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Contrast Soul is an Action RPG of the Historical Fiction genre currently in development by the troper, The Free Wind.

In late 17th Century France, it is the year 1680. Louis XIV, the King of France, resides in Versailles: a golden palace of majesty. His son, Luc Bourbon, is 17 years old. During one fateful night, the son of the infamous Cardinal Jules Mazarin returns from hiding, with a small army of Knight Templar Remnants. In a silent yet devastating Coup D'Etat, Aldric Mazarin kills Louis XIV and takes up power. Luc manages to escape with his life along with his friend Adelle, and a Royal Guard named Bennett. They then escape Versailles, and trek across europe to make allies and enemies alike, and solve the conspiracy.


The battle system of Contrast Soul would be best described as an incredibly tweaked version of the combat system of the Assassin's Creed games. Players move slowly around a circular (not actually circular, but a circular area in the full environment), and try to land combos on their opponents. Like in AC, combos are continued if you hit the attack button as the blade hits. However, unlike AC, defense also requires a button press combo, with a press before the blade hits. (It should be noted that this doesn't result in a One-Hit Kill counter, but in a huge damage reduction). When the combo completes, the enemy takes damage. Instead of taking a direct stab (Critical Existence Failure style), the enemy is shown taking a scratch.


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