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A Visual Novel conceived by a group of anime fans at UC Berkeley, Building Relationships is a Dating Sim in which most of the characters are moe anthropomorphizations of various buildings on the UC Berkeley campus. A demo was released at Anime Destiny (an annual anime convention held in October on the UC Berkeley campus) 2010, and a final release was scheduled for May 2012, but after most of the production team graduated, the project is on indefinite hiatus.


The player character is a first year student at a Japanese high school who becomes his homeroom's Class Representative and is charged with coming up for his class's project for the School Festival. Depending on which girl the player chooses, the project changes.

A sequel was in the planning stages, taking place one year after the events of the first game and centering around a new protagonist.

Building Relationships contains examples of:

The as of yet unnamed sequel contains examples of:


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