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The sun rises on November 18, 2014. The world has never been closer to achieving world peace before, but it also has never been closer to achieving total annihlation before. It is your job to go on the path to avoid destruction, either by peace or force. You control the future.

- The beginning message

Civilization: Nova is a fangame/MOD of Civilization IV taking place in the present. It is your job to control what happens in the future, by declaring wars or peace, changing governments, etc. It features all existing countries (except noticeably small ones like Monaco and Tuvalu), and it is possible to play any of these.

The game involves many current events going on right now, like the war between the U.S. and Afghanistan, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and the outbreak of ebolavirus in Western Africa. The game also features many extra features, like the Olympic Games, economical unions, plagues, and many new wonders.


Each civilization has complex relations with each other; for example, the United States is angry at Vietnam for not adopting their favorite civic, while Vietnam is angry at the United States for declaring war on them.

This mod contains examples of...

  • Balkanize Me: If given enough time, a rebellion can cause a city to become a new country. This rarely happens without a fight.
  • Space-Filling Empire: The Federated States of Micronesia pretty much make up any nation in Oceania that isn't Australia, New Zealand, or Papua New Guinea.
    • Also, if one country decides to invade others (and succeeds), this can happen.
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