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α02 Stories (damn you wiki) is a collection of now 52 episodes set in the parallel dimension of α02. The world itself is based upon the world I used when playing with my Lego as a kid. No wait, it IS this world, most of the stuff that happened back then is even Canon. The plots vary largely, but are at least loosely connected and show lots of Continuity Nods due to my fondness of continuity.

The dimension α02 is one of countless dimensions existing next to each other. Dimension not meaning that it's one-dimensional, yadda-yadda... Normally, the boundaries between these dimensions are stable, but from time to time, they rip open and produce dimensional holes/interferences/however you wanna call them. And trough these holes... things can pass. But mostly it's people being sucked in and landing in α02. In α02, these people are called Accidental Visitors. So what do you do with these people? Leaving them there and leaving the holes unattended would surely mess up dimensional integrity... or stuff like that. So there must be someone to take them back home. And that's the Accidental Visitors Office, or short, AVO.


The first story starts in the year 1205 AD with three accidental time travellers. They end up discovering a secret society of magically gifted people, calling themselves Magics, who then send them back home. And this is the introduction of a: the setting and b: the home of the main characters, Heron... Er, Hero City. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with herons, someone just wrote an N onto the sign for fun (that, and Hero City sounded kinda boring).

  • Heron City: It's no city. It's not even a village. It's just a bunch of houses, connected by a wall to protect the town square. And they have a ruined castle as well as a pub, a hotel and a small booth selling cheap energy drinks.
    • Skotty Skeletty: He's a Skeletian (basically a walking skeleton) with enormous magical powers, as well as the mayor of Heron City.
    • Jack: Heron!Jack's the owner of the bar and the only one to be on par with Skotty. Oh and he likes beer.
    • Camilla Madison: Infamous cargo space ship pilot with the power to talk to ghosts and say yes to everything.
    • Tom Atlairy: No definition needed. He's just weird.

  • Enwinn: After Enwinn was abandoned by the Normals, it was used as a refuge for 30 AIs from β03 (Andromeda).
    • Miducy: Proud leader of the group, straight forward and competent. But also a bit angsty.
    • Dacoron: He might have the Rule of Cool implemented. Sunglasses and coat included.

  • WHA: Windmill House Academy is a Wizarding School in village Windmill House, close to Heron City. And no, even for α02, it's not really normal.
    • Jack: WHA!Jack is Mr. 30 Job Pileup, as well as a total nerd. He runs half the school and is an in-universe (or at least in-school Memetic Badass).
    • Mikure Sato: Katana-wielding Chemistry teacher of doom and Jack's best buddy.

There's more of them and this is definitely not the full description.



  • Artificial Intelligence: The AIs from Enwinn. Megatec products Sydney and PCX 9.
  • Asexual: Sato, implied.
  • Badass Crew: Emira's crew.
  • Berserk Button: Many.
    • Never say anything bad about Camilla's ship when she can hear you.
    • Same goes for sabotaging WHA!Jack's computer network.
    • Basically, nearly everyone has one, you just need to discover it.
  • Code Name: Everyone from the Syndicate.
  • Cool Ship: Emira, no doubt.
  • Contagious A.I.: Jimmy Tanoya and Majuka Memquest Zero, each of them combining a computer virus with a child left alone in cyberspace
  • The Masquerade: Magics.
  • Muggles: Normals (people not knowing about the magic society). Not to confuse with Technetians, who just don't have magical powers.
  • The Omniscient: Atlairy can pull out information about obscure topics from anywhere.

More to come...

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