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  • Hanala Jarva of the Uplifted series certainly qualifies. She is small, pretty and inexperienced. Yet she will not hesitate to kill anything that harms her crew, or her later lover Joachim Hoch. It's telling when a disenchanted Waffen SS Officer is the least violent member of the couple.
  • Paul of With Strings Attached always was known as the Cute Beatle. He doesn't look particularly strong either, having lost some weight during his “depression era.” But given that he once lifted an estimated 90 tons of solid rock statue....
  • In the Expanded Universe of The Incredibles, one of the late Supers, Stratogale, was specified as having the powers of Flight, Super Strength, and the ability to speak to birds. Rise of the Galeforces fleshes her out through a lot of Character Development, under the fanmade name of Sarah Squall, and gives her a role as one of the main characters of the fic. Essentially, she is the Tomboy to Violet's Girly Girl, being outgoing and straightforward as opposed to introspective and idealistic the way Vi is. To get a good idea of how awesome she is, her Establishing Character Moment in the first chapter involves her tying GLaDOS's cables into a knot.
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  • The development of Terry Pratchett's female Assassins, who in the canon are nothing much more than names, descriptions and cameo appearances. In Nature Studies, regard the slight, freckled and girlish Johanna Smith-Rhodes, who has a winning way with animals. To wit, the sort of venomous and generally dangerous fauna that would get her fan-mail from Steve Irwin. She also has a direct way of dealing with obstructive Palace Guards blocking her way to Vetinari. She teaches Natural Sciences, Zoology and Animal Management to student Assassins and has the capacity to organise some really interesting nature trails for her pupils, in which they learn that Nature is a thing to have wonder and respect for.
  • Elsewhere, the characters of Assassins Miss Alice Band, Jocasta Wiggs, and Madame Deux-Epées are similarly expanded upon in the works of A.A. Pessimal.
    • Not one but two Cute Bruisers graduate from the Assassins' School and go on an extended backpacking holiday in Klatch and Howondaland in Gap Year Adventures. Parts of the continent are still recovering.
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  • Mariko Aratani from the Lucky Star fanfics Holiday Vacation and Lucky Star: After Story is a dead ringer for this. For instance, in Chapter 25 of After Story, she stood up to a robber using only her fists.
  • Mortality Watson definitely. You can picture Martin Freeman, and, like his BBC counterpart , he will not hesitate to KILL (or torture) a criminal if Holmes's life is on the line.


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