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Back To The Future Reloaded: Down Under is a planned Fan Fiction reboot of the Back To The Future setting by Crion87 set 20 Minutes into the Future (circa 2010). The basic idea is that a spare (and improved) time displacement unit with flux capacitor was found in Emmett Brown's abandoned house by a pair of Australian expatriates in Hill Valley, CA, circa 2010 (which of course was nothing even close to the 2015 in Back To The Future Part II, revealed to be only a possible future that has sadly been averted). Nevertheless, a Mr. Fusion, a Pit-Bull brand hoverboard and spare parts for hover-converting a modern-day vehicle into a Flying Car were also found from that now-negated future, and the expatriates convert their only car (arguably better than the Real Life De Lorean car - none of which could be used for Time Travel) - an early 2000s-era Subaru sedan that they were going to trade in because they were soon to return home - and then set off on a time-travelling escapade, leaving for the future just as 30-something James Beauregard, closeted Confederate sympathiser and less-than-Noble Bigot, looks up to see the flying Subaru time machine speeding off at 88 MPH into the future...)



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