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A ghost with no recollection of his life or even his name travels the cosmos in search of home, identity, and answers.

When a ghost who has no name finds himself in Limbo, he looks for a way out. After adopting the nickname "Boo Radley," he manages to escape with the help of a hardened spirit called "Mr. Big". He now has a goal to search the cosmos in order to find where, who, and what he was before he died.


Did we mention he has to travel across the entire universe?

Along the way, he stops at a planet called "Trilliom" (which is heavily implied to be Gliese 581 c), where he meets a native shaman named Arin, and later on, a cyborg named Dren. They then learn what Boo must do to warrant a pass into heaven; defeat seven demons who will tempt him and his associates.

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