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Heir is a world divided in two races, Armi and men. The men are very technologically advanced, they live very easy lives, but in cities where everything is gray, the sky is always covered and no flowers or trees grow. Armi are an indigenous primitive race, living by the words of their goddess, Rada, whom they have blind faith in.The men use a substance to power all of their machines. This substance is very valuable and a war broke out between the South and the North World on who should have it. The North-World was the first to declare was, and the scientists invented a gas that weakens all humans, rendering them incapable of fighting. So the South-World, who was the one who needed the energy the most to power the grand cities, found that the substance that could destroy hundreds of men, did not have any effect on the Armi, who are much more physically strong. So they took them away from their lands and made them soldiers, forcing them to fight to gain more facilities where the substance was made. To control the Armi and the facilities The South-World NATIONS was born, and the HQ is at Hetria city. Outside of the cities of men however, the Armi fought to take their lands back creating a rebellion group under the name of their goddess.\\Part one: Arda's FlagThe main characters of this story are two Armi soldiers, named Kira and Rheil, who most people call Jack. They fight always together in every mission, both of them famous for their fighting skills among both men and Armi.Kira was born on the 30th of July of the year 193. Both her parents were with the rebellion and she was taken away when the NATIONS soldiers fond and destroyed their campShe was sent on her first 3RD class mission in the Spaniah region when she was 17, and that was the start of her fame as a great soldier. Two months later she was relocated to the HQ. Two years later Rheil is also relocated to the HQ after his 3RD class mission in the Heat Line where he became friends with a soldier named Jack, who saved him from death three months later, which cost him his life. Afterwards Rheil renamed himself Jack. Jack met Kira at the HQ and had their first mission together not long after.They become friends and fell in love as time passed. 1 year later Jack and Kira were sent to a mission in the Heat Line. Jack is captured by the North-World and tortured to get information. He is rescued 4 days later by Kira and the other soldiers and brought back to HQ.Two years later they were again sent to a mission together, this time a 3RD class. This mission was the number 25.03.13, also named "Operation Recapture",the objective was retaking the Spaniah Facility n°5 from the North-World, but would be known as the most catastrophic mission in history. It began February 8th, 520 Armi were sent to the Spaniah Region along 120 human soldiers. The 10th they were ambushed by the North-World and were forced to retreat to the Sikkat Facility (A Facility that was no longer in use, because the energy ther had been completely collected). The 17th they were found and attacked, Kira was severely wounded and 256 Armi already died with 56 humans. Jack took command and managed to take them back to a camp side on the 21st, however 369 Armi and 74 humans were now dead. Kira was taken to a hospital in the HQ and slept for three days. The NATIONS lost in this mission three Facilities, more than 35 percent of energy and left them running on only four facilities.


Meanwhile, the Arma rebellion started moving towards the Ekist, the South-World NATIONS' West branch, and arrived at its gates the 15th of April. As the rebellion started to attack the Ekist base, another division started moving towards Hetria and reached it on the 11Th of May. One of the things that the NATIONS had always firmly belied was that all of the rebellion movements had to be suppressed by humans, never by Armi because they could run off and join the rebellion. Three days after the division had started to attack the HQ however they were brought to the last resorts and had to call the Armi to fight. Kira had found out that at sunrise they were going to be asked to fight their own people and started organizing from inside, getting ready to to turn against the NATIONS and do exactly as they had fared would happen. So on the 14th Kira gave the signal and all the Armi attacked the HQ. As the fight was going on, everyone followed her, not doubting for a moment that she would betray them because she had promised to the people to protect them, using the words that the Red Guards, Servants called by the Goddess Rada herself to protect the armi in time of need, would say before vowing to the Diety. She had become messenger of the Goddess, and the people had blind faith in her. One the 31st of March of the following year Ekist was taken and on the 18th of August Hetria was destroyed. Jack and Kira were still together, the leaders that were famed as great soldiers by the NATIONS were now still famous, but as leaders of the rebellion.


