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"This is a story about magic..."

Daylight is a fantasy adventure as seen through the eyes of Oliver Beaking, a mute swan who's only distinguishing feature is a pair of blue eyes. He has an ordinary life at the place only known as the Lake, outcast among other swans because of his amity with "marshdwellers". But all of that is about to change.Several hundred years ago, a wolf pack living by the Lake was wiped out by the human residents. Those who survived the guns were killed in a forest fire that seemed to have came out of nowhere. After the destruction, only a partly-lame young wolf is able to slink away into the depths of the forest...


Present day, and the worst storm in living memory hits the Lake; lightning striking the ancient Twisted Tree. Curious, Olly and his friends inspect it, and find strange symbols carved into the bark, visible for the first time in centuries. Accepting a dare from some of the swans who have also come to gawk, they decide they'll stay the whole night by it, despite a warning from a small black cat who seems to be trying to get everyone away from the it.

And that's when it all goes downhill. It isn't just a tree- it's a prison. A prison that's become weaker and weaker over time, and the little cat was trying to clear the way so that an ancient sorceress whose mission is to guard this prison can renew the bounds.Which, in the confusion, Olly falls onto, accidentally releasing the creature.

Things are about to get even worse for him though- to save him, Adeliala, the sorceress mentioned above, was forced to change him into a human, only allowing him to return to his true form at night. And it turns out that Olly may just be the long-awaited chosen one known as the Hope, said to be the only creature who has a hope of defeating the spirit known as the Wolf.


Along with Alex, a fiery-tempered heron, undersized moorhen Dewey, Bronwyn, Adeliala's feline assistant and seemingly long-lost heir to a throne, Olly is thrown into a world of magic, prophecy and adventure completely against his will.

And after countless years of being lost in the dark, the young limper who fled his pack's destruction is offered a chance for revenge by a black wolf with eyes that never stay the same colour...


This story contains examples of: