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The lands of Estella was once peaceful
until a mysterious crystal emerged from the earth.
And now different people with different motives
clash with each other to fulfill their destiny!
-Opening text

Class Clash: The Never-ending Legend is a Platform Fighter game in the vein similar to Super Smash Bros. It features Beast Men characters representing a class found in Role-Playing Games. As with the game it was inspired from, players fight in arenas all over Estella with bottomless pits and dead-zone edges with the goal of sending the enemies towards them. Each time they damage an enemy with normal attacks or special attacks called Class Skills, their percentage goes up, making them easier to knock off. Each arena features various hazards and different platform designs, as well as having items spawn in those stages to add some spice in the fights. An intense match fills up the Intensity Bar at the bottom, summoning a Ethereal Fragment in the field that floats around. The character that smashes it allows them to perform their Class Limit, making it function like a Smash Ball.


The game however has an added mechanic of EX Abilities. All fighters have a bar beneath them called an EX Meter. It is consumed whenever an EX technique is used, like EX Cancel (consumes 75% of the meter to return the character to a neutral state while attacking, EX Guard (gradually saps the EX meter to prevent the character's shield to be dimished as though they are performing a perfect guard), or EX versions of your character's Skills called EX Skills. It allows for an opportunistic, aggressive game.

The story of the game is set in the continent of Estella. Three nations live there - the Kingdom of Aquaelos in the north, the Republic of Terrance at the southwest, and the Zephyria Empire in the east. Despite the political tension among the three nations, there generally was peace. However, from deep beneath ground emerged a massive crystal right at the center of Estella. Those with high magic sensitivity, or with devices capable of reading energy, felt that the object was brimming with so much power - naming it the Ethereal Crystal. This threw the continent into chaos as each nation had their own motives. Within this conflict were a group of people. Some have ties to the nations they belong to, and some don't. Some just want to know more about this mysterious growth while others have nefarious purposes. One thing is certain - all of them have their reasons for heading straight into the crystalline tower and they will clash with each other.


Class Clash: The Never-ending Legend contains the following tropes:

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    Game Tropes 
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Completing Adventure Mode of each character not only unlocks their statue, but also an alternate outfit with its own set of color palettes. Some might make the character wear better/weaker equipment, but it has no bearing on the character's strengths or weaknesses.
  • 2½D
  • Charged Attack: Strong attacks can be held to increase power and/or range. And some characters have gimmicks that lets them charge their skills.
  • Double Jump: A standard property. Unlike in say, Super Smash Bros., everyone here all has double jumps rather than some having more than one extra jump.
  • Limit Break: Class Limit. A character gets to perform one when they crush an Ethereal Fragment in the stage.
  • Mana Meter: Despite having magic, mana isn't used for it! Instead, it has the EX Meter which is filled up when fighting. It is used for performing EX abilities.

    Character Tropes 

Lowell - The Vanguard

Race: Lupine
Age: 21
Class: Vanguard - a fighter who excels in close-quarters combat with great swordsmanship skills

Haling from a small hamlet in Aquaelos, Lowell is a courageous wolf who follows his own code of being helpful towards those around him but not ignoring generosity when it presents itself. He is a bit rough and unrefined to be a knight for the kingdom, so he settles as a patrolman for the town or a guard for merchants coming in and out, and that has kept his stomach full and his sword sharp. Due to the turmoil brought by the appearance of the Ethereal Crystal however, his rather routinely life have been shaken as merchants rarely passed in town and there are fewer guards to patrol the routes. With support from his town, he sets off to figure out what the deal is with this crystalline tower with hopes of ending this problem and making sure his town is safe - and maybe earn some money along the way.

Lowell plays how as you expect a swordsman should play - he fights with his sword within close range. He is as well-rounded as he can get, with very little gimmicks on his side. However, one can take advantage of his sword. It is a disjointed hitbox, meaning collision towards the weapon won't hurt him at all. He also has a sweet spot on the middle of the edge of the sword, and so he deals more damage whenever enemies receive that end. And it's a good thing too - he frequently attacks with that edge out. He also has the ability to link attacks of the same level once (i.e. a strong forward attack connects flawlessly with another strong attack).

Neutral Skill: Wave Slash — He performs a fast, downward slash that projects a short-ranged wave that can't be dissipated. When it hits a projectile, the projectile is reflected. The EX version has the wave travel far like a projectile. It doesn't reflect other incoming attacks, but the sword slash does.
Side Skill: Heavy Thrust — He thrusts his sword forward repeatedly, making him step forward for a bit while striking the enemy for multiple hits. Each strike also deals great damage to the enemy's shield. The EX version makes him deliver a single but powerful thrust that makes him travel forward at a greater distance. And the stab immediately breaks shields unless perfectly guarded or defended with EX Guard.
Up Skill: Rising Slash — He jumps upward with great height while his blade is extended outward, slicing enemies for a single, powerful hit as he ascends. The EX version leaves some afterimage as he ascends, dealing multiple hits and carrying the enemy upward with him.
Down Skill: Counter Slash — He assumes a stance with his shield while glowing for a bit. When struck, he doesn't receive damage and instead performs a retaliating strike, dealing the same damage that was countered plus 3% more. The EX version has him perform the counter slash on both his from and back side rather than one side.
Class Limit: Grand Razor — He holds his stance for a bit before performing a single slash that creates a massive slicing aura that deals a single but powerful hit.

His default outfit is a brown leather vest over a blue tunic and dark blue pants. He also has brown gloves and dark brown boots. He carries a steel longsword and wears a steel round shield on his left arm. His Valiant outfit is a steel plated armor that covers his whole body, complete with an open-faced helmet. He wields an orichalcum-forged sword and buckler as well.

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Heavy Thrust eats up shields and can lock an enemy into position.
  • Badass Normal: He has no fancy powers, just his really good swordsmanship. The closest you'd get is his Wave Slash but that's implied to be just a really good sword technique that the wind creates a wave for him.
  • Close-Range Combatant: He prefers to fight at close quarters.
  • Cool Sword: Defied. It's just a typical steel sword (and a steel shield). And while the Valiant outfit gives him a higher quality weapon (and shield), it doesn't really makes it special beyond being made of a more durable material.
  • Counter-Attack: He poses for a bit with a sword, and any attack that hits him will trigger the counter slash animation, sending back 5% more of the damage as well as the knockback he would have received. Note that it is punishable if whiffed. The EX version increases the returned damage and knockback as well as drastically reducing the recovery time.
  • Farm Boy: Actually averted. Despite the trappings of being one (lives in a hamlet and has simple needs), he actually takes risky jobs like being a patrol or an escort, and is actually skilled at swordfighting.
  • Female Feline, Male Mutt: The male wolf to the female cat.
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • The Hero: In the canon storyline, he is essentially the protagonist leading a small band to stop the Ethereal Crystal.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords
  • Hitbox Dissonance: As mentioned below, his sword is an extended, disjointed hitbox. Also the middle edge of the sword deals the most damage and thankfully he uses it frequently in most of his attacks.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: He is a well-rounded character, slightly leaning towards dealing damage. He also doesn't have a visible gimmick unlike most of the cast.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: When he wears his alternate Valiant skin.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: He has a small round shield which he uses for guarding or when performing the Counter Slash stance.
  • Master Swordsman: He got his training from a knight who frequently visits town, and is said to be a natural with the sword.
  • Nice Guy: He's generally a nice, approachable guy. Sure he asks for money for his work and never turns down gifts, but it's mostly from a fair deal that was made cordially.
  • Noble Wolf
  • Parrying Bullets: The sword slash he does during Wave Slash and forward strong attack can reflect single hit projectiles if they contact with the edge.
  • Sword Beam: A minor one. Wave Slash projects a short-ranged wave that dissipates after traveling a few paces from him. The EX version turns it into a fast crescent projectile.
  • Sword Lines

Farrah - The Elementalist

Race: Feline
Age: 18
Class: Elementalist - mage who specializes in using the magical elements to cast magic

Farrah hails from Terrance, though she is away from home. Right after graduating from St. Aurus's Academia of Craft, the premiere magic academy in Terrance, she immediately makes her way to research the ability of elemental magic to persist as though they are summon magic. Though eager in her pursuit, her rather scatterbrained behavior often makes her forget many things, and thus despite being a graduate of high honors she acts like a forgetful schoolgirl, though it won't deter her at all in her studies. A strong magical force tingles her senses upon the upheaval of the Ethereal Crystal, and upon realizing that this may help her research, she sets off to observe this. Of course she knows she can't do this on her own, and she happens upon Lowell who is on his way to the tower. The two team up as a party, providing each other assistance to reach their goals.

She might be a traditional "mage" character, but she plays rather uniquely. Yes, she casts spells for attacks (particularly her skills), but that's not her only thing. Casting magic via skills makes her "attune" to that element, changing the effects and properties of her normal attacks. This is indicated by an orb of element circling on her palm. She always starts with fire element, but it changes as she casts different elements. Play her well accordingly, and remember - she is a mage, meaning she is squishy.

Neutral Skill: Fireball — She hurls a fireball forward that travels moderately fast and far. Attunes her to fire element. The EX version has her release a bigger fireball that deals more damage.
Side Skill: Tidal Wave — She summons a series of splashing waves that go forward. They don't travel far but they deal multiple hits and can even nullify projectiles. When done in midair, the waves go diagonally downward. Attunes her to water element. The EX version has her cast the magic on both sides.
Up Skill: Tornado — She casts a tornado on her location, engulfing her while pulling and carrying enemies upward while damaging them. When done in midair, she gets lifted. Attunes her to wind element. The EX version has her cast a bigger tornado.
Down Skill: Crush — She summons a boulder a few paces in front of her which immediately drops. If she gets hit however, the boulder dissipates. It immediately drops airborne enemies it hits. Attunes her to earth element. The EX version has her summon three boulders that drop after each other.
Class Limit: Magic Explosion — She creates a massive explosion with her at the center made up of various elements. Despite that, her attuned element doesn't change.

Her default outfit is a black witch's hat with the tip folded. She dons a dark red sleeveless bodice gown with a skirt that goes down to her knees accented with golden lines, a brown leather belt on her waist with a pouch on the left side, and black leather chausses and gauntlets. Her Scholar outfit is her Academia uniform. She wears a black academic robe buttoned to the chest with a dark blue tunic and a knee-high skirt beneath, having the school emblem on her right breast. A white ribbon is tied up to her chest, and a pair of dark brown boots and black stockings on her legs. She doesn't wear a hat but rather glasses.

