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Yin Tsukino is a high-strung teenager who got out of twelfth grade, and would have gone to college before a moment of introspection struck her. Which collage should she go to? What does she want to do? What real skills does she have? Yin, stricken with the queries, decides to become a Hikikomori, as staying inside to reflect on herself she thinks, would make her eventually find the answer. Two years later, she still hasn't found out her purpose. The frustration shows her that she does indeed have a talent, but what is the talent, she doesn't know. When Yin finds the reserved Haruto, he states that she is an Alchemist, and when Yin finds out about the Philosopher's Stone, she decides that finally, her life has a meaning. But she can't just barge into her fate just yet. She still lacks any skills useful enough for the trip, and the only one she has, she has no idea how to use. So Yin must prepare for the journey ahead, and get used to the outside world.


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