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Chronicles of the Third Eye (or Chronicles Rewrite) is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign run by They Call Me Tomu that takes place in the wider Trai Universe, which is, like so many of these so-called Troper Works, largely existent only in the head of the wonderful and magnificent Tomu-sama.

Chronicles of the Third Eye contains examples of:

  • Universal Tropes
  • Appeal To Obscurity The narrator will occasionally reference whatever anime or manga the DM is currently most interested, with full knowledge that the players have no knowledge of this piece.
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  • Character Development With the recent death of "the professor" Dougan De`Vaimer, it remains to be seen whether the silly antics of Shryn and friends will become Darker And Edgier
  • Crazy Enough To Work Using mints to counter a poisonous smoke.
  • Face Palm Favored technique of Dougan in response to Shryn's antics.
  • Unreliable Narrator The "Narrator" of the campaign has, under a number of occasions, made statements about the events of the game that turned out to be false.

Applied Phlebotinum Tropes

  • The Dark Side : Implied that the Assassin Xaphnos was merely a cutpurse and mercenary before being contacted by the "Mysterious Shadowy Benefactor," leading him down the path towards becoming the heroic tier's principle antagonist.
  • Elemental Absorption : The Bleakborn in the Frozen Underground were undead monsters with a chilling touch-that were able to absorb fire damage, but were vulnerable to cold.
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  • Functional Magic : The Free City Eloheim is suggested to be like this to a certain extent, though mostly only for indoor lighting and plumbing.
  • Ley Line : The Elves use ley lines for shamanistic magic as well as "mass transit."
  • Magi Babble : Combined with All There In The Manual, Trai (and Tarroth inparticuarly) has a long history of having pages and pages of yammering on how magic works in the setting-all of which has been renderered by and large functionally irrelevant by the addition of the 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules set.
o All There In The Manual : The Trai wiki, when it was public-currently made private to avoid spoilers, however.
  • Magic A Is Magic A
  • Pure Energy : Averted, though only due to All The In The Manual explaining that "Energy blades" are actually semi-solid constructs of gel-like material which is hardened by the imposition of the user's will.

Characterization Tropes

  • Chekhov’s Skill : Characters acquire "Boons" over the course of play, some of them being rather circumstantially relevant. Be assured that every boon will come into play at least once.
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  • Common Sense : Averted entirely.
  • Dark Is Not Evil : Played Straight with most characters, but averted with Desmond, whose uses both light and dark themed attacks.
  • Designated Protagonist Syndrome : More true in the original than the rewrite, where Adam Fate was intentionally designed to be generic. So far, Desmond-who largely fills the same role-is definitely the least emotive member of the player cast, though that's not saying much.
  • Hates Being Touched : Shryn, as highlighted in the Xaphnos battle. Too bad the campaign is filled with enemies that use grabbing based attacks.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses : Xaphnos' goggles.
  • Hot Blooded : Shryn
  • Immortality Begins At Twenty : The Elves function like this.
  • In Harmony With Nature : The Elves, again.
  • Light Is Good : The Clergy of Lumina, or the "Luminati" are designated protagonists, avoiding the Knight Templar mentality of the Helmites.
  • Genre Savvy, Wrong Genre Savvy : Felix De`Vaimer, and Marcusites in general, tend to function like this.

Characters as Devices Tropes

  • Fantasy Character Classes : Being Dungeons and Dragons, this applies in the context of the game itself, and the setting does make mention of certain classes, such as the Golden Knights being Paladins.
  • Gentleman Adventurer, Gentleman And A Scholar : Dougan was charactertized as this to some extent.
  • God Of Evil : A number of them, including the God of Vengeance and the God of Depravity and Oblivion.
  • Our Dwarves Are All The Same : Subverted. Bronze Dwarves are entirely hairless, though they are miners. Silver Dwarves are more typical, though they do not have the mining habits of their western cousins. All Bronze Dwarves are naturally terrakinetic, while are Silver Dwarves are naturally aerokinetic.
  • Innocent Flower Girl : Moriko, the Half-elven "adoptive daughter" of Dougan and his wife Alanna.
  • Large Ham : Felix, to the point where he will occasionally break out into song.
  • Scary Black Man, Angry Black Man, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Soul Brotha : Harbek, though the characterization differs from session to session.
  • Smug Snake : Every villain ever.

Other Tropes

  • Gameplay And Story Segregation

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