  • Cats Are Magic
  • Ditzy Genius
  • Elemental Powers: She uses the four classic ones. They are her normal moveset and can be altered by using the associated skill.
    • Blow You Away: Summons razor-sharp winds to slice up enemies for multiple hits, but this means weaker and shorter attacks to compensate for the multi-hit damage. The skill, Tornado, summons a tall cyclone from her position, which elevates her when done in midair.
    • Dishing Out Dirt: Makes her attacks powerful both in damage and knockback but summoning earth spikes tend to be on the slow side. The skill, Crush, is dropping a rock in front of her.
    • Making a Splash: Calls upon streams of water to reach enemies from afar, though this makes her deal less damage. The skill, Tidal Wave, summons waves of water towards the enemy, capable of destroying obstacles along the way.
    • Playing with Fire: Expunges flames to the enemies, and fire is quite balanced in strength and speed. The skill, Fireball, is a firing a ball of fire to her enemies.
  • Female Feline, Male Mutt: Lowell the male wolf and Farrah the female black cat.
  • Glass Cannon: She has great options for offense, but she can't take punishment well.
  • Mega Nekko: In her alternate skin.
  • Power Palms: Holds a swirling ball of whatever active element she has on her palm.
  • School Uniforms Arethe New Black: Her alternate Scholar outfit.
  • Squishy Wizard: This black cat sadly cannot take hits well.
  • Stance System: Using any of her four skills changes her "active" element, affecting her normal attacks. She always starts with Fire, and it is balanced. Wind deals multiple but weaker hits, good for stunning enemies. Earth deals the most damage, but the attack is slow, good for either bringing immediate damage or finishing off enemies. Water has the most reach, but can come out slow and is tricky.
  • Wizarding School: Graduate from one.

Cirrus - The Ranger

Race: Raptor
Age: 25
Class: Ranger - a scout born into the woods using positioning and fantastic arrow shots to precisely hit enemies from afar

Cirrus is a member of the Forest Eyes, a group of scouts who routinely patrol The Wide Weald, a large, dense forest that occupies the Aquelos and Terrance border. They operate independently but their actions haven't affected kingdom politics, so the ruling bodies let them be for now. Their job is protecting the forest, helping out the people who get lost from creatures within, and dissuading people from going inside. Cirrus' scouting party chances on Lowell and Farrah running from an ambush of Megastingers - giant wasp-like monsters. After helping them out, he realizes their goals and decides to "escort" them, knowing that they need a survivalist in their party.

Most of his attacks are ranged. He does still have a few close-ranged attacks like two of his strong attacks, but his main gimmick is being able to knock enemies off far away. And not only that, his arrows come in different flavors and all of his skills (barring Up Skill) can be held down to aim in any direction. And because he is a bird, he has a surprisingly good jumping height and a recovery skill. With that said, his close-ranged attacks tend to be crap or mediocre and one good reflection can make his day go down the drain. Play him well by striking from afar and judging your opponent's actions carefully.

His Neutral Skill is Obsidian Arrow, where he fires a fast, piercing shot that travels far. His Side Skill is Explosive Arrow, an arrow shot that explodes upon impact. His Up Skill is Flight, letting him enter a flying state where he can go at any direction but can't shoot (though he starts off with a short upward hop). His Down Skill is Net Arrow, a shot that turns out to be a net to stop the enemy in their tracks for a short while and slightly pull airborn enemies down. His Class Limit is Straight Arrow, a powerful, straightforward arrow shot that penetrates anything.

His default outfit is him shirtless. A half-breastplate covers his right pectoral with straps that go towards his back as well as one going to his left shoulder pad. A quiver is fastened on the back strap. Both of his arms have bracers, though his left arm in particular is covered with a leather sleeve. He dons light green pants with a pouch and belt on the waist, as well as dark grey boots. His bow is made of wood, with the arc resembling that of a bird's wing. His Sniper outfit is a breastplate that covers his chest but not his abdomen. He wears a dark green cowl with a cape that covers his shoulders and back as well as a hood, with darker green pants. He also has black gloves and boots. His bow is also made of darker wood with a more subdued, thinner arc.

  • Archer Archetype
  • Bird People
  • Deadpan Snarker: He gets along with James, surprisingly enough.
  • Forest Ranger: Part of one.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: You can pretty much do it with him, as he can aim in any direction with three of his skills or that his arrows have unique traits like being able to pierce.
  • Improbable Use of a Weapon: His forward tilt and forward aerial has him whacking the end of his bow like some club.
  • In the Hood: His Sniper alternate outfit.
  • Long-Range Fighter: While he has a few close-ranged attacks, they tend to pale in comparison to his bow attacks.
  • Multishot: Surprisingly enough, it's not a skill move by default! It's his neutral aerial where he fires three arrows that go to different directions, as well as the EX version of Obsidian Arrow.
  • No "Arc" in "Archery": All of his arrows travel straightforward. Their variance are mostly on properties like distance, speed, and effects.
  • Noble Bird of Prey: A pure white eagle.
  • Shout-Out: Straight Arrow is a modified version of Zelda/Shiek's Light Arrow.
  • Trick Arrow: He has regular arrows. He also has arrows that fizzle out after being fired to compensate for strength (his forward strong attack), arrows that are made of material that makes it pierce through anything while flying at high speed (Obsidian Arrow), arrows with attached explosives (Explosive Arrow), arrows that spawn out a net (Net Arrow), and a few arrows that are imbued with magic (Straight Arrow).
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Members of the Forest Eyes who wear a green tunic, half breastplate, and an arm guard. He skips the tunic entirely to show off his white, chiseled feathered body. He says he gets a better sense of his surroundings without his tunic apparently. His alternate outfit gives him a bit more covered attire, but he still has his abs exposed.

Seyda - The Thief

Race: Mustelid
Age: 17
Class: Thief - crafty and cunning prowler who relies on speed and deception to overcome adversaries

Born in the slums of Argenta, the capital and major trading hub of Terrance, Seyda never experienced the comfort of sleeping in a cozy bed. Growing up alone, the back alleys honed her skills and gave her what she needed to grow. Once she asked herself why there are poor people in a rather wealthy city, but soon she found her answer - that it meant more prey for her. And so the sticky thief strikes gold, stealing from unwary traders and merchants. She even asks to join the mysterious Thieves Guild by means of leaving notes and cues, but they have frequently refused her for undisclosed reasons. At least, until recently. Upon stealing a cask full of expensive lotions and cosmetics, a note finds its way between a couple of bottles. "Bring back a fragment of the Ethereal Crystal, and we may allow you to finally join." And so she sets off, occasionally hanging out with adventurers who are unaware of her motives.

She is fast and agile! All of her skills put her in a mobile state, giving her an advantage of always on the run. That's how you should play her too, as you should always be in your feet. She relies on delivering multiple hits during opportunity rather than dishing few strong blows, and she can't take them.

Her Neutral Skill is Knife Toss, throwing a knife while she leaps backward, and when she does this to an edge of a platform she will jump off. Her Side Skill is Steal, where she makes a dash through the enemy, stealing an item held by that person (and if multiple enemies are lined up, she steals all of them but discards everything but the last) as well as some gold during Gold Rush mode. Her Up Skill is Double Somersault, an aerial backflip done twice upward. Her Down Skill is Aerial Twist, an acrobatic jump in an arc that makes her go over her enemies. During the skill, you can press normal attack to extend her daggers while spinning, special attack to make her toss knives downward, or jump to cancel the twist into a jump, provided jumping is available. Her Class Limit is Shadow Dance, a self buff move which summons a trail that follows her movement and mimicking her attacks for a limited time. It allows her to pretty much lock the enemy into her attacks.

Her default outfit is a dirty light blue opened jacket with a grey shirt underneath. She also has a bandolier with knives wrapped on her shirt. She wears grey pants with brown boots as well. Her Rogue outfit is a formfitting black tunic with long leather gloves and long leather boots. Knives are holstered on her belt. She also wears a half-mask from her neck up to her muzzle.

  • The Artful Dodger
  • The City Narrows: Where she came from.
  • Ear Notch: Has one on her left ear.
  • Fragile Speedster: Very fast and agile, but can't take a hit.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Doesn't really stick to any group she goes with.
  • Guile Hero: In it for herself, but she doesn't mind helping out if it benefits her too.
  • Knife Nut
  • No Escape but Down: Performing Knife Toss near the edge will make her do this.
  • Reverse Grip: How she holds her non-throwing dagger.
  • Speed Echoes: Gains while under Shadow Dance.
    • Doppleganger Attack: The trail mimics her actions and so her attacks are replicated during the duration of this move.
  • Thieves' Guild: Wants to be part of one, mostly because she wants to show off her stuff.
  • Video Game Stealing: When she passes through people with Steal, she grabs their item while discarding her already equipped item. If the game is in Gold Rush Mode, she also steals 200 Gold. If there's nothing to steal and it's not Gold Rush Mode, it still makes a nice evasive move that has an invincible start-up that lets her pass through enemies.
  • Weasel Mascot: A ferret.

James - The Priest

Race: Gekko
Age: 24
Class: Priest - acolyte who studied the teachings of Ygmund, spreading his good acts through divine magic

James is a priest in a small monastery at the outskirts of Terrance, almost near the border. He serves under the religion of Tacts - following the teachings of Ygmund and through acts of kindness and good works. He himself feels an outsider, being cynical despite being part of this fellowship. But beneath his snarky exterior is a person willing to help, as seen from aiding refugees caused by the earthquakes due to the eruption of the Ethereal Crystal. When an earthquake strikes his monastery, Lowell's party manages to be right there, escorting the priests to safety. In return, he offers his help to them after being assured that his brothers and sisters of cloth are moving to a safer sanctuary.

Priests aren't really much known for combat, but James isn't like any of those other clergymen. He can cast buffs onto himself to gain advantage, summon a defensive wall that absorbs attacks, or cover an area with magic. He can even heal himself! Playing as him means you need to plan out your attacks and rely on casting buffs (particularly EX versions) quite frequently.

His Neutral Skill is Holy Light, summoning a pillar of light in his location that has great vertical reach and mediocre horizontal range. If he remains still and no enemy gets hurt, he heals for 6%. His Side Skill is Great Ward, which is a stationary shield that absorbs a specific amount of damage and prevents enemy passage (although enemies can dodge through it). If it is not damaged at all, it turns into a white sphere that only James can pick up to recover 6% of health. His Up Skill is Wisp Walk, a move that makes James invincible temporarily while a ball of light appears which can be moved around while holding the Skill button and pushing a direction. He reappears to that spot as soon as the button is released or certain time has passed, along with a powerful explosion. His Down Skill is Sacred Oath. He casts a spell to himself, granting him a specific buff depending on how long the Skill button is pressed, with three buffs available - Attack (increases damage output by half), Mobility (improves jumping) and Defense (reduces damage and knockback by half). He can get all three immediately with the EX version. His Class Limit is Divine Blessing, which stuns all enemies while orbs of light fall down randomly. Getting near them heals him up for 30% each.

