individually, it seemed only natural to take on the challenge of placing in a triathlon. Though Mei had difficulties keeping up with the triathlon course due to coping with asthma, it never stop her from going against the odds and striving for absolute physical success. The media now adorns her as a source of hope for struggling asthmatics and young athletes, who saw her as a role model. Shortly after receiving this national recognition, she was accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy much to her (rather overwhelming) excitement!

  • Determinator: Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Inverted. Born within a reputable family that encourages active and physical sport, Nodame found herself among professional athletes from an early age and she wants to be just like them!
  • Genki Girl
  • Hot-Blooded: Yoooosh!!!!!
  • Idiot Hero: Moreso an idiot with a hero complex, they try hard to save the day... or make it worst!
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Due to the slight physique of a triathlete, Mei is often underestimated.
  • Skilled, but Naïve: Re: Very naive.
  • Taught by Experience: Inverted. Oblivious, oblivious, oblivious.
  • Trademark Clothing: So Sailor Fuku and Shorts anyone?.
  • Victory by Endurance: Built on a sport that requires intense physical ability over a long period of time, Nodame trained specifically for endurance. They are able to adjust their pace and tirelessly continue as needed, leaving all behind in the wake of her strength and stamina.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: She can be friends with everyone. She just knows it.

Seiji Shimada

Super High School Level Mountain Climber
"quote pending"

If you’ve ever owned a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records (and have managed to memorize many of the random facts in it) then chances are you’ve heard the name Seiji Shimada. Scaling Mount Everest on his own at the measly age of eleven, he’s made national news several times. He hasn’t been satisfied with that, however, and scales the most famous mountains of the world, including (but not limited too) Mt. Kilimanjaro, The Matterhorn, Mt. Khuiten, and Mt. Washington. He makes sure to climb Mt. Everest annually, however, and in recent years has even recorded the expedition and sold the tape off too companies who have turned the experience into a documentary for viewers everywhere.

Perhaps what one of the most fascinating and daring aspects of his whole career is the fact that he does everything solo, refusing any attempts made to form an expedition party with him and instead opting to climb and hike on his own.

Warren Wyse

Super High School Level Automobile Designer
"quote pending"

Known as the ‘Autobody Ace from the Isles’, Warren Wyse is a name everyone knows who’s ever ridden in a really fast car. Born with a talent for art, and a love for cars, he put everything on chance to pursue a life in the fast lane. The definition of a rags to riches story, this young man has traveled the world and met with some of the best artists and engineers in the industry to supply cars to some of the wealthiest, and infamous people of the world.

There’s nothing this British/Irish heart throb hasn’t done that hasn’t put him in the limelight somehow. Even so, there’s an air of mystery around the gray-eyed boy, even though he loves to be the center of attention.

     Non-player Characters 

Kasane Kogami

Super High School Level ???
"quote pending"


Masao Hiranaka

Super High School Level ???
"quote pending"


Takahiro Hirano

Super High School Level Odorite
"quote pending"

Takahiro Hirano is a charismatic, charming and talented young dancer known across the internet for his natural skill and his striking good looks. Famous on Nico Nico Douga for his dynamic and complex dance routines, as well as his signature green hoodie and thick-rimmed glasses, Takahiro has made himself a place in the odorite community both as a solo dancer, and as the leader of the three-man group, of HER★ (ヒーロー). Though the front man for his group, Takahiro’s fame comes mainly from his solo videos, where his influence and inspiration from K-POP and Hip-Hop can be seen in his routines. His charisma and engagement with his audience has made him very popular with female fans, and likewise, the envy of many others.

A young man who never seems to be in the same place twice, Takahiro enjoys a fast-paced and carefree lifestyle, free of long term responsibility and commitment. Although a seemingly irresponsible and indulgent young person, Takahiro is quite capable with his studies and dedicates much of his time to himself and his own self-care, as well as to those whom he considers his friends. He does as much as he can to provide those close to him with the happiness he believes they deserve through his actions and his dancing.

Tropes featured in Despair Days include: