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Created by Elodie Hiras, Dark Matter Aberration war is a Space Opera roleplaying game set in a futuristic fantasy universe. Humankind created a space empire, which erupted in civil war. Two factions quickly formed: The Star Systems Federation, and The Dylamian Empire, an expansionnist dictatorship aiming to created the genetically perfect human race, and try to do so genociding inferior genetic strains so that only the strong remain. It is backed up by dark matter aberrations, and is technically the most powerful faction in the universe. There are two reasons they are not in control of the entire universe: La Résistance, consistently derailling its operations, and the Beta Shirian Armed Forces, consistently claiming military victories for the Federation. But in the long run, The Federation is doomed. For this reason, the federal high command decided to create a special unit for highly strategic sabotages and military operations deep behind ennemy lines.


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