His default outfit is a white hood and red scarf - symbol of a priest - both going to his back, gold bracelets, light tan pants, and red shoes. He also carries a wooden staff with a large gead. His Tender outfit is a sleeveless robe that goes down to his thighs with a golden waistband holding it on the hips. He has more ornate wristbands and has tighter pants. He still keeps the same red scarf and wooden staff.

  • Combat Medic: Can both fight and heal. In some ways he's an application of the traditional Cleric class as he has a slightly heavy weight and fall speed.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Half of his skills involve summoning light magic to attack enemies.
  • Invulnerable Attack: Wisp Walk grants him invulnerability while he releases the wisp.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: With all that's said and done, he's actually pretty well-balanced, though his skills lean more towards the defensive side. He has weaker raw offense and speed, but it is made up with how practical his skills are.
  • Jerkass with a Heart of Gold: He's a bit cynical and rough, but there's a reason he became a priest. He's like this because of other people's expectations towards what a Tact priest would be.
  • Lizardfolk
  • Pillar of Light: Holy Light.
  • Shout-Out: Divine Blessing is pretty much a modified Peach Blossom.
  • Simple Staff: Is actually pretty good with his oak staff, using it like a cudgel or even a quarterstaff.
  • Status Buff: Sacred Oath casts one to himself (or with a nearby ally). Can be charged for a different buff indicated by a sound effect. First buff boosts damage, second boosts mobility (but not speed), third boosts defense and knockback resistance. EX version immediately casts all buffs at once.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Yes, he is quite shirtless (and ripped) despite his fellow Tact priests wearing one! He still wears the scarf, lower robes and bracers.
  • White Mage: He is a priest after all. He has access to light magic and can buff himself. In Team Battle, if an ally is near him, they too can get healed by Holy Light's effect or be buffed by Sacred Oath. They still can't pick up the Great Ward orb though.

Astra - The Templar

Race: Ursine
Age: 31
Class: Templar - heavy armored knight who wields both large armaments and the blessings of Ygmund to smite evil

Near the borders of the Zephyria Empire is the Holy City of Skylark, the religious capital of Luxism, one of the prominent religions in Estella. It houses the Holy Temple of Ygmund as well as the elite order of templars called Blades of Ygmund. Above all else, they serve the temple and its teachings in spite of being part of the Empire. Astra is one of those, often called the "elite of the elites". During her meditation, she receives a vision of a crystal erupting from the ground, confusing on what it means. Recent events clarify her mind as she brings it to the rest of the order, giving her a mission to find out what this crystalline tower is. She departs with the blessings of Ygmund.

This polar bear packs quite a punch. She combines the ferocity of a large broadsword, the dependability of a massive shield, and the magical force of white magic. She deals massive damage with her attacks and can even take a hit when she performs strong attacks or skills. Also, whenever an attack comes in contact with her shield, she receives no damage or knockback and the enemy's attack is nullified. However she is quite slow and is a big target. Her jumping height is average as best too. One must learn how to get close to the enemy and utilize her strengths.

Her Neutral Skill is Cross Slash, where she delivers two quick slashes that turns into a cross projectile. Her Side Skill is Ramming Shield, a chargeable dash move that uses her shield as a form of battering ram. Her Up Skill is Smite, involving her tossing her broadsword up as it glows with light, jumping to catch it, and then sending down swords of light downwards. Her Down Skill is Reflect Ward, using her shield to create a dome of magic that reflects projectiles. Her Class Limit is Holy Wrath, where she imbues her shield with light before stabbing it with her greatsword, creating a beam of white magic in front her that can be tilted.

Her default outfit is a dark blue heavy plate armor with an open-face helmet. Her Smite outfit is a more edgier-looking armor with a darker shade but has white accents, and her helmet is now closed and has two horns. In both costumes she has the same Blessed Vigil greatsword and Blessed Fortress shield.

  • Bears Are Bad News
  • The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In: While not her greatsword itself, the light swords she throws down in Smite have this effect. They can also cause a Meteor Move.
    • In one of her victory poses, she actually carefully stabs her broadsword down the ground before kneeling to pray in front of it.
  • Cool Sword: Her broadsword isn't just a typical broadsword. It is a weapon forged specifically for the order templars, and has been sanctified and blessed in the temple. It is why as mentioned above she prays to it, as it is seen as a sacramental.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: She mixes it with her sword and shield.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Uses her large shield for some attacks and two of her skills. Also when attacks hit her shield, they are nullified.
  • Magic Knight: A knight that uses white magic alongside her weapons.
  • Mighty Glacier: She is big and powerful, but quite slow.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: She uses a big broadsword with one hand easily, and even wields a large shield along with it!
  • The Paladin
  • The Stoic
  • Super Armor: She won't flinch for a single hit whenever she performs a strong attack or a skill.
  • Sword Beam: Cross Slash fires a cross-shaped projectile upon doing the second slash. Smite has her hurling down light swords upon charging her weapon with light magic. Holy Wrath is a Kamehame Hadoken version that includes her shield.

Alastor - The Chronomancer

Race: Mephitis
Age: 24
Class: Chronomancer - distorts time and space to hinder enemies and make your presence almost everywhere

Alastor was once a top student at the Exemplary Academe of Magic in Highpeak City - one of the major cities in Zephyria, fueled by his never-ending desire to delve deep into the arcane arts. After all, it was what drove him to study one of the more unorthodox aspects of magic - time and space. He was soon expelled for continuous rulebreaking and use of forbidden arts, but he laughed at it and merely saw it as him finally getting freedom. His mastery of this section is quite unbelievable, that he managed to make his laboratory exist in pocket space. Knowledge still fuels his desire, and so he journeys to the Ethereal Crystal, wanting to claim it for its own. But he must get rid of that pesky illusionist that has been thwarting his plans. He would have seem whether the Academe could be plunged into pocket last time if it weren't for her.

Alastor's skills are less about damaging the enemy directly. Instead, he relies on "debuffing" them. He can slow enemies to almost a still and impede their mobility. He has a very safe recovery move to easily go back onto the platform, and he can enhance his speed so he can get away from nasty situations. Of course, since most of his gimmick is debuffing, he still needs to get in there and attack. His strong attacks do gain a bonus on dealing more knockback and damage on afflicted enemies, so use it as an advantage.

His Neutral Skill is Tether, a slow moving projectile that doesn't travel far. If it hits though, it puts the enemy to a near-still (meaning technically the enemy is not frozen, but still moves very slowly). The closer the enemy is, the longer the effect, for about 3 seconds. His Side Skill is Gravity Well, where he creates a spherical zone of control in front of him. All enemies inside are weighed heavily, with their jump height and speed reduced as well as their dodge time. His Up Skill is Warp, a general teleport move with good range. His Down Skill is Accelerate, a self buff where he grants himself temporary increased movement and attack speed. Unlike James' Sacred Oath, he doesn't share it with an ally and he actually has casting time for this move. His Class Limit is Dimensional Rift, where the whole stage gets put into some time well. All enemies are slowed down heavily as though they are struck with Tether. His Tether and Gravity Well are changed - the former now fires a large arrow projectile and the latter now releases a powerful orb that drops down, dealing damage to anything it touches. It lasts for 5 seconds.

His default outfit is a traditional chronomancer outfit - a dark purple tuxedo-like suit with gold trimmings on the lapel, cuffs and coat tails, with the tips shaped like clock arrowheads. Along with it are black pants and white shirt obscured by a pocketwatch adornment on the collar. He also has brown boots and white gloves, and is without weapons. His Phantom outfit is a traditional, mundane-looking black tuxedo, with black pants and shoes, and white gloves and undershirt. He also has a purple-gold mask that obscures most of his face except for the eyes.

  • Awesome Anachronistic Apparel: Wears a Victorian-era suit that seemingly is at odds with the setting.
  • Clock Punk: The general aesthetic of his magic.
  • Confusion Fu: Less so compared to the next character, but he relies on being quick on his feet and inflicting debuffs on his enemies to retaliate. His strong attacks all share the same charge-up animation as well, so it's hard to predict what move he'll use there.
  • Extra-Dimensional Shortcut: How his Warp skill works.
  • Gravity Master, Space Master and Time Master: Alastor and chronomancers in general are capable of altering these three aspects (gravity is considered an aspect of space).
  • Gravity Is Purple: Well, all of his powers are depicted in various shades of purple - basic purple for time-related magic like speeding up or slowing enemies down, light purple for space-related magic like teleporting, and dark purple for space-related magic like the gravity well.
  • Insufferable Genius
  • Mad Scientist: He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and will do anything to get what he wants to learn.
  • Magical Gesture: Unlike other spells, his Accelerate skill has casting time by requiring him to hold up both hands before the magic is cast. Possibly as a means of balance.
  • Power Floats: He floats for his running animation.
  • Purple Is Powerful
  • Skunk Stripe: He is a skunk after all.
  • Standard Status Effects: Tether and Dimensional Rift greatly slows enemies, and Gravity Well makes enemies feel heavy. And enemies affected by either receive massive damage and knockback from his strong attacks.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: His suit has visible arrows on its edges and rims, pertaining to the hands of a clock. He also carries a pocket watch. And when he performs strong attacks, clock arms appear to strike his foes.

Nova - The Illusionist

Race: Raptor
Age: 23
Class: Illusionist - confuses enemies by creating duplicates that tease with false attacks while weaving through them

Nova, like Alastor, hails from The Exemplary Academe of Magic. Unlike Alastor, she finished her studies and graduated with flying colors. But like the skunk, she too delved into the more obscure arts. In her case, she enjoys fiddling with the magic of illusion. While others think of this arcane as fancy tricks, she sees more to it - deception and mind tricks of the highest caliber. And with enough focus, she could turn seemingly non-solid images into solid ones as though they are living mirrors, and shatter them as sharp glass shards. She too senses the coming of the crystal, but there was something else that worries her - he knows that skunk Alastor will be seizing that powerful source of magic, and so she heads her way to stop his plans... again.

