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Melvin Ponerson was faced with an uneasy task:

Three hundred thousand of His Majesty's limited edition autographed trading cards would need to be forged, stamped, and sent through the Royal Electronic Dispatching System by dawn.

The time was now 2:43 AM and not a single one had been prepared in the proper manner.

Under normal circumstances, Melvin would call upon his skill as an Elite among the kingdom's cubicle dwellers; he could put aside any petty distraction, such as eating, sleeping, breathing, etc. and focus entirely on what lay before him. In doing so he had the ability to finish a week’s worth of work in under sixteen point eight two seconds.Flat.


However, there were two things which hindered Mel from actually doing so.The first was that frankly, there are never any normal circumstances. Ever. Period.The second was a bit more problematic, for as of 1:57 AM that same mornight, Mr. Ponerson had no hands.

Argle Blarg (full title: Argle Blarg: A story that is neither deep nor thought-provoking but probably a lot more meaningful than ones that are (or at least pretend to be)) is a black comedy story about the world's fastest paper pusher, Melvin Ponerson, who goes on a quest to retrieve a new pair of hands after he burns his original ones off by working too fast. He is joined by several other characters each with their own personality quirks. Together, they manage to throw their entire country into chaos in a short timeframe.

It does offer a look into the psyche of some very damaged people, however the tone still remains very comical throughout.


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