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A novel that has yet to exist, which will one day be created by TV Troper Endark Culi. It began as a piece of Mario / Disgaea fiction, but has since shed its roots and became an original novel...well, will become. It was originally planned to be an eight-part series, each book starring one protagonist, but reconsiderations would condense it to four books that each star two people. The main gimmick of the series is that the main eight protagonists are practically sins incarnate (“Acht Sunden” being German for “Eight Sins”), and have been ‘blessed’ with special powers.


The setting is a parallel world, composed of four continents with vastly different societies dominating each. All four are quite modernized, right down to internet access and music players existing even in the practically barren one.

  • Rusteriana is the area most like the Real World. The main difference is that a British Empire facsimile, the Rusters, have colonized half of the world. Most of the action in this world takes place in Rusteria, the capital of the Rusterian Kingdom. Other important locations include a vast jungle in the southernmost regions and a small town similar to Venice, Italy.
  • Religica is a more magical and generally fantastic place than Rusteriana. The mainland has been colonized by creatures that can only be described as demons, with the Munchausen and Hasero legions constantly vying for total domination. Also, 'angels' have built large colonies on a variety of nearby islands, safe from the various wars that are bound to occur. Its name is due to the fact that many religions feature both a ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’.
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  • Kumelosi is perpetually stuck in the Crusades as far as religion and politics are concerned. While the majority of residents are human, it also houses some half-beast hybrids, some of which defected to Religica during an intercontinental war. It got its name from the four main ruling families: “Kuzumaruni” and “Sinclair” are the only two encountered throughout the series, leaving “Me” and “Lo” unknown. In addition, “Kumelosi” sounds a little bit like “Camelot”.
  • Eternalite, once known as the first to successfully create an Eternal Engine, is now an almost complete wasteland. Similar to demons and angels, the surviving Eternalites age quite slowly and live really, really long (seems like an eternity).

Although the details of the plot have yet to be decided on, the main details have been planned well in advance.

  • Part 1 is mainly an introduction to the core cast, but the search for a cult trying to kill the Ruster king ties things together. The main theme of this part is that, no matter what background they come from, everyone can make a difference in the world if they try.
  • Part 2 is when plot and character development become more even, set against a Noble Demon’s struggle against a fierce conqueror (and later, against a space-rendering battleship). The main theme of this part is letting go of past difficulties and moving on with one's life.
  • Part 3, with a plot split between one group of people trapped in a self-made anomaly in time and another persecuted for crimes never committed, is when the scales tilt a bit in the opposite direction and the nature of the Realms is expanded upon.
  • And Part 4 is where all of the loose strings will come together just in time for a competition to decide if the dimension gets to continue existing.

This series, if published, will feature the following Tropes:


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