Prepare to create plenty of illusions when playing as Nova. She relies on spawning them to confuse her enemies, warp to their position, and even increase her offensive opportunities if you play her well. Trick your opponents on where to transport and surprise them, as that is your major advantage. Illusions are summoned not only via skills, but also through normal attacks and dodging. Use her illusions mainly for support and utility rather than relying on them to attack unlike the other two "summoning" characters. Only up to 3 illusions can be active at a given time, and summoning a new one replaces the oldest. They last for 5 seconds before they vanish. They don't stay up in the air, so they drop down slowly when summoned in mid-air. Finally, they are fragile, as weak attacks can vanish them.

Her Neutral Skill is Mesmerize, where an illusion dashes forward while performing a slash. If the button is pressed again, she swaps places with the illusion. Her Side Skill is Weave, a teleport move that makes her swap places with the active oldest illusion. Her Up Skill is Reform, "shattering" herself into glass shards which deals damage to surrounding enemies before reforming to where the direction is pressed, dealing damage again as she reconstitutes. The shatter knockback is weak but leads the enemy towards where she reforms, making them connect with the powerful damage when she rebuilds. Pressing the button again as she reforms makes that an illusion instead as she returns back to her original position. Her Down Skill is Shatter, making all of her existing illusions run up to a nearby enemy or target of interest (like a crate) before exploding into glass shards. They have two seconds of travel before automatically exploding. Pressing Down Skill again immediately shatters the illusions without waiting for them to reach their destination. Her Class Limit is Alluring Gaze, a move that summons multiple illusions at random locations that immediately shatter.

Her default outfit is a red strapless gown with short skirt, with dark red stockings and arm socks to go with her black sandals. Worn around her shoulders are the prismatic jewels that symbolizes an illusionist. She also wears a long pink fabric draped around her shoulders and has red heels. Her Captivating outfit is a red cheongsam embedded with jewelry. She still keeps the illusionist shoulder gems. She has pink pants and red heels too.

  • Action Bomb: Shatter makes all of her illusions run towards a nearby enemy before exploding into shards of glass.
  • Assist Character: Her illusions act like utility for her to use rather than outright damaging the enemy. She can use them to teleport, trick enemies, or even mitigate damage.
  • Bird People: In contrast to Cirrus, she's more of a shrike.
  • Confusion Fu: Relies on creating replicas to move around instantly and to jump onto her enemies.
  • Doppleganger Attack: She can summon up to 3 illusions in play (if she tries summon another, the older one fades away). Unlike the full extent of this trope, while her illusions are "real" unlike the ones usually employed in her arcane, they are not truly hard as they barely deal any damage and immediately fade from small attacks. However this allows her to "weave" through them - basically swapping locations. She can also temporarily solidify them like glass before shattering them, blasting glass shards to her enemies.
  • Femme Fatale: One of the few good versions. It fits well with her illusionist class.
  • Fragile Speedster: She is actually very mobile and she can zoom through the battlefield with her gimmick, but get to her and you'll find she's rather defenseless.
  • Hand Blast: Her strong forward attack is a medium-to-long ranged magical beam which can be angled diagonally as with some strong forward attacks. It deals more damage and knockback the closer the enemy is. Illusions stop what they are doing when a strong forward attack is initiated, synchronizing with the real Nova and facing towards the nearest enemy and angling the attack towards that target.
  • Lady in Red: Dresses predominantly in red with hot pink accents.
  • Male Gaze: In one of her victory poses, the camera pans from her back to her front near her chest while she does her illusion magic.
  • Master of Illusion: She can summon "soft" illusions that she can switch places with. She can also make them "hard" and shatter them to damage enemies.
  • Me's a Crowd: Her main gimmick. Never fight without summoning clones.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She's a bit sultry when it comes to lines, she dresses provocatively, and there's some nice Male Gaze for a couple of her victory poses.
  • Nude-Colored Clothes: She does wear something beneath, but most of her extravagant clothing is actually just an illusion.
  • One to Million to One: How her Reform skill works. She shatters herself and reforms to a new location... unless she lets an illusion "reform" there instead while she reforms in her old location.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Her illusions have a strong color of pink aura.
  • Power Floats: Like Alastor, she floats when running.
  • Self-Duplication: She can summon illusions in many ways, not just by doing Mesmerize or Reform. And each summoned clone has their own activity depending on how they are summoned. They all share the same trait of being stationary, fragile, can't remain suspended midair, and weak. Also, if Nova is performing a strong forward attack, all clones stop what they are doing and mimic her, firing a half-strength strong forward move as well aimed at the nearest enemy.
    • In her neutral combo, if the third strike hits regardless if it is blocked or not, an illusion appears behind the foe. This illusion delivers rapid punches occasionally, facing towards a nearby enemy.
    • Her forward tilt makes her hurl a small magical loop. If it strikes an enemy, blocking or otherwise, it will summon an illusion at that location. It then occasionally does the same attack (barring the clone summon effect) for weak damage, facing towards the side where a nearby enemy is.
    • Pressing normal attack after she does her down aerial makes her summon an illusion that falls downward (that sadly isn't a Meteor Move). This illusion does her downward strong attack but faster and weaker.
    • Holding the guard button for at least half a second then dodge rolling will leave an illusion at her previous position. This illusion assumes guarding pose and will have its own weaker shield. The shield doesn't degrade unlike a regular player's shield though.
    • Mesmerize summons an illusion that dashes forward, or back at her starting position if the button is pressed while the clone is dashing (making her switch places with the illusion). This illusion occasionally fires a small pink orb that travels towards an enemy for minor damage.
    • Reform summons an illusion to the supposed teleportation position if the button is pressed as she reforms, making her return back to her original location. This illusion creates a small pulse that hits all enemies around her.
  • Sentry Gun: The illusions remain stationary and all have default attacks that are weak.
  • Weaponized Teleportation: Her Weave lets her teleport to an existing illusion (the oldest illusion if there are multiple illusions), swapping places with them. This allows her to move around the stage with ease and even potentially escape danger. She can even bring herself back on the stage if enemies aren't savvy enough to destroy her clones.

Ron - The Monk

Race: Dragon
Age: 25
Class: Monk - powerful warrior who fights without fists and cumbersome armor and uses aura to make attacks stronger

Ron hails from an order of secluded monks up on the mountains bordering Aquaelos and Zephyria, actually growing up as an orphan raised by the head of the order. They focus on honing heir physical and spiritual side through training and meditation, allowing them to manipulate the aura within themselves. They are powerful combatants yet practice pacifism. Ron, despite following those principles and actually is a star pupil, is rambunctious and loud as opposed to the more quiet followers. With the crystalline tower appearing, his adopted father tasks him into helping out the unfortunate. He agrees, also knowing that this is an opportunity to test what he learned from the temple.

Playing as Ron means you have to go all offensive and aggressive. Also you learn how to manage his EX Meter, as his regular skills (barring Down Skill) can be boosted with aura by holding the button slightly longer. He consumes a some of the EX Meter to do a more powerful, charged-up version of this skill... and note that it doesn't count as an EX version of the move so you can cancel that into an EX move! Because he eats EX Meter so quickly, his Down Skill lets him manually recharge his EX bar, and so making the only character in the game to charge up the EX Meter. Let loose on your attacks as you can deal massive damage with him, but learn to recharge whenever possible.

His Neutral Skill is Wave Palm, a forceful strike with both palms. When held, he instead releases an aura projectile shaped like a dragon's head. His Side Skill is Comet Kick, a flying kick that goes horizontal with a slight angle depending on whether up or down is pressed. It travels farther and his leg is covered in aura when the button is held. His Up Skill is Rising Dragon, where he leaps upward with fist, as though he's performing a shoryuken. The aura version has a dragon circling him as well to deal more damage with a wider reach. His Down Skill is Aura Charge, a stance where he charges up the EX bar. He continues as long as the button is pressed, but is vulnerable for a bit when he stops charging. His Class Limit is Aura Vent, a special cutscene finisher that affects enemies around him. When activated, his dragon aura encircles him. All enemies that are hit, a cutscene plays where they are launched with him, and his dragon aura breaths him out while merging with him, performing a powerful kick that damages the launched enemies before actually being knocked away as the cutscene ends.

  • Animal Battle Aura: His aura manifests as an eastern dragon.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk
  • Battle Aura: When charging up with Aura Charge, his battle aura appears.
  • Bruce Lee Clone: His fighting style is reminiscent of that, shotoclone moves aside.
  • Calling Your Attacks
  • Cast from Hit Points: The EX version of Aura Charge damages Ron while charging his EX Meter faster.
  • Draconic Humanoid: It is a race after all.
  • Dragons Up the Yin Yang: He's a traditional western-looking dragon man, but his aura is represented by an eastern dragon.
  • Fighting Spirit: The dragon aura is used as an extension to all of his skills, showing off that they are powered up.
  • Funny Bruce Lee Noises: He makes them a lot, especially when doing normal attacks.
  • Happily Adopted
  • Hot-Blooded: It's why he's on an excursion, as his father thinks this is a way to channel his feisty attitude into something useful.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: The aura-powered Wave Palm releases a stream of aura with a dragon's head.
  • Ki Manipulation: By holding the skill button slightly longer, he performs a souped up version of the skill (by consuming some of the EX Meter). It's why he can charge up his EX Meter, because he constantly consumes them.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He's actually pretty fast, he hits hard, and he can take some damage fine. It's why he's balanced by trading in EX Meter for power.
  • Shotoclone: Wave Palm, Rising Dragon, and Comet Kick fulfill the requirements.
  • Shout-Out: Aura Vent's cinematic is pretty much from Kamen Rider Ryuki, where the titular Rider performs his Final Vent.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Is practically shirtless, wearing only pants and sandals to go for that "armorless monk" look.
  • Kiai

Sylvie - The Chemist

Race: Gekko
Age: 19
Class: Chemist - utilizes the mastery of concoctions to create mysterious chemicals

Sylvie lives near the mountain borders of Zephyria. A genius chemist at such a young age, she is always visited by various local townsfolk for cures of their ills, or asked for advice and recommendations for medicinal concoctions. Her living space allows procurement of a wide variety of ingredients, allowing her to produce various cure-alls. But her true passion is making the various concoctions itself. Finding what ingredients do, what their properties are, and what chemical reactions they do excite her so much more, and sees making medicine a boring task she needs to do to fund her calling. When she hears about the Ethereal Crystal, her eyes widens as she sees a new sample for experimenting. And so she closes up shop for now and hopes to come back with a huge chunk of the crystalline tower for herself.

