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  • ARCHON's extra lore states that the Culled, despite being undead, viciously fought against their former Necromancer masters in order to prevent other people from being cursed as they were.
  • In Avatar High , Eldritch beings like Azathoth regularly help protect the Multiverse.
  • In the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions Sailor Evil, aka Shadow Senshi, had darkness based powers, but was good... it was just her last name that was Evil.
  • Louie and Ian Von Helson from Gaia Online, as they are vampires.
    • The Elves and Glombies too.
  • The Darkness Faeries in Neopets. Although even other fairies consider them evil, most of them are misunderstood and mischievious at worst, although they still seem to have an edge in the "evil" ratio as a group. There are many Neopians that even suspect that Queen Fyora herself is a Darkness Faerie promoted as queen, due to her name ending in the same sound as Jhudora and Jennumara, two Darkness Faeries (at least one of them, Jennumara, is actually evil. Jhudora might be just a bigass poser that might hug puppies when nobody else is looking... Or not).
  • Worm. Okay, it centres around villains whose only fully heroic member is the protagonist herself, but it is repeatedly shown that even at their worst none of The Undersiders are truly evil or anything close to it. However- unlike other such villains in the series- their powers are a collection of nightmare-inducing horrors that even includes someone with literal darkness powers. He is a villain in order to get money and a respectable facade so he can take care of his younger sister away from his extremely messed up mother. He worries about his lack of social awareness and is shown to forget how unpleasant his darkness is as he can see, hear and feel normally in it.
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  • The monsters of Mortasheen are grotesque, no doubt, but very few of them can actually be considered evil. In fact, quite a few of them were genetically engineered to be helpful to society.
  • Music reviewer Todd in the Shadows, as his name suggests, is almost always seen in darkness. While he is quite snarky and prone to fits of rage when he hears particularly bad music, he's a pretty nice guy.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, some of the demons such as Omaroch and Ronove are not as bad as one might think. The Forgotten are not as villainous as the Clergy of Mardük even though both worship the dark god Mardük.
  • The Creepypasta "Love" features a haunting by a ghost that actually turns out to be benevolent.
    • To elaborate The protagonist's father was a Sergeant that died in the line of duty and the ghost was a loyal solider that died alongside him keeping a promise he made to him to protect his daughter should something ever happen to him. On her 18th birthday he deems his final order complete and leaves her a letter before crossing over.
  • The Zombie Knight center around Garovel and Hector, a reaper of souls and his deathless servant. The reason Garovel bothered to take a servant was to have a means of saving lives, a role Hector enthusiastically embraces.
    • Strongly averted for some other reapers and servants, though; some reapers subscribe to a Religion of Evil called Abolish, whose goal is to wipe out humanity, and take servants who'll help them do that.
  • One of the main characters, Orpheus, in the audio play Guiders of our Dreams is Guider, or controller of Darkness itself. He is surprisingly a very friendly guy, besides the fact that he could unleash all hell.
  • From Welcome to Night Vale, the titular town is associated with night, darkness, shadows, the moon, and the color purple. Sure, a lot of bad stuff happens there, but for the most part Night Vale's inhabitants are pretty friendly. It makes a nice contrast to the Light Is Not Good tendencies of the neighboring town, Desert Bluffs.
    • Night Vale's creator and destroyer, Huntokar is an interesting case, as she helped Night Vale survive to the point where it could become a town, but she later ended up accidentally destroying it in at least one reality. This is because she comes from the same ancient group of gods that includes the Glow Cloud, the Woman From Italy, the Distant Prince and the Good Boy; among these, she was the only one who didn't revel in creating destruction and chaos and madness.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: The Happy Nerd wears a black shirt, as opposed to the Angry Nerd's white shirt.
  • The Tumblr meme of "suicide prevention skeleton", which is about pictures of gun-toting skeletons following up edgy messages with life affirmation and the suicide hotline number.
  • The SCP Foundation houses SCP-040, a Creepy Child with the ability to combine living creatures together into anomalous chimeras, and can even use living organisms to reanimate dead ones. However, she's also a polite little 8-year-old girl who likes to watch Ruby Gloom, keeps three of her creations as beloved pets, and is scared of using her powers on humans.
    • SCP-1810, Mr. Pierrot, is a humanoid creature completely covered in black cloth who is obsessed with caring for and protecting children it deems "lost", even though its understanding of humanity is too limited to let him do this well. However, he's not malicious, and seems genuinely distressed by the orphan children who died because of his inability to properly care for them. He even reads books on childcare in an attempt to learn how to better care for children, and was distressed enough by a children's cartoon about bullying that he tried to breech containment to "protect the babies".
    • SCP-239, another Creepy Child SCP who is also an extremely powerful Reality Warper, able to rewrite her immediate surroundings on a whim. However, she's another 8-year-old girl who simply has no real control over her powers; whatever she believes or desires simply becomes so, regardless of her active input. Case in point: she apparently willed Santa Claus into being.
  • Lioden: The Harbinger is an enormous, terrifying Mix And Match Creature with multiple horns, sharp claws, and jet-black fur that clawed itself up out of the ground to announce the approaching end of the world. Despite that, it not only bears no ill-will towards Earth but actively tries to help you figure out what’s going on and how to stop it.


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