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Best not provoke the poor kid a second time.

  • Goblins: Thaco is being pursued in the sewers by Dellyn Goblinslayer, and he thinks, just because he's a Monk he can't beat him. After regaining his courage after being shot by Dellyn, he catches an arrow in mid air, snaps it, breaks a pipe behind Dellyn and kicks him onto it, impaling him then he gives an epic Breaking Speech to Dellyn, shattering his mind by calling Dellynnote  a human he fought in his early adventuring career, who was unworthy of being killed... a random encounter.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Vaarsuvius gives one of these to the ancient black dragon after accepting the soul splice. Comics # 652 and # 653 pull a complete reversal: Vaarsuvius decides to take the fight directly to the Big Bad Xykon with the soul splice's "Ultimate Arcane Power". Several rounds later, Xykon manages to literally beat the power out of Vaarsuvius.
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    • The fight between Roy and Xykon is a straighter example. While Roy does get a few superficial hits in, Xykon states he's way out of Roy's league and proceeds to demonstrate that by flying out of Roy's reach and blasting him in the face with a Meteor Swarm, sending Roy plummeting hundreds of feet to his death.
    • O-Chul vs. Redcloak. The paladin takes the ~17th level cleric's Disintegrate without blinking and proceeds to Smite Evil Redcloak's eye with a blunt metal bar that he ripped from his cage. Then O-Chul takes away Redcloak's holy symbol, temporarily negating the vast majority of his spellcasting ability and leaving the cleric no choice but to flee.
    • Belkar does a fairly good job of fighting off both Bozzok and Crystal while the gang fight the Thieves Guild, but once Bozzok leaves to chase Haley, Belkar takes down Crystal in what appears to be two rounds without even letting her get a hit in.
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    • Haley vs. Crystal is one as well, as Haley deliberately waited until Crystal was getting out of the shower to attack her (so that Crystal would not be wearing her standard magic items), and then took her by surprise. Crystal is on the floor in seconds, and then Haley kills her.
    • Redcloak vs. Hinjo, so fast that it hardly qualifies as a battle. Hinjo has a few seconds after catching Redcloak's attention to yell about the goblin is going to pay for conquering Azure City, before a well-placed Disintegrate knocks him flat.
    • Also, Redcloak vs. The Azure City Resistance. Having gained a new spell level, Redcloak waltzes in with what looks like dozens of summoned devils and elementals, and starts casually casting Implosion on his opponents. Only a couple of characters even have a chance to flee, and only one ultimately survives. And although Redcloak wouldn't have recovered the phylactery without his hobgoblin spy, he otherwise took on an entire fighting force and annihilated them without breaking a sweat. By himself.
  • Deviant Universe: Omega vs the Thunder Force during the Omega Rising finale. Omega won the battle, but lost the war.
  • Lampshaded in this Sluggy Freelance strip.
    Narrator: We were going to dedicate a full Sunday comic to the epic battle, but it's Bun-Bun against a turkey! Come on, people!
  • Sillice vs. Yaeminira/Vy'chriel in Drowtales goes like this. It's pretty obvious that Yaeminira never had a chance, and extra points for the implied Punctuated Pounding Sillice gives Yaeminira:
    Sillice Focus, Will, Discipline, Loyalty!
  • In Circus Knights, there's a lot of build-up to how Domino and Talon have to take down a "Rook Level" Nightmare. The Nightmare reveals its true form, the battle begins, and what do we get? Talon and Domino impaling the souls off screen, Talon distracting it with shadow dolls, and then Domino cuts the Nightmare in half with something that basically amounts to a magical piece of paper
  • In Fans!, there is the last battle between the Fans and the FIB. What should have been a curb-stomp battle the other way around is reversed when a literal Deus Ex Machina turns it into one of the most one-sided battles ever, resulting in this:
  • If the stories are true, Liu Feng from How I Killed Your Master did nothing else. He described his experience as "I don't know what it's like to hit a man twice."
  • Homestuck has lots of these. Let's enumerate, shall we?
    • Dave finally fights his Bro after being gaslighted by his creepy puppet collection for ages. He completely gets his ass kicked with a puppet. Twice.
    • Dave still manages to maintain his badass status after verbally curbstomping Tavros (aka adiosToreador) in a reverse-trolling of epic proportions later in the series. (Technically in a flashback, but whatever.)
