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An Upcoming Fanfiction based on the Topmost section of the Crossover page of Madoka Magica's WMG. It's a Wild and Crazy Prediction of Kingdom Hearts III's destiny. It's a Random mess of Crossovers and Miyazaki Love. Shell, Ponyo's even been adopted by a family which became next door neighbors to Sosuke's.

But where else where you see Kyubey speaking from a human mouth the words "Careful, they're ruffled!"


  • Aborted Arc - Relius Clover is Delt with and sent off to the Overlay Network faster than Jin can say "Oops." (With his son Carl along for the Ride)
  • Apocalypse How - Class Z-2. According to the Fictionary Empress, it has happened 999 times before in the past.
  • Fusion Dance - The Overlay Network from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL plays an Important Part in how the Witches of the Story are Forged
  • Humanity Ensues - First it happens to The Mane Six of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fame. Then it happens before the events of the game to Kyubey, then it happens to the Shugo Chara upon the defeat of Kamen Rider Nothing
  • Hub Level - Ivory Towers Hotel based on the wandering mountains
  • Kill ’Em All - Act I, Oh Lordy, Act I
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