She's one of the more technical characters in the game. First off, all of her projectiles - the phials she throws - are treated as thrown items. If they are struck, they get activated rather than dissipating. So if the Red Phial is hit with a projectile, it explodes into flames rather than vanishing. They can still be reflected though. Second, her forward and up strong attacks are potion throws (the forward strong attack being a horizontal arcing attack and the upward strong attack being a straight vertical throw) with the distance being dependent on how long she has charged the attack. The potion being thrown is based on the last two vials she used - she automatically throws a mixed version with different effects based on the combination. Take note of this as you fight, as you may not want the combo you have when you use a strong attack and instead you should use her strong downward attack.

Her Neutral Skill is Red Phial, a container filled with red substance is thrown forward in an arc, erupting in flames when it hits something or when it lands the ground to damage foes. The flames persist a bit and holding the button makes her toss farther. Her Side Skill is Blue Phial, where she unloads the blue contents of a vial in front of her. The ground gets frozen and anyone who doesn't slow-walk trips. Enemies can also get frozen if they are struck with the liquid being tossed. Her Up Skill is Yellow Phial, tossing a yellow substance-filled container to her feet thus exploding. This propels her upward while enemies nearby get damaged. Her Down Skill is Green Phial, a random self buff is administered to herself, drinking a green-colored liquid. Her Class Limit is Mix and Match, she sweeps large glass tube in a circular fashion. All caught enemies are cooked, mixed with other ingredients, and cooled, before they are then popped out by the container. Enemies who didn't get caught can still be damaged by the various utensils and equipment on the stage.

  • Beware the Nice Ones
  • Chemistry Can Do Anything
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The phial contents are pretty much colored from the common association with them (red = fire, etc.). Also, the game shows the last two phials the Sylvie player has used so that they have an idea what her strong forward and up attacks are.
  • Frictionless Ice: Blue Phial's purpose is to freeze the ground it touches, making them slippery and forces running players to slip. Getting hit by the liquid slightly freezes the enemy too.
  • Gargle Blaster: Green Phial has a very short animation of her reconsidering to drink it before chugging it all down.
  • If It Tastes Bad, It Must Be Good for You: All of Green Phial's effects are positive yet she wouldn't drink another one so quickly as it tastes bad.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: She's a well rounded character who doesn't really excel at anything, but her potions allow her to play an element of surprise.
  • Lizard Folk
  • Mad Bomber: Replace grenades and bombs with potions. Her playstyle involves lobbing dangerous containers full of volatile liquid and even one of her potions is considered an explosive from the get-go.
  • Mad Scientist: While she is helpful with her medicinal knowledge she really shows her true self with the idea of discovering anything through chemistry. It's why most of her arsenal are volatile.
  • Made of Explodium: Yellow Phial and its combinations have this effect.
  • Mix-and-Match Weapon / Potion-Brewing Mechanic: She mixes and matches the contents of her phials. Two of her strong attacks have her tossing a bigger potion which is actually a combination of the last two phials she used. There are some rules though - she doesn't count the same phial used consecutively (ergo no Green Green combo), the oldest phial is immediately discarded for the new one (so the Red Blue combo becomes Blue Green after using Green Phial), and the effect is the same regardless of order (so Red Green combo is the same as Green Red combo).
    • Green + Red: Produces a large fireball that stays lit for a long time, dealing continuous damage. It doesn't fall to the ground unlike the regular Red Phial skill. It is also her default/starting potion.
    • Green + Blue: Freezes the enemy. The enemy remains frozen longer the higher their damage already is. Breaks upon time expiration or when struck with a sufficiently strong attack.
    • Green + Yellow: Explodes with a wide radius. A bit less on the damage compared to Green + Red but more knockback and range, with closer enemies getting knocked farther.
    • Red + Blue: Creates a tornado. The attack deals multiple hits that slowly raises the enemy, with the final hit having an upward knockback.
    • Red + Yellow: Fragments into smaller balls of flames that also detonate. It can create a series of multiple blasts that have decent knockback, and can even chain opponents in a corner.
    • Blue + Yellow: Explodes into a white mist that slows opponents down after damaging them. The mist persist, also slowing enemies that try to enter.
  • Molotov Cocktail: Red Phial functions as one.
  • Random Effect Spell / Status Buff: Green Phial has a random effect to Sylvie upon drinking. Thankfully they're all buffs with no negative effect, with the best ones being rarer in occurrence. Also she can't drink right after another, as she'll make a disgusted look when looking at the drink.
    • The effects are either boosted damage (60%), reduced damage (60%), increased speed (45%), increased mobility (45%), gained reflect status (30%), can't be knocked back (30%), recovered 20% health (20%), unlimited EX skills use (10%), and all stats increased while invincible (5%).
  • Rocket Jump: Rather, Potion Jump. Her Yellow Phial has explosive content that propels her upward as a recovery move. Surprisingly enough it doesn't damage her, but her surrounding enemies are. Must be the boots.
  • Stewed Alive: Mix And Match has her cook enemies she strikes for her new brew which promptly explodes.
  • Trick Bomb: More like Trick Potion. As mentioned in Mad Bomber, her phials and potions are essentially grenades or bombs and they all do various things aside from exploding.

Max - The Engineer

Race: Lupine
Age: 27
Class: Engineer - creator of machines and gadgets of all sizes, using them extensively for combat

In a small mining hamlet at the outskirts of Terrance has a renown engineer. He helps the town with their usual equipment maintenance and repair, but his passion is inventing big things. His name is Max. He was once a miner too until he purchased a book about mechanics. And soon enough he tinkered and invented until he revolutionized the town's mining system into a semi-automatic process. He didn't stop there, as he set up shop just outside of town to invent and develop many things on his leisure. The whole news about the Ethereal Crystal reached him, and so he decides to head out with his new invention, the Multi-Pack, to see what the hubbub is about.

Max is another big and heavy character. While Astra relies on her sword, shield and magic, Max relies more on his inventions and explosions. He too is slow but he makes up for it with various utility his skills could give. They also pack a punch as most of them are damaging and have high knockback. His gimmick is that all of his skills are chargeable. You can hold the skill button to make them go stronger or function longer. Alternatively, you can use the EX versions to immediately experience the souped up versions of the skill. If you play his style right, you can make mayhem to your enemies through your machines.

His Neutral Skill is Discharge, a chargeable projectile move. You can store the charge by pressing the block button. Normally it fires a projectile that gets bigger and stronger, but at full charge it releases a powerful beam attack. His Side Skill is Suction, a move that absorbs up to three solid projectiles (like boxes or thrown daggers) or energy projectiles (like fireballs) in front of him. When it reaches full capacity, the move turns into a powerful explosion that affects enemies in front of him. His Up Skill is Rocket Pack, a chargeable move that propels him to a desired direction. You can hold up the charge (which slowly makes him float downwards if done in midair) to make him travel farther and deal more damage on both take-off and impact. His Down Skill is Energy Wall, where he summons a wall that damages enemies that try to cross it as well as reflect projectiles. Holding the skill button will make it persist a bit longer and he can move around while doing so. His Class Limit is Rocket Punch, turning his Multi-Pack into an anti-air battery that fires many homing missiles with fists at its tip.

  • Charged Attack: His gimmick. All of his skills are chargeable, either to make them more powerful or to make them last longer. EX versions of his skills immediately release the full potential of the skill.
  • The Engineer
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Although his gadgets tend to be pretty big.
  • Genius Bruiser: He started out as a typical miner who had a latent talent for tinkering which soon developed exponentially upon triggering his interest.
  • Grease Monkey: He's all dirty, with soot on his fur and oil spill on his apron. Although unlike the trope he actually acknowledges advancements in technology.
  • Mad Scientist: Sort of. He's obsessed with inventing things, though at least he seems to remember his roots and helps out his mining town.
  • Magic Tool / Swiss Army Weapon: The Multi-Pack. He claims it's essentially "an adventurer's all-in-one" but it looks like a large backpack that only he could carry well because he's physically strong. It transforms into a cannon, a suction machine (that releases explosions), a wall generator, a rocket pack, and a missile launcher.
    • Attack Reflector: Energy Wall summons a wall that damages enemies and reflects projectiles, and you can sustain it by holding the skill button for up to five seconds. Max can move around and do anything else in the mean time (except using other skills for obvious reasons). The EX version has the wall come out at its maximum time without the need to hold the skill button, freeing him up to use other skills in the process!
    • BFG: Discharge makes him charge up his cannon-shaped Multi-Pack in place. You can store the charge by doing any defensive motion like dodging or guarding, or you can release it as it is by pressing the skill button again. It fires a ball of energy that becomes bigger and stronger the longer it is charged. At full power it fires a powerful beam. EX version immediately fires a beam.
    • Jet Pack: Rocket Pack makes him fly in a certain direction, damaging enemies he collides with as well as enemies near him when he takes off. You can charge it up to increase power, range and damage. Also if he hits an enemy while flying, it stops the flight but at the same time you can initiate it again. EX version makes him fly at full power.
    • Macross Missile Massacre: Rocket Punch releases many homing fist missiles.
    • Weapons That Suck: Suction makes him suck up to three projectiles whether solid or energy before releasing them as an explosion blast (the damage and knockback power is the combined strength of the absorbed projectiles multiplied by 1.2 to increase its damage). The EX version immediately fires an explosive blast (with an already determined damage) without sacrificing the stored charge and you can even make consecutive explosions with it.
  • Mighty Glacier
  • Misleading Package Size: Somehow the Multi-Pack can have different configurations that are impossible to fit in a backpack in spite of being already big.
  • Mr. Fanservice: He's totally shirtless beneath his messy apron, and he's pretty beefy at that. As they say he has "the miner's body".
  • Mr Fix It: Offers his service as this to the mining town he lives.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: A buff engineer that carries a big machine and lots of heavy tools.
  • Roboteching: The missiles from Rocket Punch homes in on all players.
  • Rocket Punch: His Class Limit releases a bunch of them, and they hurt a lot.
  • Wrench Whack: Uses a big one in some of his attacks.

Hikari - The Summoner

Race: Cervine
Age: 24
Class: Summoner - mage who connects with beings from the magical planes to fight for her

Hikari lives in Aquaelos living alone in her personal tower. Despite not being connected to the royal circle, her advice wisdom and towards the paranormal and magical are valued by the king and queen, and so she is well respected. When the crystalline tower erupted from the center of Estella, she was one of the few who sensed it so keenly. She requests the king to ready an army to defend the kingdom, but not to make war with the other nations, all while she investigates what has happened. She is accompanied by others in her quest, making her party the other protagonists in the story.

