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"My inheritance was stolen from me, I shall reclaim it from your cold cruel hands, oh heartless king."
The Prince, in The Red Door

Long ago, the world of Darkland was completely united. That was until the king's twin sons began to fight over who would take his place on the throne. The king grew frustrated with their fighting and so he ordered that the kingdom be split in half to please them both.

Jumping ahead several years later, the king has died, and his sons are left with their kingdoms. The oldest son Nathaniel, desires his brother, Norwell's half of the kingdom and launches a plot to kill him. Nathaniel succeeds in killing his brother, Norwell off, along with his wife Allena. Nathaniel also wanted her dead because she chose Norwell instead of him. Nathaniel's nephew, Alexander, escaped from the fate his parents faced with the aid of the mysterious fallen Nirathel.


Three years later, Alex holds feelings of revenge toward his uncle. Even so, he isn't sure about how to go about stopping a man with power over everyone and simply has to wait. Then news of the Red Rose Caravan begins to spread around the kingdom like wildfire over their supposed performance of the popular play, The Red Door that will be coming to nearby towns and cities soon.

But Alex isn't the only hero. A girl named Hannia, a child of the scholarly house of Unshel, has poor grades and would rather spend her time playing music or writing poetry. After having a fight with her parents she storms off to the tavern that night only to witness a performance by a man named Soren. She talks to him about music afterwards and he takes a liking to her, deciding to take her on as a student along with his other pupil, Alistar.


Alex and Nirathel attend one of the Red Rose Caravan's performances and on their way out, Alex orders Nirathel to find out more information about them only to discover they are planning to resist the king's rule. Alex then makes the choice to join them, in hopes that one day he will confront his uncle and reclaim what he lost.

This is a project that is expected to be a trilogy of novels written by Crystallacrymosa. The first novel will have its first draft written during Camp NaNoWriMo.

The novels in the trilogy are:

  1. The Red Door
  2. The Black Lock
  3. The White Key


This trilogy contains examples of:


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