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The page for my (Avernus King) fictional setting, used mostly as a reference but here for anyone interested. Work in progress.


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    Ryu's Incarnations 

Ryu Phoenix (vessel)

Ryu's original incarnation, a vessel for the god of torment, Voldo. Technically an extension of Voldo and barely related to the other incarnations. For tropes relating to Voldo specificially, see his character section (when I make it.)

Ryu Phoenix (human)

After Voldo is drained of his power, Ryu's body undergoes a transformation into a human with arcane powers. He is much less antagonistic at this point, bordering on neutral or occasionally heroic.

Ryu Phoenix (immortal)

After having gained immortality and immense magical power, he becomes a cold-hearted man with no attachments or morals, and chooses only to gain complete knowledge of the multiverse as a reason to exist.

    Toy Kingdom 

The Toy King

A strange humanoid that looks like a man-sized children's toy and acts like a mix between an overdramatic stage actor and a saturday morning cartoon villain. Was once a human man, but is now transformed into a construct and has become incurably insane due to the toy crown he still wears.

  • Almighty Idiot
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Due to his madness, his beliefs are incomprehensible and his morals are questionable at best, if not outright bonkers.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Due to his insanity, he often meshes the benign with the disturbing.
  • Large Ham
  • Reality Warper: Although a very potent magician, his insanity and relatively harmless nature cause this to fall onto the lower end of the power scale.
  • Tragic Villain: The childhood memories of a poor, unfortunate soul who had long ago lost everything else including themselves is what this pitiful man has become.

Crown of Dreams

A mysterious artefact in the form of a gaudy and prop-like royal crown, with magical properties that bestow incredible powers to the wearer at the cost of their sanity. Worn by the Toy King.


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