Hikari treats summoning like erecting towers from a tower defense game. Her skills summon a magical being that does its thing on that location. If she is nearby, they slowly gain "experience" until they level up, becoming more powerful (up to level 3). Her strong up attack also grants a chunk of experience to the summon she is closest, with 33% experience gain on a fully charged strong up attack. Some of her normal attacks also summon a sword being, though this one doesn't level up. It does however act like an extended hitbox separate from her. You can have all separate magical beings out in the field but you cannot have a duplicate, as the summon just gets resummoned with the level reset. They also have health, so other players can "destroy" them, but at the same time, they can act like some meat shield as Hikari can move behind them so they can take the brunt of the attack instead.

Her Neutral Skill is Tonati: Solar Flare, summoning Tonati the fire demon. By default it hurls two fireballs at a nearby enemy, at level 2 it hurls those two shots twice with faster speed and increased projectile size, and at level 3 it releases eight fireballs at once that homes on a target. It is also the only summon that does not fall if summoned mid-air. Her Side Skill is Skowl: Freezing Point, summoning Showl a wolf-like crystal creature. It chucks out an icicle that travels forward for a short distance and freezes its target, at level 2 it becomes a freeze breath, and at level 3 it becomes an ice beam. Her Up Skill is Muscita: Spore Shield, summoning Muscita a geometric mushroom. It spews out spores that grants Hikari (and allies) knockback immunity for a short moment before spewing spores again, at level 2 it increases defense as well and at level 3 it increases its radius. When done at mid-air, Hikari jumps onto its cap, acting like a trampoline, and she and everyone else can do the same when it is standing. Her Down Skill is Tatoskur: Electric Rod, summoning Tatoskur, an electric rodent. It surrounds itself with electricity, at level 2 it calls lightning from the skies to electrify itself, and at level 3 more lightning is summoned. Her Class Limit is Young Ladies: Quartet, summoning the Young Ladies' Megan, Joana, Bethany, and Amelia, four fairies of different ages. Hikari becomes invincible as a vertical targeting guide appears. Pressing any attack will make Megan shoot a light pillar from above. Pressing again will make Joana hurl lightning bolts to the target. Pressing once more will have Bethany release a large ice beam. Pressing one last time will have Amelia release a stream of fire.

  • Assist Character: Summons beings to fight. Unlike illusions or undead, they are pretty hardy, deal respectable damage, and can pretty much last in the battlefield indefinitely.
  • Big Good: She is a well-respected character and a paragon of virtue. The royalty looks up to her for advice, and her quest is stopping the rune that could cause a major disaster.
  • Elemental Powers: Most of her summons exhibit this.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: Her summons are their own hitboxes. This makes sense for the skill moves... but this also applies to Exkaiser - the sword that appears in her normal attacks.
  • Magic Staff: Carries one. Unlike James she isn't using it for combat, instead fully committing to it as a magical conduit. Her strong up attack even grants experience towards summons very near to her.
  • Power Floats: Floats rather than running.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming:
    • Tonati is based on Tonatiuh, the Aztec sun god.
    • Skowl and Tatoskur are Norse figures - Skoll the wolf that ate the sun and Ratatoskr the rodent that climbed the World Tree.
    • Exkaiser is from Arthurian legend, the legendary sword Excalibur.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Tatoskur is definitely a homage to Pikachu.
    • If it wasn't obvious, Young Ladies are based from Little Women.
  • Summon Magic: Her forte. She has six summons - Tonati, Skowl, Muscita, and Tatoskur are the beings that appear in her skill moves. For most of her normal attacks, she summons the flying sentient sword Exkaiser. And finally in her Class Limit she summons the Young Ladies, despite being composed of four fairies they are treated as a single summon.
    • Four-Element Ensemble: Young Ladies have their individual elements but are summoned together.
    • An Ice Person: Skowl breaths ice to freeze enemies in their tracks.
    • Playing with Fire: Tonati hurls fireballs at enemies, eventually making them home to their targets.
    • Sentient Weapon: Exkaiser is a sentient sword that flies on its own and cuts enemies.
    • Shock and Awe: Tatoskur electrifies its surroundings and summons lightning bolts.
    • Springy Spores / Status Buff: Muscita gives Hikari uninterruptible defense when she is near it, and acts as a trampoline when being stomped.
  • Sentry Gun: Her summoning functions pretty much like this. She can even upgrade them!
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The girly girl to Grace's tomboy.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: A mild application of this trope. She's already in her early-to-mid twenties, but at that age she is seen to be very wise and has mastered vast knowledge of the arcane arts, and has connected to many magical beings. It is noted that she accomplished this at a very young age.

Orcus - The Necromancer

Race: Mustelid
Age: 51
Class: Necromancer - control minions made from flesh and bone and let them do your bidding

Orcus is a badger hermit living in outskirts of society. But he wasn't like this before - for he was once a powerful wizard in Terrance. In fact, he was once known as one of the great summoners back in his prime. But something happened that made him go into seclusion. Maybe it was a realization of something, but he stopped practicing summon magic since then, and instead moving on to the darker, less publicly accepted art of necromancy. Though in spite of his dark turn, he remained emphatic and kind if a bit distant. He was also the former teacher of Hikari, and owes most of her craft to him. And so his star pupil asks his help to which at first he refused, but he can't ignore her and the danger the Ethereal Crystal pose.

Orcus mostly fights by having a bunch of small fiends attack the enemy referred as minions. If that sounds similar to Olimar from Super Smash Bros., it's because he is similar, although rather than a small alien he's a human-sized old badger, and unlike the more passive Pikmin his undead minions are more active and controllable. With the exception of one minion, all of his fiends follow him around and do attacks for him, and can even take damage for him. He deals crappy damage on his own and can't even perform strong and tilt attacks without minions, so he needs them around him to perform well. He can have one of each minion active (except for the Hand Fiends, which always spawn in two), and once active, the summon minion skill is replaced with a special command related to that minion. As mentioned earlier, they can take damage (and they die so quickly), but resummoning them again is fast. Learn to use them for offense and defense to utilize Orcus well.

His Neutral Skill is Summon Hand Fiends / Explode, two small hand-shaped bone creatures that crawl using their fingers are summoned to his side. They attack by tackling and clawing enemies. Performing the skill again while they are active makes one of them jump forward and explode, dealing damage. Both Hand Fiends need to be eliminated before he could resummon them again. His Side Skill is Summon Spine Crawler / Needle Storm, a spider-like creature that has spines on its back. It extends its whip-like tail when attacking. Performing the skill again makes it fire a barrage of spines forward although it becomes stationary when doing this attack. His Up Skill is Summon Skin Kite / Glide, a small glider-like creature that flies around him. It attacks enemies by spinning and tackling enemies with its sharp head. When it is out, it can extend its "skin" and turn into a huge glider to carry him and his minions up to the air for a moment. The more minions are out, the heavier it has to carry, meaning less air time and range. His Down Skill is Summon Bone Tower / Reshape, a tower made of bones that is slightly taller than him with a skull head on top. It is his only immobile minion as it remains in place, but it is also the only one with a passive attack, shrieking whenever an enemy is very close. It also can't be summoned in the air. It can however be moved around by performing the special command, making it explode and reform to where Orcus is (unless he is in the air), damaging nearby enemies as it vanishes and reappears. His Class Limit is Summon Cadaver Knight, a big, armored fiend that floats beside him for a limited time. It performs powerful melee attacks with the normal attack button or deadly ranged attacks with the skill button, gives Orcus unlimited air time, and cannot be fazed or damaged.

  • Action Bomb: Hand Fiends can be made to detonate for damage.
  • Animate Dead: Subverted in that he doesn't really like raising the dead despite being a necromancer. Instead he creates minions from various pieces of cadaver he has stockpiled in pocket space.
  • Assist Character: He pretty much needs fiends to be able to fight. To contrast with Nova and Hikari, the fiends are mobile and follow around Orcus (with the exception of Bone Tower, and even then it could be moved around) unlike the immobile illusions (which can only switch places with Nova) or summoned beings. They deal good, active damage unlike the paltry damage illusions give (unless you shatter them) or the medium (but consistent) damage summoned beings do. They are also controllable with Orcus unlike the more passive, automatic illusions and summoned beings. With that said, they aren't as resilient as summoned beings and can get lost if they stray far from Orcus.
  • Bad Ol' Badger: Subverted. He is actually a kind and caring person if a bit distant.
  • Creepy Good: A mild case in that he has a warm, welcoming personality, his appearance does evoke some reaction given that he is all dressed in black.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He is a master of death magic with rather creepy minions that wears a black cassock, yet is a kind and gentle old man.
  • Dem Bones: Hand Fiend and Bone Tower minions.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Learning how to use his minions well can be difficult, particularly on when to sacrifice them or which to keep around. But knowing how to play him makes him a great character.
  • Flesh Golem: His minions are made up of various pieces of cadaver.
  • Glass Cannon: His minions deal good amount of damage (he himself sucks at damage). However he doesn't take damage too well.
  • Hermit Guru
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: He needs his minions for him to attack, as all he does are commanding them. He does have a normal attack (his neutral) but it deals rather crappy damage.
  • Mentor Archetype: Hikari's teacher. He joins her quest as support and advisor, but ultimately knows it is up to her to perform the job.
  • Necromancer: Although in his case, he doesn't raise the dead but rather the fleshy, boney bits and impart life on them.
  • Night of the Living Mooks: His minions are a mishmash of corpse parts given life. They die so quickly yet he can summon a new one so easily.
  • Not Quite Flight: Sky Kite carries him and his already existing minions for temporary flight before getting tired. It has more distance covered the fewer the active minions Orcus has.
  • Old Master: Zigzagged. He clearly has relinquished his old summoning magic skills as he has closed his connection with the summoned beings. However in its place he learned and mastered necromancy, and he is quite good at it.
  • Pocket Dimension: Where he grabs the parts when he summons minions. Carrying cadaver is not a good idea and having bodies, even if they are bits and pieces, simply lying around is a big no-no. Instead he keeps them preserved in a pocket dimension and thus has access to minions everywhere. Also adds credence to his hidden power.
  • Sentry Gun: Unlike the other two Assist Character archetypes, almost all of his minions follow him. He only has one that fits the bill - the Bone Tower minion. However it lacks any ranged attacks, instead merely making an area-of-effect shriek whenever enemies come near. It still mimics Orcus' tilt and strong attacks.