    • The showdown between Vriska, Gamzee and Eridan. The winner? None of them. Kanaya turns up in all her rainbow-drinker glory and wipes the floor with all three.
    • The long awaited battle between Vriska and Tavros. Vriska slaps Tavros in the face then runs him through with his own lance.
    • After defeating a whole bridge full of Imps, you'd think Vriska would be strong enough to fight Aradia, right? You'd be wrong.
    • Anyone versus Bec Noir- Bro, Davesprite, John, Rose, Dave, a thousand Aradiabots- ends with them getting crushed. The only exceptions so far have been God-tier Vriska rolling straight 8s on her dice (which didn't count anyway because it was in a doomed timeline), John when he was running from PM and fighting in a dream bubble, and Prospitian Monarch, who has the exact same powers as Jack and is really pissed to boot.
    • Jake fights Dirk's training robot. The fight includes the robot slicing bullets in half in midair, performing a rocket-assisted suplex, and punching him so hard that his glasses fly off taking his eyes with them.
    • Dirk's rap-battle with Squarewave can hardly even be called a battle, as it is finished in only two attacks (by the same party) and the first didn't do anything. It's not even clear when Squarewave was supposed to get a chance to act.
    • In [S] Collide, Cans, the physically biggest and strongest member of the felt save for Lord English, is taken on, and subsequently gets his ass handed to him, by Jane's Dad.
  • Girl Genius has a Curb Stomp battle during the defense of Mechanicsburg. And immediately after as well, both performed by Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. We never knew he had it in him... oh wait, yes we did, just nobody else did.
    • They can be found here and here respectively.
    Gil: "I am Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, son of Klaus. I will say this only once... leave now, or die."
    • Just to be clear... he wasn't joking.
    • Higgs also gets one in versus Zola here
    • Jäger generals are even more dangerous than they look. Good thing (for them), there's always someone willing to learn this the hard way.
  • Kid Radd has Radd deal one to Gnarl late in the comic, to show Gnarl how he's bettered himself while Gnarl has been stuck as a slave to his programming.
  • In Nip and Tuck, Gus Gunthrie's pals prepare to beat the tar out of Nip for being the distraction before they give Bandit Ringtail an after-boxing match curbstomping. Who should show up but a bunch of very ticked-off lady wrestlers... who are friends of Nip Todd... Laser-Guided Karma in 3... 2... 1...
  • There have been a few in Schlock Mercenary. The narrator has been kind enough to provide the perfect metaphor for a fully operational O'Benn superfortress versus light craft and teams from two of the best mercenary units in the galaxy versus undertrained, half-equipped, confused, and dispersed garrison troops.
  • Flipside. Bernadette versus Voulger. Voulger stood no chance.
  • Played straight in Dominic Deegan with Nimmel versus the Werewolves.
  • Captain SNES: The Game Masta: Kefka's return is met with utter horror... until they find out that he's just as powerful as the last time they met. Which isn't much compared to the FFVI's crew's over-leveled asses. Kefka is beaten a half-dozen times in under ten seconds.
  • Shelly of Wapsi Square once got in a bar fight. As the fight started, she held up her drink and dropped it. After winning, she still had enough time to catch it.
  • In Exterminatus Now, An epic clash of titans -- more fit to be commemorated in a limerick than an epic, actually.
  • Gosu: Pretty much anyone Gang Ryong faces gets put on the receiving end of this. A notable occurrence is when Gang Ryong heads to the Baekma Valley, a renowned and feared faction, and utterly annihilates the mass of opponents that come to confront him, including Dang Gan, one of the three Guardians of the Baekma Valley.
  • In Sidekicks Darkslug dishes out heavy beatings to everyone he faces. In his first 'fight', he effortlessly defeats and kills three villains without even breaking stride. Even in the season finale, he still gives the Big Bad a brutal beating despite the latter owning one of the Triad Prana.
    • In season 2, Darkslug's sidekick-turned-superhero Lamia, as the hero Nightmare, dishes out beatings in the same manner as her former master, effortlessly taking out three villains in the span of three chapters. Special mentions go to the second villain on her menu, Metaroid, who she bifurcates with nothing more than a nonchalant backhanded swipe.
    • Nightmare provides another lesson to an army of Alex clones despite having drained her powers beforehand.
