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Bicinium is a low-budget, commercial RPG in the Eastern RPG style by ccoa.

You can choose to play the game as Aria Nocturne, the Evil Overlord's Beautiful Daughter or as Duo, the orphaned shop boy who is mistaken for the hero through a clerical error.

The playable characters are:


Duo's parents were killed by monsters when he was a boy. He's currently works for Mr. Clef at the local item store. He's close friends with the Hero's sister, Cadence. Due to a clerical error, he's been saddled with the job of saving the world, quite against his will.



The hero's little sister. She's an old hat at the whole "being held hostage for the mystical artifact" gig. Her brother is always out on adventures, so she views Duo as a surrogate big brother in his absence. Cadence is only playable in Duo's quest.


Aria has just been kicked out of her third boarding school of evil heirs, and may only be able to go to minion tech next year. She's determined to prove to her father she really does have what it takes to be the next evil overlord. She is quite childish and her plans often go awry.


Lord Nocturne's second in command and the one responsible for seeing that his plans go off without a hitch. He has recently been placed in charge of keeping Aria out of trouble while the Dark Lord executes the finishing touches on his plans for world domination, a duty he considers a punishment. He is a foil for Aria's more childish behavior and is only playable in Aria's Quest.


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