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Croco the Crocodile is a series of a self-written and self-drawn comic book made by troper Counter Blitzkrieg when he was a kid (with the help of his little brother). The books follow the format of the Italian Disney comics with some long story arcs and some short story which only took a page. Though unlike the Disney characters, the Croco comic characters are not too anthropomorphic which was shown at their lack of bipedality. A large inspiration of the story is derived from the Italian-made Disney comics, Pokémon, Winnie the Pooh and the old Silver Age Superhero comics before it got Darker and Edgier.

Most of the story is set in the islands of Animalia in the country known as the Animal Republic. The major islands of these are Bermuda and the aptly named Animal Island. Geographically, the republic is located in what in the real world as the British Bermuda. The animal republic contains many different sentient animals who lived in there; whales, sharks, dinosaurs, penguins, walruses, and many more. The capital of the republic is Crocville, which made the crocodilian city (and the crocodile species) to be an important part of the country.

Our main character Croco Gator is only a middle school crocodile student living in Crocville, Animal Republic. However, he is secretly a superhero known as Super Croco. He also has a brother tank (yes, tank) named Tanky who is secretly Super Tanky. He also has a best friend named Cradi, who is secretly Super Cradi. The trio formed a superhero group known as Team Croco. As the story progresses, team Croco continues to grow as they recruit many more animals into the rank. However, they also unwittingly created their own Rogues Gallery as they continue to fight more villains.

While Croco and his friends are the focus of the story, some stories focus on the other characters. These characters may or may not be a crocodile.

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