  • Many occur in Tower of God.
    • Quant destroys all the Regulars he faces in the Hide-and-Seek test (until he is challenged by Androssi) despite being restricted to only using 1 baang. Unsurprising since he's a Ranker.
    • Jyu Viole Grace delivers swift deaths or at least defeats to almost all the Regulars he encounters in the Survival Round of the 20th Floor test. He continues to do this with anyone who's supposed to be only his own level.
    • During the Trustworthy Room game, Horyang crushes Rapdevil off-screen in his One-Winged Angel form, leaving him in a bloody whimpering mess afterwards.
    • Urek wallops Team Tangsooyook about when they meet him inside of a giant Shinheuh; to say he was barely trying would quite easily be an understatement. Extremely unsurprising since he's the highest active ranked Ranker in the Tower and they're just Regulars. But not long after this, he's challenged by Rankers who he absolutely annihilates using not much more effort than he did to deal with Team Tangsooyook.
    • Ha Jinsung shows just why he's so dangerous when he storms Karaka's hideout and annihilates all of the latter's guards.
    • A random Regular tries to challenge the famous Varagarv during the workshop battle. Varagarv ignores him but obliges him once he attacks — by instantly taking off his head without visibly moving.
    • Yihwa delivers an epic one against Angel when the latter pushes her Berserk Button one too many times.
    • Subverted in "Deng Deng", when Baam is faced with Varagarv (or Baragav... however he's spelled). It's first shown as though Baam was knocked out in one hit, but both combatant's thoughts and a flashback afterward show that the battle went on for a while and Baam was holding back in order to get captured. When they meet again and both are actually trying, it goes the other way around.
  • In Bob and George, Megaman vs. the Yellow Demon.
  • Pacificators, there are several awesome ones.
  • Duane's fight with the rogue slavers in Unsounded. For the sake of fairness, he opts to Curb Stomp and Cherry Tap at the same time; instead of obliterating them with his powerful spell-slinging abilities, he beats one of them up with his staff while smacking the other around with his own spells. They only manage to land one insignificant hit on him.
  • The Imperial Legion's invasion of Ziragalen in Second Empire. A more brutal Defensive Feint Trap has never been seen - complete annihilation of all Legion assault teams and near-eradication of retreating defensive teams. It helps their commander is an irredeemable General Failure and that they have been bred to eradicate independent thinking. EXTERMINATE!
  • In Roommates we got Jareth vs. Erlkönig, the (partially off panel) Cast vs. Zombies fight and "Odile" vs. Sarah (Poor Zombies, Jareth and "Odile" who went down with one hit from the Frying Pan of Doom).
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: We get a lot of these. Given how strong the protagonists become - and the comic is set post-DBZ - this is to be expected.
    • Uub practically mocks a Tech-warrior during their match, promptly loses an arm and so reduces the guy to atoms.
    • U18 [read: Manga] Vegeta versus his Planet Vegeta native counterpart, who never left their home planet. Even turning into the Oozaru didn't help the poor guy.
    • U8 Cooler vs. U12 Future Trunks. Cooler takes his defeat hard. Part of this may have been Trunks saying that he wasn't worth killing.
      • The worst part is that, had he actually fought the Trunks that killed Frieza and Cold in Universe 18, Cooler would be more than powerful enough to beat him... but he had the misfortune of fighting the Trunks who had become so strong that he could effortlessly defeat Imperfect Cell and the androids.
    • Mary Sue vs. Arale. Textbook case?
    • Tenshinhan to Sun Wukong. See Mythology Gag for more.
    • U18 Goku vs U10 Massato and U13 Kakarot vs U6 Kat.
    • Bra vs Zangya.
    • Subverted with Gast, while many expected this to be a curbstomp battle, but the battle begins with Gast hitting the floor.
    • Doubly subverted when Gast faces Frieza, at first its more-or-less a curbstomp battle for Gast, because Gast stomps Frieza's first form, then loses to the second. When they fight again, Gast stomps every last one of Frieza's forms.
    • Universe 18 (main) Goku vs Android 17. One-Hit KO!
    • U17 Cell vs U6 Bojack. Bojack's only attack that even works is his Energy Bonds, and Cell easily escapes and kills him.