Grace - The Lancer

Race: Dragon
Age: 21
Class: Lancer - knight who moves gracefully in the air, using a spear to pierce enemies

Grace is a member of Aquaelos' knights charged with protecting the castle. However unlike most of the castle knights, she was hotblooded, noisy and rough, criticizing her lack of etiquette despite being a knight. But she ignores them, operating in her own way as an expert lancer and proving to her peers that she is worth keeping around. Upon hearing Hikari's quest to find out more about the Ethereal Crystal, she tags along as her guardian. As their quest continues with meeting new, unorthodox people as companions, she soon develops a more tempered attitude to go along with her feisty, fiery self, allowing her to pursue a similar goal to save Estella from crumbling due to a massive magical outburst.

Despite being clad in armor, Grace moves very nimbly. Her main hook is her air control - she has the highest jumping height of all the characters and has a relatively average fall speed. Her attacks in the air have good reach too, and all of her skills alter (not necessarily become better) when done in midair. One thing to note about her spear though - it deals mediocre damage and knockback if it doesn't hit its sweetspot - its spearhead particularly its tip. Thankfully most of her attacks involve stabbing with the spear, so more often than not you will hit with that sweetspot, but that means you have to position yourself well to get the most of it.

Her Neutral Skill is Flying Needle, throwing a spear made of energy that flies forward. When done in air she instead throws three spears but they come out in an arc. The button can be held a bit to brace for a while before hurling the spear, making it fly faster on the ground or have the spears go out in a larger arc. Her Side Skill is Flying Fang, where she lunges forward at high speed with the spear forward, skewering enemies she hits before delivering a final thrust at the end of the dash. When done in midair, she instead makes a swooping flight with the spear pointing outward, but immediately pulls back up near the end of the dash. Her Up Skill is Dive, a high jump is performed before plunging downward with her spear. If done in midair, she has her spear already out when jumping outward, allowing damage to be dealt during her ascension, but she falls slower when diving. Her Down Skill is Spear Parry, a counter stance. She assumes a pose that makes her invincible for a moment. When struck, she performs an upward stab that sends the enemy away while dealing damage equal to the countered attack plus 3% more, with more vertical than horizontal knockback direction. When done in midair, the counterattack instead is a downward thrust, having a downward knockback direction which is capable of plummeting careless foes down. Her Class Limit is Dragon's Fury, she vanishes as large vertical swipe is done on her location, passing through obstacles and dealing single but powerful damage and knockback to affected enemies. When in midair, the direction is instead changed into a horizontal swipe.

  • Blade on a Stick
  • Calling Your Attacks
  • Charged Attack: Flying Needle goes farther or flies wider the longer you hold it.
  • Counter-Attack: Spear Parry. She deals less counter damage in favor of having a more specific directional knockback.
  • Dragon Knight: Both literally and figuratively. Her armor has some draconic motifs to make her appear that she is versatile in the air.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: As one would expect to a spear user. She actually extends most of her spear outward so she has relatively long disjointed hitbox. With that said doing damage and knockback can be a bit hard on her on the ground because it's the spearhead that deals most of the damage.
  • Hot-Blooded: Must be something in common with dragons.
  • In a Single Bound: Dive has her jumping high first.
  • Javelin Thrower: Flying Needle has her hurl energy spears.
  • Lightning Bruiser: She is rather agile and her attacks are quite powerful, all while being able to take damage fine. Her main drawback is her attacks require precision to deal chunk of damage.
  • Meteor Move: Being hit with any of her downward spear attacks will result in this.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: Sometimes she will use her spear with one hand, and she does so excellently.
  • Shout-Out: Dive is pretty much a homage to the Jump skill of the Dragoon class frequently found in Final Fantasy.
  • Stance System: A bit of a mild case, but her skills and Class Limit change properties when performed in the air.
  • Super Armor: Flying Fang and Dive give her a single-hit no-flinch frame on start-up.
  • Sword Plant: Usually the result of Dive. Also apparent in one of her victory poses.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Hikari's girly girl.

Daniel - The Dreadnaught

Race: Panthera
Age: 42
Class: Dreadnaught - axe-wielding heavy knight who uses darkness by exchanging life force for more power

Daniel was once a loyal soldier of the previous ruler of Pearlhart, the capital of the Tidal Waves, Aquealos' premiere knights. They brought glory to the kingdom acting as enforcers, guards, and the frontline of the kingdom's army. However, their last skirmish against the Zephyrian forces sent them to their deaths, with him being the last survivor. He later found out that it was a ploy by the very king he served, as Aquaelos was losing the war and he offered the Tidal Waves as blood trade. Anger filled his veins that for a moment he was able to stand up from his broken body. He soon vanished and was never heard from since, thinking he died. But as the Ethereal Crystal rises, he too makes a return, vowing revenge to the throne seated at Pearlhart, that even though a new ruler seats there, their blood is the same one as that of the traitorous king. And maybe with the power of the crystalline tower, he could exact his revenge...

He is big and he hits hard and he can take them fine as well. Take advantage of the fact that he can wreck enemies in low percentages due to how powerful his strikes are. They even have wide reach so he can strike multiple foes or seemingly out-of-reach enemies. The problem is that he's relatively slow - the slowest character in the game. So if the enemy is within grasp, you better make the most of it. To further maximize his damaging capability, he has this unique ability called "soul strike" - he increases the damage and knockback power of his strong attacks and skills by holding their buttons for a bit longer. Skills are even slightly altered. But in doing so he receives some damage in the process. He can offset this with one of his skills - a grab move that drains enemy health (which hilariously enough you can also power up, but the powered up drain restores more health than what was expended).

His Neutral Skill is Guillotine, a shadow axe is released from his axe which spins rapidly, forming a circular saw. It jumps up in an arc before landing. It doesn't dissipate if it doesn't hit any solid platform, making it pass through enemies. If it does hit a solid platform, it stops for a bit before fading. The soul strike version has larger axes. His Side Skill is Shadow Hook, his axe becomes attached to a magic chain and the axe head gains a shadow claw which he then hurls forward, pulling enemies that are struck back towards him. The angle of the throw can be altered with up or down. The soul strike version adds more hits upon connecting and has farther reach. His Up Skill is Cyclone Axe, where he spins around with his axe extended outward. When done in mid-air he goes upward and there's a slight diagonal angle on the cyclone. The soul strike version has waves erupting from each spin with the final one being strong. His Down Skill is Soul Siphon, a grab move that gradually damages the enemy while healing him. He siphons more health on enemies in critical state. The soul strike version has him drain health in larger chunks. His Class Limit is Shadow Pact, summoning a barrage of shadow meteors to rain upon the stage.

  • An Axe to Grind
  • Black Knight: He is clad in black heavy armor wielding a huge axe. Thematically, he also lost his knighthood and comrade-in-arms, and thus seeks vengeance.
  • Casting a Shadow: He infuses his weapon with darkness and sometimes outright directly casts them to the enemy.
  • Cast from Hit Points: His soul striking mechanic requires sacrificing some of his health to increase the damage and knockback of his attacks.
  • Death from Above: Shadow Pact summons shadow meteors!
  • Grappling-Hook Pistol: Rather, he turns his axe into a hook with chains via dark magic, which he then hurls with precision.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a vertical one from his left side of the forehead down to the cheek, surprisingly enough his left eye isn't harmed. His alternate costume reveals that his whole body is riddled with them.
  • Life Drain: Soul Siphon. It's a grab move though so he needs to be up-close. Very useful for offsetting the damage accumulated from soul striking.
  • Magic Knight: A knight who utilizes dark magic in fighting.
  • Mighty Glacier: And how! Has possibly the strongest attacks in the game but is the slowest character. His recovery is also not as good as the rest.
  • Spin Attack: Cyclone Axe. His downward strong attack too.
  • Super Armor: Whenever he is about perform an attack with soul strike properties, he can't be flinched.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: Averted in that it seems like he's about to throw his axe for Guillotine, but instead a shadow axe is conjured instead which gets thrown upon swinging his axe.

Blanche - The Druid

Race: Vulpine
Age: 27
Class: Druid - shapeshift between a powerful behemoth or a magical adept and complement each other's style

Druids are seclusive monks who meditate and practice their craft in the wilderness, far away from civilization, with few having contacts to civilization. This practice is very demanding that only few tend to be druids. And then there is this special sect - the snow druids, who are far rarer. Whereas druids commune with the forest wilderness, the snow druids commune with the harsh tundra. With the magical threat of the Ethereal Crystal, many of them went into hiding... except for one. Blanche felt a great call to find out what it is, maybe even discover civilization that she has been curious about. Encountering Hikari, she joins them.

She is a transforming character. She can switch between her base ice-caster form and ice-brute form, with the former being slow yet has great range, and the latter fast but focused in up-close combat. Ice-caster is herself whereas ice-brute is herself covered in thick ice with a shape of a bipedal monster and it acts as though it has its own mind. She is both powerful in either form, but with unique stats and play style. However, the former is easy to knock away and the latter is a big target, so learn how to compensate each form's weakness.

In ice-caster form, her Neutral Skill is Ice Shard, a chargeable ice projectile which can be stored. The projectile grows bigger and stronger, and scatters into smaller pieces that travels to different directions. It also reflects projectiles that hits it once. Her Side Skill is Icicles, where five shards of ice hover around her. Every time she attacks, one will fly out towards the nearest enemy. Performing the skill again resets the icicles. Her Up Skill is Avalanche, a cascade of snow comes out of her standing location, damaging enemies beneath her while she goes upward. The snow is capable of carrying the enemy downward.

In ice-brute form, her Neutral Skill is Blizzard Bash, where she charges up her fist. Press the button again to release a punch that goes forward. Immediately pressing the button makes a wimpy punch but fully charging it makes her dash forward for a long distance with super armor, dealing massive damage and knockback, and leaves an ice trail. Her Side Skill is Backhand, a swift, powerful swat with her arm. It can reflect projectiles on contact and can stun enemies on the ground or deals a downward knockback on midair. Her Up Skill is Ice Razor, an uppercut move with an arm whose side has an extended ice blade.

Both forms have the same Down Skill which is Ice Shift, a move that changes between forms. She can actually damage to nearby enemies while transforming. Both forms also have the same Class Limit which is Cold Summit, the screen goes blurry as a strong snow storm engulfs the arena, with random pieces of ice shards smacking on the stage. She automatically switches to the other form upon performing her Class Limit.

