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In 1988, in Vilnius, Lithuania, Soviet scientist Dmitri Kuznetsov invented the Kuznetsov device, a machine for travel through time and space.

As he utilises the machine's capability, however, it becomes increasingly clear that the history of the world he lived in and understood has become increasingly unrecognisable, and the travellers he picked up along the way are similarly displaced.

After his sudden and premature death, the remaining time travellers band together to form the Laikoseimas, or LS, an organisation dedicated to fixing the mistakes of the past (and present, and future) and to prevent the device from ever being used again. But just as their aims are complete, a defector in their ranks takes to naming himself Ensi, hides himself in the upper time dimensions, and attempts to sell opportunities for various, previously ignorant individuals to take advantage of the technology, for good or ill.


At the nadir of the situation, the LS makes one last attempt at destroying time travel before its invention - the one supposedly impossible temporal paradox. As the mission once again fails, one more traveller is dragged into the mire - and this time, events become even more complex.

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