However the NATIONS hired a man called Alfred S. Rossi, one of the greatest assassins, and ordered him to bring Jack and Kira, dead or alive. He gathered info on them and followed and for half a year and found the chance to take them on the 30th of December, when he found them alone. He shot them down and proceeded to taking them away, but the other Arma they were with heard the shots and rushed to their aid but only managed to save Jack who was severely wounded. Kira was taken to the Capital, Helistel and executed on the morning of the 3rd of January.
Part two: RiseThe story begins from Avrey's point of view. He managed to sneek past the guards on the day of the execution and is determined to save Kira. Hwever, he arrves too late, and has to witness her death; he manages only to save the Arda's flag, after having risked his life. He escapes the soldiers and runs to where Jack is staying, so that he could have the Flag. He delivers the news of Kira's death.The story continues again two days later from Jack's point of view. He is grieving over Kira's death, and is suffering from survivor's guilt. He becomes the new leader of the Arma rebellion, and leads them to the third and final NATIONS base, Ark in the south-east. The first battle occurs in the border, but it is a loss, and this event marks many defeats in the Arma's winning streak. Three months later Ekhom, who's now Jack's best friend, is in charge, Jack being too desperate to command. He has been drowning his sorrows, and one day, as he walks through a forest, he tries to commit suicide, only to be stopped by an orphaned young Arma girl, who is nameless. He adopts her and names her dawn. With her help he manages to fight back the depression and retakes leadership. Eight months afterward Ark is finally taken, and the Arma move towards the capital. When they enter, the demand that the humans give back their freedom, and allow them to return to their native land. The NATIONS CEO is not willing to let them walk free and refuses the offer. But the president of the South-world agrees.


The story ends as Jack and Dawn are near a tower, the boats returning to the Armic lands. Behind it are two persons, one very small child, and a grown woman. The woman is Kira Arda and at her side, is the Goddess Rada.

     Tropes related to the Arma and their culture 
The Arma, main focus of the story, are an indigenous race which belong to the Armic lands, south-west of the South and North worlds. They have a deity called Rada, almost always referred as Hiera Rada which could be translated to "Goddes Rada"".This Goddess was originally an Arma (who call themselves Zhurei) who had defeated the Ulluru Tribes and, in order to keep them from returning to the Zhurei, decided to seal them away. She descended to the earth, with the help of a mysterious creature who had risen from a tree, and brought the Ulluru with her. But the Goddess couldn't bring the Ulluru's servants, birds, and gave to the Zuhrei the duty of killing the birds so that they could never break the seal and bring the demonic tribe back.The rite of passage from child to adult, involves killing the Red bird for males and the Gray birds for females, bring back its corpse and purify it; once that is done, they eat it and offer its heart to the Goddess.
  • Animal Eyes
  • The Clan: Of the "tribe" kind. There are a total of 86 clans (prior to the enslavement, after Jack restores the Zhurei's peace, there are 31 of them, later growing to be 103) formed by about 600 people each. Every one of them has a clan leader, and his place can be taken via Klingon Promotion, who leads the people. Anyone can join the clan, but they have to beat one of the people in the existing clan. Each clan has an identifying second name, which is the one of the clan in which the killed either the Gray or Red bird, not necessarily the one from which you were born, and it cannot be changed. A person doesn't have one until they kill a Red/Gray bird.
  • Diety Of Arma Origin: Rada goddess
  • Body Paint: Female Arma who are about to kill Gray Birds have these, while males get...
  • Descriptively-Named Species: "Arma" which means weapon. Though they call them selves Zhurei kìe Hiera which means "Children of the Goddess", usually abbreviated to simply Zhurei.
  • Klingon Promotion: One way of becoming the leader of a clan. Also the (non lethal) way of obtaining access to a clan.
  • The Legions of Hell: To the Arma, birds are this and anything associated with the sky, which is hell to them. Th Ulluru tribe were also considered this.
  • The Lifestream: According to the Armi, when a person dies its soul is brought to a new world, where they embody the power of the Goddess Rada
  • Made of Iron
  • Natural Weapon
  • Pointy Ears
  • A Real Man Is a Killer: To become a man, a Zhurei must bring back tho body of a red-bird. Females have to bring back the body of a gray-bird.
  • Species Loyalty: the Arma never kill each other, during the enslavement/rebellion era, at least.


"The messenger of the Goddess is dead. Arda is dead"

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