    • When Zen Buu decides to take control of everything, and start giving everyone trouble (plus Vegetto is nowhere to be found), Gast casually stands there, tells him to stop, and then uses his psychic powers to suck every little bit of Zen Buu into a ball, completely trapping him and leaving him virtually powerless.
    • Buu's rampage itself counts. With just a few gestures, pieces of him start devouring the whole stadium, effortlessly restraining everyone. Even Ultimate Gohan and Super Saiyan Bra of Universe 16 were helpless to resist. The only ones who do resist it are the inhabitants of Universe 18, due to everyone- Gohan, Goku, Uub, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Piccolo, and Pan- combining their power into a barrier. Even then, it was about to fail on them before Gast intervened.
    • Surprisingly, U8 King Cold vs U3 Bardock turns into this once King Cold uses 100% power.
  • In Dubious Company, Kreedor's honor guard routinely beatdown the pirates, much to Tiren's chagrin. Once Kreedor decides to execute Sal, the fights become more even.
  • In Basic Instructions, this is (reportedly) the result every time the superhero Rocket Hat takes on the Moon Men and their emperor.
  • This comic has a dragon chasing Fluttershy. One of these ensues when Discord pulls a Big Damn Heroes and kicks the dragon's tail.
  • From Terra, the "fight" between Agrippa Varus and Catella Myrha. Catella moves in fast and Agrippa almost contemptuously slaps the knife out of her hand and Neck Lifts her. Certainly explains why she fled rather than face him a couple chapters ago.
  • Hilarious example in Turn Signals on a Land Raider. Baneblade turns up to a 700 point battle, starts bragging, gets creamed by a dozen Lascannon shots, and then realises that the Baneblade is 634 points and hence he has no other units on the board. One turn win for the Space Marines.
  • The funniest one in Our Little Adventure was the battle between Angelika and Candesco. Being a Dungeons & Dragons webcomic, character levels determine how powerful someone is. Candesco at the time was 6 levels higher than Angelika. Though the fight wasn't to the death, he urged Angelika not to hold anything back in the fight. She lost. Twice in a row.
  • Several of these occur in MMBN 7 The World Tournament, especially when a major character fights a lesser opponent. One notable example is Bass vs Videoman, where Videoman is deleted in seconds.
  • One-Punch Man. It's the story of a man who defeats nearly every enemy with just one punch.
  • In Zombie Ranch, Suzie lays one on Darlene when she catches the miscreant sabotaging Zombie Ranch equipment (oh yeah, and endangering Suzie's life in the bargain).
  • In Plume, Corrick's powers tend to turn most fights into this. When him and Vesper have to catch Dom, the fight takes under a minute.
  • Sleepless Domain: Team-Alchemical-minus-Tessa versus the elevator/deer-shadow.
  • Leif & Thorn: Ivy versus Laceleaf's stalker. Takes control of all the water in the vicinity, so firmly that he can't even control enough to make a misguided attempt to placate her, much less actually fight back.
  • The Unknown Champion is introduced delivering one of these to a group that hunted her down in hopes of defeating her and eating her heart in Unknown Lands.
  • This is the standard way a battle plays out in Sonichu: Whichever side lands the first hit, more often than not, will be the side to land every hit of the battle until the other side can no longer fight.
  • Daughter of the Lilies: When Master Wu (in his dragon form) intervenes in the Brody fight, Brody is instantly overmatched. He breaks his teeth trying to bite Wu, gets a blast of dragon breath and just gives up.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Pandora kills every Aberration present and destroys "Scarf's" gun within the span of a moment.
    Dan: When an immortal of Pandora's power actually pulls the metaphorical trigger, there are no punches thrown, no weapons drawn, no fire or lightning, not even a wave of a hand, or pointing of a finger. The lives of their enemies are simply over, the immortal having seemingly done nothing, and the exact methods known only to them, and every other immortal who has been forcibly burdened with the knowledge of what has just happened.
  • In Ask White Pearl and Steven (almost!) anything, Rose reveals who Steven (supposedly) is and intends to "free" White Pearl from his "control". The emotionally distraught Steven responds by unintentionally releases a One-Hit Kill Agony Beam shockwave that poofs Garnet, Amethyst and Crystal Gems!Pearl instantly.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Hurricane breaks Yokoka's sword, then proceeds to mauls her into a bloodied mess between pages. It probably would've gone a lot worse if Grace hadn't teleported her out of the battle.


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