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An unpublished, unanimated, nonexistent animated film. Big Cats is set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic felines and canines that takes place in South Africa.

In the fictional Mala Mala Village, Savages are ruthless, mindless canines that attack the village at least once a week. Protecting the village are the Big Cats: Eddie Bryant the lion, Nira Chayna the cheetah, and Zahira Janoah the spotted hyena apprentice. There should be a leopard, but the previous one disappeared the day the Big Cats were formed. Mo Muhammad sets up a Leopard tournament for a new leopard recruit, when in reality, she's trying to save her scrawny son, Mali Muhammad, from his execution for being the weakest in the reserve and failing graduation 3 times. The outsidest of outsiders, Mali needs all the help he can get if he wants to be in shape, and thanks to Mo, a Big Cat.


There are two sequels following this: Big Cats 2 and Big Cats 3.

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