  • Druid: A snow druid!
  • Earthy Barefoot Character
  • Exposed to the Elements: She lives in the snowy mountains to the north yet wears basically a robe that exposes the arms and legs.
  • An Ice Person
  • Fantastic Foxes
  • Friend to All Living Things: Particularly with the alpine animals.
  • Glass Cannon: In ice-caster form, she possesses strong ranged attacks that can cover a wide area. She's pretty light though so she needs to keep her distance.
  • Lightning Bruiser: In ice-brute form, she moves quite fast and her attacks are swift. However she needs to be up-close to deal damage, her recovery is mediocre, and she's a large target.
  • Megaton Punch: Blizzard Bash can knock out foes at low percent if properly timed.
  • Nature Hero: She joins the party to discover civilization.
  • No Social Skills: She only knows the social norms of her secluded sect.
  • Skilled, but Naïve: She's a really adept druid, but her limited socialization and isolated upbringing has her views limited. Orcus even considers tutoring her.
  • Stance System: Can alter between a range-focused fighter and a melee-focused fighter.
  • Shoryuken: A variation with a blade on the side of the arm with Ice Razor.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Although rather than "shapeshifting", Blanche instead encases herself in a monstrous ice creature.

Renard - The Bard

Race: Vulpine
Age: 23
Class: Bard - adventurer who fights with a rousing music and speech to inspire allies, hinder enemies and boost attacks

Renard may have been from Aquaelos' shining port city of Mightbreeze, but he truly isn't settled to one place. Much as the sea calls its sailors, adventure keeps on calling him, and with every quest follows a tale he chronicles. He finds joy as the one who records exploits of many adventurers, sharing them to the villages and cities he pass through by means of songs. He himself is an adventurer and in one of his journeys he comes across the a magical artifact called the Lute of Thoughts, an object resembling a lute that plays a melody that matches his thoughts and feelings. And so he acts as a companion to travelers and adventurers, sharing their stories while he helps them out in their trials and keeping the campfire cozy. And with the Ethereal Crystal erupting from the land, the calling for what yet seems to be the greatest legend of the land has gotten to him. He aids various parties, from a ragtag bunch of adventurers to hardened veterans, as he readies to write down and memorize this epic story.

This guy isn't a spoony bard. His playstyle is pretty much well-rounded, a bit more like Lowell. He uses a cutlass to fight, with mostly poking attacks particularly his strong attacks. And he is both agile and hardy. What sets him apart his his skills. He utilizes the Lute of Thoughts (shortened to "Lute") to provide various effects on him and his enemies. He can slow them down while become faster. He can inspire allies while demoralizing foes. And many more! He's very flexible in what you can do with him, so experiment with his ability.

His Neutral Skill is Harmony, where he readies his Lute to play a song. Pressing a direction starts a tune with different effects that pulse every 3 seconds, affecting players and enemies within the Lute's range with four songs in total. The song being played is canceled whenever he uses another skill or if the skill button is pressed again. His Side Skill is Brandish Blade, a series of slash attacks that makes him go forward without being affected by gravity when done in midair. Time the press of the skill towards the music being played by the Lute to make him continue with the slashing sequence, as well as boost the damage. When cleared, there's a short effect where all of his sword attacks deal slightly more damage and knockback. His Up Skill is Pinwheel Blade, a sword technique which makes him spin his sword like a wheel with one hand while jumping. It reflects incoming projectiles with the help of his Lute playing music, and pressing the button repeatedly makes it produce more hits. His Down Skill is Melody, notes circle around him. They don't damage the enemy, but instead they absorb any damage for one hit. They can also be scattered as projectiles that fly off to eight directions by pressing down skill again. His Class Limit is Grand Concert, a mini-game is played where notes come to a line as he starts playing his Lute. Press any button as the notes reach the line to deal most damage, creating circular sonic explosions throughout the stage.

  • Action Commands:
    • Brandish Blade requires him to hit the skill button on time to continue the attack and deal optimum damage.
    • Grand Concert requires any button to be pressed as the notes reach a line to create powerful attacks in the stage.
  • Anything That Moves: He is adventurous.
  • The Bard
  • Cunning Like a Fox: Just a mild case. He isn't really cunning as much as just being sharp enough to survive adventures. He still presents himself more as a physical fighter.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: A well-rounded one, as his attacks are pretty standard with good reach and damage. He leans more towards on utility via buffs and debuffs from his skills to support himself and allies.
  • Magic Music: While it is implied his music in itself can connect to his audience, the Lute of Thoughts amplify his songs. It can be seen in his skills as the music grants power to his swordplay. His Harmony skill gives a specific area various effects that depend on the song being played.
    • Through the Waves is the song when Up is pressed. It gives him and allies Super Armor for 1 second. It is the only song with no negative effect to enemies.
    • The Seven Fleets is the song when Down is pressed. It gives him and allies a slight attack and knockback boost, while demoralizing enemies by making them deal weaker damage and knockback.
    • Determined Captain Roab is the song when Right is pressed. It heals him and his allies for 2% on each pulse and conversely damages enemies for 2% on each pulse.
    • I'm Coming Home is the song when Left is pressed. It increases the mobility of allies for 1 second whereas enemies are slowed down.
  • Master Swordsman: He is a skilled fencer with his cutlass.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Aside from being the only character who is canonically promiscuous, his alternate outfit is pretty much him being shirtless, showing his surprisingly good physique.
  • Pirate: A seemingly secondary theme to him. Being born at the docks, his songs mostly referring to sea and port life, uses a cutlass while fencing, and his general outfit all points to him fitting as a dashing pirate or a more applicable role of mariner.
  • Really Gets Around: He doesn't hide the fact that he is quite adventurous in many ways, and apparently is how he sometimes make camping "fun".
  • Standard Status Effects / Status Buff: His songs can give both, even sometimes at the same time.
  • Tagalong Chronicler: He joins many adventurers to record their exploits and share them as stories. It's a good thing he can fend for himself and is helpful to the party.
  • Wandering Minstrel

Syzygy - The Runemaster

Race: Feline
Age: 38
Class: Runemaster - mage capable of etching symbols onto anything, reacting with the caster's command

Syzygy isn't just your typical runemaster - she is a rune archeologist, exploring the continent and even the far reaches of the world to obtain and master runes particularly ancient ones. She never stays in one place, always moving to discover and obtain more runes. It was then that she discovered and activated four very ancient runes that didn't particularly do anything on their own, but when combined, actually revealed the location of the mythical Rune of Magna Matrix inside the eerily named Bog of Sleeping Death Miasma, a pit found in a swamp near the shared borders of the three kingdoms - the center of Estella. After entering the poisonous swamp unharmed due to the runes, she faced stone guardians protecting the entrance proper. Destroying them, she soon discovered the rune itself - it was as big as the bog, with long inscriptions on its sides. She used the four ancient runes once more to hasten the process, and soon enough the Ethereal Crystal rose from the site. However, it had a trap of collapsing the ruins when activated, and in that moment the runes once more acted as a door to escape, leading her back to the ruins of one of the ancient runes. She now hurries back, wanting to seize this power she has summoned and ultimately claim the nexus of magic brewing from the crystal.

She is the ultimate trap master. Her rune spells can be left on the stage, damaging enemies that trigger them. All of her strong attacks have this unique property of leaving a rune, acting like passive mines that explode upon contact. In fact her strong down attack never has an attack animation, rather she creates a rune on the ground instead (which drops down should the platform it was cast on vanish). Her strong forward attack has her create a rune directly in front of her as she smacks an enemy towards it while her her strong up attack has her launch the enemy before summoning a rune above. You can have up to 2 active runes for each type, and they dissipate after 15 seconds. Her skills also produce runes, but they act more like drones or active attackers than mines, with their own gimmicks and the like. Do note that when she is knocked out, the runes disappear. Strategically fight well with her by going keep away and luring enemies to your runes.

Her Neutral Skill is Rune of Frenzy, a rune is summoned in front of her. If an enemy gets near it, it releases multiple balls of light. It can be triggered prematurely by pressing the button again. Her Side Skill is Rune of Harrowing, a rune flies forward which can be aimed up or down and it travels farther as the button is held. Letting go of the button will make it explode, dealing massive damage and knockback the closer the enemy is to the center. Her Up Skill is Rune of Observation, where she casts a run on her palm while stretching her arm upward. She floats upwards until the rune is set. The rune can be set early by pressing the button during the flight. This rune explodes into a pillar of light should enemies go on its vertical range. Her Down Skill is Rune of Collapse, a rune is cast onto a floor, or to a wall or an enemy if either are close enough. The casting is hard to notice however. If done in air the rune just falls down. Pressing down skill again will detonate the rune for a massive damage and knockback, it gets attacked, or after 20 seconds has passed. It can be passed onto enemies if they walk together. Unlike the other runes, she isn't immune from the damage and explosion. Her Class Limit is Rune of Disarray, she summons multiple runes facing at different directions that fire a beam of light for each rune. They appear and are aimed randomly.

  • Big Bad
  • Cats Are Magic
  • Cats Are Mean: She did cause the crystalline tower to erupt to draw out the continent's magic for herself after all.
  • Cats Are Superior: Managed to accomplish a huge deal of research towards ancient magic by herself and shows an air of superiority towards the rest of the cast, that even Alastor is offended by her ego.
  • Evil Sorceress: Wants the continent's magic drawn into a single rune for which she can control. Basically she wants a magical nuke for her own.
  • Fantastic Nuke: Her end goal is to have one.
  • Female Feline, Male Mutt
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: She was just an ordinary runemaster who was a bit obsessed with ancient runes. Who knew her research would put her in a dark path of obsession to the point of wanting to commandeer three nations' worth of magic under a single rune?
  • Heroic Canines, Villainous Felines: The hero is a wolf and the villain is a cat. Though thankfully the hero's party has a cat too.
  • Instant Runes: She can summon them quite quickly.
  • Land Mine Goes "Click!": Her strong down attack summons a rune on the ground that explodes when stepped by enemies. She can also create a special Rune of Collapse which is more powerful, but it can damage her too.
  • Light Is Not Good: The runes explode into what seems to be light, and they can also fire lasers. But of course, Syzygy is a bad person.
  • Pillar of Light: Rune of Observation can expel this, as well as many of this when Rune of Disarray is used.
  • Power Floats: Unlike the other users of this trope, she stays floating!
  • Power Tattoos: One can take a close look at her arms and legs, as well as her fore head and the back of her neck. She has runes affixed on them.
  • Trap Master: Her playstyle involves setting up runes all over the stages while luring enemies towards them, or activating them remotely. She's a bit technical in that regard, as most of her normal attacks tend to be short. And her strong attacks all involve summoning runes that act like mines.


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