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"Screw destiny! We're going to stomp The Alias, and save the Digital World, with or without your help, old man!"
- Topher
"We make our own miracles. We chose our own paths. I believe in you, I believe in us. That's all it takes to be strong."
- Steve.

A Fan Fiction, currently in the planning stages, by "The Light Warrior and The Dark Emperor". The RP, fully titled "V-Tamer: Advent Nexus", is something of a throwback to classic elements of the Digimon franchise. Like most Fan-Creations, it has its own Alternate Universe, despite the name; it only borrows minor elements from the Manga Series.


The Story begins at the wake of a crossing of realities or a Advent Nexus, in the State of Florida. The Digital World is being merged with that of our world, or the "Analog" World. The cause of this nexus is unknown, but there are groups who seek to abuse it and those who wish to protect those who cross through it. Through children's virtual pets, Digital Monsters have started appearing in our world.


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