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  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Amarawyn and Marya both get in trouble a few times, prompting heroes to save them from kidnappers.
  • This video is probably the best Deconstruction of this trope in the history of anything ever.
  • Whateley Universe: Jinn Sinclair in "Bottle a Jinn", when she is "absorbed" by Rich Bitch Solange (Jinn is a protagonist, but is non-corporeal, and Solange has the power of being able to absorb spirits and steal their powers). Lampshaded when Team Kimba try to rescue her and end up in a huge brawl that gets them into serious trouble with the school administration. They realize afterward that Jinn isn't helpless, is manipulating Solange against her will, and needed a much smarter plan from her team. Ultimately, Jinn cons Solange into letting her go just seconds before Solange will most need her powers.
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  • Tania in Wormtooth Nation starts off as one after being nixed.
  • The normally competent Lord of the Supreme Council of The Questport Chronicles, winds up as her sister's prisoner. She's not happy to be rescued.
  • The frequent abductions of Princesses Peach and Zelda are playfully deconstructed in this CollegeHumor video.
    Zelda: Ganondorf has an entire army of loyal minions, and they do whatever I say! Link just has that stupid fairy...
  • In The Nostalgia Chick's Dark Nella Saga, the titular Big Bad tied the Makeover Fairy up the bathtub and tortured her by scraping her make-up off. She looked exactly the same afterwards.
  • Miss Stockholm in Pop Quiz Hotshot, who is kept in the basement with a low cut dress and handcuffs. Notably she existed just for the pilot and got retconned out in episodes after, even Tamara (her actress) didn't enjoy being her.
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  • Played for Laughs in Episode 87 of Critical Role, when Keyleth notes that she technically counts as one in order to get Taryon to help her during a fight with some pirates.
    Keyleth: In this moment, I am a damsel and I am in distress. So cross it off, bitch! Come on!
  • Minilife TV:
    • Clair Adams gets kidnapped by mummy terrorists in her debut episode, "Rescue Mission", and Chris and Ian rescue her.
    • In "Super Mini-Bros.", Emery Rose gets abducted by Ratzer and is rescued by Vince.


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