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CyberDasher is a hypothetical 3D Action platformer by Ironcommando.

You're a program in cyberspace tasked to destroy enemy programs. You main ability is dashing, which allows you to traverse long distances as well as stun foes. You can also perform a lock-on dash that targets multiple enemies and attacks them in Bullet Time.

This game contains the following tropes:

  • Action Bomb: Bugs will explode when they are near the player.
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  • Airborne Mook: Flies. Bugs can also traverse gaps to get to the player.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: Bulks are vulnerable in the back and sides.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: The player lacks proper arms, instead having two blades.
  • Boss Arena Urgency: Sort of in the final level. The Bulks can destroy the small crates, leaving less places for you to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Bullet Time: Happens during your Lock-on dash attack.
  • Charged Attack: You need to charge your dash in order to use it. The longer you hold, the further you will go.
  • Corridor Cubbyhole Run: The last part of stage 2 where you have to hide behind crates to avoid the Wave Gunners' attacks.
  • Crate Expectations: The second and third stage are chock-full of gigantic crates.
  • Cyberspace
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: You're teleported back to the last checkpoint with nothing lost.
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  • Dual Boss: The final wave of the final level pits you with two Bulks, among other enemies.
  • Dual Wielding: The player character has two laser blades.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Your dash can do this to enemies while stunning them. The Bulk will do this to you if it runs into you from the front.
  • Giant Mook: Bulks are large enemies with lots of health and armor from the front. You need to hit them from the back to deal good damage.
  • The Goomba: Grunts. They do come in large numbers, though.
  • Ground Punch: The Bulk uses this as its main attack, which causes a damaging explosion at the point of contact. It also destroys small crates.
  • Heart Container: The hearts will increase your maximum life when picked up. Batteries will increase your maximum energy when picked up.
  • Heavily Armored Mook: Bulks have such tough armor in front that they're Nigh Invulnerable. Attack its back to deal proper damage to it.
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  • Invulnerable Attack: You become invulnerable while dashing. You also get a short moment of invincibility after the attack.
  • It's All Upstairs from Here: Two sections of the first stage.
  • Kung Fu-Proof Mook: Bulks are Nigh Invulnerable from the front. You need to attack their back in order to damage them.
  • Laser Blade: Used by both the player and Grunts.
  • Laser Sight: Flies will project one on you just before attacking. Move out of the way when you see it.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Blasters.
  • Mook Debut Cutscene: All of the Mooks have one:
    • The Grunts are shown as a group, brandishing their beam blades in unison.
    • The Fly enemies are shown hovering in from the distance as you scale a large wall.
    • The Bug enemies are shown dropping down from the ceiling in a small swarm.
    • The Blaster enemies are shown blasting a crate from behind
    • The Bulk enemy is introduced smashing a crate with a Ground Punch that causes a shockwave.
  • Multi-Mook Melee: The final stage.
  • Non-Lethal Bottomless Pits: Fall into a pit and you'll respawn on the platform you were last standing on.
  • One-Wheeled Wonder: Grunts and Blasters.
  • Optional Stealth: The second part of the second level. You either take the low path and probably get massacred by the Blasters and Grunts, or the high path with has a few Flies and not anything else much.
  • Shout-Out: Bulks are named after the Hulks from Robotron: 2084 and also have Nigh-Invulnerability (from the front, at least).
  • Three Strike Combo: Your main attack. The last of which is a dual-strike with your two blades.
  • Video Game Dashing
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Blasters can't hit you as long as you're crouching, allowing you to attack them from the front without fear of getting hit. They also take a longer time to recover from stun.
  • Weak Turret Gun: Wave Guns have a wide laser attack that must be hidden from or jumped over, but they have very low health.
  • Zerg Rush: The Bug enemies attack in this fashion.

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