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  • There are plenty of Cute Bruiser characters at Super Hero School Whateley Academy, since these are future superheroes (and supervillains and superpowered people trying not to be either). Of the main characters, Tennyo and Phase fit this trope. But the best match is probably Desidera, codenamed 'Diz Aster', an 11-year-old girl who's at Whateley because there's no other place safe to hold her. She is a PK supergirl who can apply 8 tons of force at a mere touch. And she can't turn it off. She does everything with 8 tons of force. Typing. Opening the door. Changing clothes. She can't leave her room without putting on a special power armor suit whose sole purpose is to 'use up' her PK force and keep her from destroying everything she touches.
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  • Dark Rose of Blood, the leader of LessThanThree Comics' Teen Dream Team, is a cute teen gothic lolita who packs one hell of a punch. A particularly egregious example of her fitting this trope is her second fight against Tarantula.
  • Shadow Unit's Nikki Lau may well qualify as this.
  • Saga of Notting Cove. Characters comment on her cuteness and she easily defeats a character known for being ridiculously strong. She's also the youngest of the cast.
  • Tamara (the character) from The Nostalgia Critic is short and baby-faced (Critic even calls her Ayra Stark), but her beating the shit out of Critic is why he offers her a job in the first place.


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