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"Welcome, Jason, this is your dream, where the impossible becomes possible. This is the place where your terrors surface. This is the place where you'll die."
-The Igniter

A novel currently in production by [1].

This novel's protagonist is Jason Roivas, a normal boy in Rhapsody High School One night, he has a dream, where a mysterious figure who calls himself the "Igniter" tells him that now he is trapped in his own dream world. However, a few moments later, Jason wakes up, a little shook up. It doesn't take long for him to find out what's really going on though: Every Time he goes to sleep, he gets sent to his dream world, where if he dies, it's game over.


This novel fouceses on two things: Jason's life in the real world, where he attends a high class shcool, with his clique, where he has to deal with his father, who is single, and works at night to maintain him, and his step sister, Ashley Riedel, who seems to have followed his steps... in the wrong way. In here, Jason wil have to decide what he wants out of life, and see how his decisions can affect people he loves.

The other part of the novel is focused on the Dream Realm, a Low Fantasy setting where he (unintencionally) gets caught up in The Resistance's plans, and unfortunately, ruins their plan to overthrow the goverment. In here, Jason is stuck, following the group's leader, Terrance Del Mar, a young elf expert in archery. They will have to deal with a lot of things while Jason secretly finds a way to stop his dreams. They will fight a military based dictatorship goverment, where all kinds of races are assigned different taks and rights, mercenaries out for their heads, lead by evil aristocrats, a madman out for revenge on the world, and more. Things will get worse, for what starts as an easy quest, will turn into a matter of choice, where Jason will have to see the shades of gray in morality, then into a moral decison wether if it's worth it to destroy his own dreams, and finally, to stop a conspiracy that threatens both worlds.


This novel is set to be writen in 3 parts, and is very character oriented, so the tropes for this page will have to wait while i work ont the character sheet.


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