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The Master of House Arcadia finds an unconscious stranger within his land. Since House Arcadia is protected by a magical barrier, he naturally tries to kick her out. And finds that he can't. So, Lupe Theodore McKay finds himself stuck with Rosetta Salazar, an extremely puzzling girl with a longing for the sea in his very much landlocked realm.

Hilarity ensues.

As well as things not-so-hilarious.

Not having much in the way of plot, A Castle of Colors mostly focuses on the numerous characters of House Arcadia, such as Paige, the resident troublemaker and adventurer, Gail, the undead guest that never seems to leave, Raphael, the nice and kind pushover who's always there for everyone, and a lot more.


Oh yes, don't forget Shpin, Lupe's demonic pet butterfly. Never forget Shpin. Lupe will not be happy if you forget Shpin.

This novel provides examples of:


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