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A Stealth Parody of teenage vampire drama with a few tweaks. In other words, a troper's attempt to create a completely cliche supernatural drama that blatantly rips off The Vampire Diaries and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a dose of Interview with the Vampire (none of which the troper has actually seen beyond wiki summaries). The goal? To see if such a cliche, base plotline can actually be tweaked to have some semblance of originality that sets it apart from the aformentioned The Vampire Diaries.


It all starts when Elaine Keystone and her family (aunt and younger brother) move into the town of “Cobhill” after the death of her parents. However, the first day of school, she immediately earns the scorn of the bitter History teacher, Clyde Demisen, and finds herself attracted to the wayward student Victor Nommings. In addition, her brother, Ike, finds himself being repeatedly possessed by a girl named Eleanor Humbridge...



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