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This is a idea for a JRPG. The only thing I have fully planned are several organizations and the ending. The battle system and Cel Shaded graphics are heavily based on those of the Tales Series (I really hope that I will become wealthy enough to become an Promoted Fanboy and make this into an official Tales game)

In the world of Tero, people rely on aether for their everyday lives. The world is split between the Magitek Clock Punk Anorev Kingdom and the Steam Punk Rutledge Republic. Day after day, the threat of war between these two powers grows...


Meanwhile in a small town somewhere in the Anorev Kingdom, a mercenary named Cielo Kersey is passing through the town (after intervening in a situation involving a noble) when he notices a young woman named Diana Zangan being hasseled by some corrupt knights who accuse her of being the Classy Cat-Burglar "Rogue Ruby". Cielo steps in and a fight ensues and Diana reveals her Action Girl skills by also joining in. They defeat the knights, Diana thanks him, and she leaves, but Cielo suspects something and follows her. He discovers that Diana is "Rogue Ruby" and they are attacked by a group of hitmen. They defeat the hitmen and Cielo interrogates the leader. Things escalate from there into a epic tale of justice, adventure, and war.

The first part of the story will look like a typical “La Résistance fights to overthrow The EmpireCliché Storm plot, but will get much more interesting as the game/story goes on.


With all the Loads and Loads of Characters and tropes, I might make this into an manga/anime/tv series instead...

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