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Darth Wiki / Deadly Experiment Zone

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The laboratory where we perform our deadly formatting experiments for the Darth Wiki. Pay no attention to the corpses. Many of them were volunteers.


How do i clone?


Bravo! Now we have 8 tropers! And i talk like this is a good thing!

  • Additionally, that's not blue. This Wooper thinks it's wine.

Hoh boy, now we have defective copies, no more cloning today. Turn this thing off!

How do I shoot spoiler tags? Tell ME!

Huzzah! Home Page! Narm!

  • Ya sure?
    • Ya.
      • Damn, I hate talking to myself.
      • I'll join!

How far do the indents extend? Count with me!

  • One!
    • Two!
      • Three!
      • Four!
      • Five!
      • Six!
      • Eight! It worked! I have successfully trolled at least TWO tropers at once! World trolling is almost at my finger tips!!!!!!
Why anyone would want to go beyond six is beyond me!
  • Seven! HUZAHH! Take that you buttmunch! wait...
It's alive! It's alive! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Maybe if I... No, that didn't work. What about [[this?]] Oh, stop your screaming!

Those fools, I'll show the all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, Finn does know that multiple exclamation points is a sign of insanity.


Tequila, boys and girls, is delicious. I could use some.

  • "Yeet!"

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