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Advance Wars: Eternal War is an Advance Wars Play-by-Post game where 4 nations- Cobalt Ice, Brown Desert, Jade Sun and Pink Cosmos- are usually at war. When they are not at war, the four countries fight various other organisations, from an evil foreigner to Killer Robots.

The game used to be found here, but has since been deleted.

Advance Wars: Eternal War contains examples of:

  • Big Eater: Most of Pink Cosmos is this, since their food contains very little fat. Drinking an industrial-sized bottle of ketchup in one sitting is normal for them.
  • Blood Knight:
    • Keitaro, who lives for the battle, and doesn't care about the victims as long as he's satisfied.
    • The Pink Cosmos COs Pink Queen and Wax. Pink Queen loves watching people die. Wax, on his side, is a CO strictly For the Evulz and only wants to kick some people around (and because Authority Equals Asskicking).
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Pink Queen and Knight Owl. Hell, the entire setting is made of soldiers dying in fun ways. War Has Never Been So Much Fun has never been more fun!
  • A Commander Is You: Both the four countries, and the COs themselves.
    • Cobalt Ice: Unit Specialist Faction, with a bit of Technical Faction. Specialises in Machinery.
    • Pink Cosmos: Brute Force Faction, with a bit of Jack-of-All-Stats. No fancy gimmicks, high damage.
    • Jade Sun: Unit Specialist Faction, for air and sea units (and ninja).
    • Brown Desert: Unit Specialist Faction, with a bit of the Spammer. Specialises in sandstorms , and infantry.
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  • Cool Plane: Flash has a plane made entirely out of guns, a Cyborg bear, and an EMP cannon.
  • Improbable Age:
    • Keitaro has been promoted to CO at the age of 13, and has been fighting since he was six. Brown Desert seems to have a critical shortage of COs.
    • Flash. Despite looking twelve and being fourteen, he's Cobalt Ice's second-in-command.
  • Older Than They Look:
    • Jinn looks 20, but he's lived for centuries due to his elemental nature. Taken Up to Eleven here, because he is Really 700 Years Old.
    • Downplayed with Flash, who looks 12 but is actually 14.
  • The Plan: Jonathan has shown mastery of making plans that cover all possible bases.
    Jonathan: This, Flash, is a marvelous opportunity to test out the latest in my line of anti-blogger machinery. [...] If I turn it up, it should do some considerable damage to the posters of this propaganda as well. if they are truly from pink cosmos, then we will make a formal apology, call it a training exercise gone wrong, and win their trust back by sending them tea and crumpets. Since we are the only country who makes crumpets, and we have the best tea, far better than that brown desert slop that tastes of sand and camel urine, it should give us some brilliant PR. Alternatively, if it is not Pink Cosmos we are dealing with, we can simply follow the trail of corpses to the fools that dare cast my brilliant research in a negative light.


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    Cobalt Ice 


"Humans are weak. Machines are eternal."

Cobalt Ice's commander, he's a nerd with a terrible dislike of humanity and the appearance-based society. He turned out to love machines for their power, efficiency, and absence of bias. Determined to change the world for the better, he joined the military to make worth dependant on one's intellect rather than one's looks.

  • Evil Brit: He has the accent, and he's stuck-up enough to be a candidate.


Second-in-command of the Cobalt Ice Army, and the youngest-looking person around. He is a crazy kid with his own inventions, namely an EMP Cannon, a cyborg bear and a ship made entirely out of guns. His childish behaviour and his craziness made him rather arrogant despite his cheerful personality.

  • Creepy Child: How weird is he? He has a plane made entirely out of guns.
  • Improbable Age: 14 years old. Second-in-command of the Cobalt Ice Army.
  • Stealth Pun: Notice how his name seems to be a portmanteau of Flak and Lash. And it was unintended.

Knight Owl

"Strike the humans down, faster than lightning itself!"

A creepy human-owl hybrid created from an experiment gone horribly wrong or right depending on how you look at it. He's terribly tall (7.2 feet tall), which accentuates his "misshaped" appearance.

  • Put on a Bus: Due to his roleplayer leaving. Though he may be used by another member.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Subtly played with: Knight Owl has all traits to be that kind of person, but lacks the admiration of people because he's "too hideous". He hates them even more than a standard Tall, Dark, and Snarky character would do.

    Pink Cosmos 

Pink Queen

"War is fun!"

Pink Cosmos's mysterious leader, put in command of the country's military by her father. All is known about her is that she's fond of destruction and explosions; and sees war mostly as a game. One she always wins. Also, she made a law forcing people to wear one visible item of pink clothing at least.

    Jade Sun 

Shadow Soul

"Those that are worthy are few, but the shadows themselves will aid us!"

A Ninja, leader of Jade Sun. Mostly belonging to the traditional kind of Ninjas, in that he is always in a black outfit. It seems he joined for the only purpose of teaching the other countries which one is the best (which he surely believes is Jade Sun). Mostly referred to as Shadow.

  • Knife Nut: He has dozens of knifes hidden all other his body. The Joker would be proud.
  • Knight Templar: His only goal seems to be proving the superiority of Jade Sun to the world.


"Isn't the sky lovely? Better than boring land or sea..."

A 15-year-old white-haired ditzy airhead. She loves the sky, and flying. She's mostly calm, though she can really become mad, angry, or overall excited when the moment comes. And she hates water because she can not swim.


"Even the lowliest of species has a value."

Short for Computerized Yieldless Battle-Efficient Robot Utilizing System. He's devised for commanding units and interacting with machines thanks to different wires. Created by Cobalt Ice as an experiment for a "super-soldier" that turned wrong during the test. He was recovered and restored by Jade Sun.

    Brown Desert 


"It is the duty of a soldier to protect others."

Appointed leader of Brown Desert since their former Field Commander was assassinated, he is a mostly pacifist man, and a protective tactician. Personifies emphasis on his own country's name.

  • Field Promotion: Wasn't exactly commander-in-chief of Brown Desert at the very beginning. He got promoted because of his superior's death.

Keitaro Hirochi

"Let me show you what kind of walls keep blocking your progress."

The youngest CO in the RP (13 years old). A small child with glasses, raised to become a CO and recognized as one since he was six. Coming from the colder desert, he has great physical and mental endurance, ready to serve his country to death.

  • BFS: His personal item is a double sword taller than he is.
  • Child Soldiers: Trained at fighting and commanding for all he can remember. His abilities got recognized at age 6.
  • Parental Abandonment: Keitaro's parents are never mentioned. He doesn't even know them. They're probably both in the military, and not the most tender part of it.
  • The Smart Guy: He's the only one to point out that there was no tank in the first set of troops Brown Desert ordered.


A 500-years-old elemental of sand, that is in personal terms with the Rajah of Brown Desert. Sees himself as Brown Desert's protector.


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