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  • Dead by Daylight : The killer will hang his/her victims from a hook in most cases, where, after some (usually) futile struggling they get stabbed by some sort of ghostly sky-spider.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's:
    • The protagonists of the first game and its sequel get one in the Game Over: the animatronics take them and stuff them inside a suit. This wouldn't be a problem if the suits were fitted for humans, but as it stands they have a bunch of crossbeams in the torso and sharp mechanical parts in the head, essentially grinding the protagonist's face into paste and leaving only their eyes and teeth intact.
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    • Five Nights at Freddy's 3 reveal the existence of spring-loaded animatronics that can allow humans to wear them as costumes without harm. (Or rather, a Flawed Prototype of such.) The completion of Night 5 leads into a minigame which reveals that William Afton hid in one such suit to escape the ghosts of the five kids he killed, only for the spring locks in the suit to fail, causing the compressed parts to be released, visibly crushing him to death in a shower of blood (well, red pixels, given the Atari look the minigames have).
    • Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location gives us The Scooper. The animatronics can't feel it, of course, but Michael sure can....and that's not even going into what happens when Ennard takes over.... Oh, and the cherry on top: what Baby does to Elizabeth, William's daughter, against her own will...
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  • Super Meat Boy has a vast variety of deaths, including buzz saws, floating teeth monsters, salt, saws, maggots, lasers, demonic floating teeth monsters that split, and saws. And yet, special mention should be made for Dr. Fetus' death. After coming out of his suit, he is curb stomped over and over by Bandage Girl until he is nothing but a puddle. He deserved it.
  • Deadly Premonition gives each of the victims a pretty painful death.
    • Anna Graham had her tongue bitten off and then she was sliced from her chest to her crotch, left to bleed out at full consciousness.
    • Becky Ames has her tongue removed the same way, is flayed alive and then strung up by wires in her own bathroom. Which, when cut, cause a trigger to activate that breaks her neck with her own bloodstained bed sheets.
    • Diane Ames had the same tongue thing, was stabbed in her side and appeared to be left to bleed out. But she was actually strung up above a huge and very spikey metal statue, which would have impaled her, had the ropes broken. And when that is avoided, the statue ends up falling and smashing her to bits.
  • Silent Hill 4
    • Walter Sullivan in slits his own throat with a sharpened, prison-issue spoon. And that's perhaps the tamest death in the whole game...
    • The deaths of many of his victims, e.g. Jasper being burned alive, Richard being slowly electrocuted, Andrew being impaled and drowned.
    • It's implied the Water Prison was still holding a number of children when Walter's ghost came back for vengeance; the kids would have starved to death in short order when the cell doors jammed shut. The notes scattered around the place show it wasn't exactly a safe place before then either.
  • Judge Holloway got a drill shoved through her jaw in Silent Hill: Homecoming, though given what her actions were in the game, and the fact that she was in the middle of trying to use that same drill on Alex, she had it coming big time. If you fail the quick-time event immediately prior to this, Alex can suffer the same fate instead.
    • And Alex's father gets sliced in half down the middle by Pyramid Head.
    • And, if you choose not to put her out of her misery first, Alex's mother is slowly ripped in half by a Saw-esque death machine.
    • Failing some of the quick-time events can result in an adversary performing one of these on Alex.
  • Gremio from Suikoden is slowly devoured by a flesh eating fungus. He can get better though.
  • Taro and Hanako are eaten alive off-screen in Disgaea 2's worst ending. Notably, international versions altered the audio to make it less Squicky.
  • The Sexy Brutale: There are your usual causes of death in this game, like gunshots or electrocution, but then there's...
    • Clay Rockridge. He drinks spider venom so potent that before he's even dead it's melted the flesh away from his mouth.
    • Trinity Carrington. Eaten by a giant spider.
    • Tequila Belle. Fatally lacerated by a window that she shattered when her singing voice hit a high note.
    • Greyson Grayson. Crushed by Spikes of Doom inside a Faraday Cage, bound via a Clutching Hand Trap so he can't escape through the trap door.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 brings you it's Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies ending, in which Bishop and Qara have their skulls literally smashed open by chunks of the falling ceiling.
    • This is assuming they had high influence and thus were not killed via crossbow bolt to the throat.
    • Earlier in the game, Shandra gets set on fire and blasted to pieces by her own grandfather.
    • In the expansion, you can inflict this to numerous people by sucking their souls out and eating them.
  • Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain gives you several lovely options for inflicting deaths like these on your enemies (or even random villagers), with "suck the blood out of their wounds from 10 feet away" being the most mundane. Other highlights include instantly flaying their flesh from their bones, and crushing their bodies into the size of a marble.
    • And Soul Reaver 1 gave us the horror that was Melchiah's "Death by spinny blades of doom that descend on you from the ceiling."
  • Many of the Boss monsters in The Aquatic Adventure Of The Last Human die in pretty gruesome ways.
  • One of the worst ways to die in a video game, happens in the Older Than the NES text adventure The Oregon Trail. One bad end you can come to is to die of dysentery. Dysentery is an inflammatory condition of the intestines caused by bacteria, viruses, parasitic worms, or protozoa. Symptoms include diarrhea with blood, fever, abdominal pain, and rectal tenesmus.note 
  • Bowser's deaths in the Super Mario Bros. series. Some of them include being dropped into lava, thrown into the sun, sucked up by a black hole, crushed by a dinosaur, and getting hit by a train.
  • No More Heroes features - in cutscenes - disembowelment, vertical bisection, suicide by grenade-in-mouth, another vertical bisection followed by being blown up, an Eye Scream followed by another vertical bisection performed by a huge buzzsaw, being TRISECTED, and a fist shoved through somebody's sternum (but Travis survives that last one) along with the usual beheadings and impalement. There's also Cranberry Chocolate Sundae, a Limit Break based on the concept of killing as many Mooks this way as possible.
    • And the sequel has - decapitation, horizontal evisceration, head explosion, being chopped to pieces, arms being chopped off followed by decapitation, then having the still living head being sliced to bits, another decapitation with the same result, being stabbed through the head, the having the blade grind into the skull, machine gunned, disembowelment, suffocation, and finally being sliced in half from diving at Travis.
  • MadWorld
    • To go into detail, while you can inflict some very esoteric deaths on normal enemies (catapulting to the moon, snapping someone's neck a whole 180 degrees, shoving a street sign through their face, or hitting their head off with a golf club, for instance), Jack takes care of the bosses in even flashier ways. Most of the bosses are killed with their own weaponry. Here are all the methods used by Jack to eliminate the bosses:
      Little Eddie: Savagely thrashed with his own Epic Flail, which is then used to completely crush his head.
      Jude the Dude: Shot repeatedly until literally nothing of him was left. A removed version had Jack shove his guns up his ass before shooting him into the sky.
      Von Twirlenkiller: Punched into the sky with one of his own arms, then shredded to bits by landing in his own severed wind turbine arm.
      Rinrin: Eaten by a large animatronic statue.
      Shogun: Impaled through the crotch by a spiked roof fixture. (Alternatively, bisected by his own dual chainsaw)
      Yokozuna: Used for fireworks and then incinerated by landing in an erupting volcano.
      The Shamans: Chained to Jack's bike and dragged along the ground.
      Frank: Killed by his own hand cranked electric chair.
      Elise: Spanked hard enough to send her flying through a window.
      Kojack: Exploded by his own bike.
      The Masters: One is impaled by Jack and forced to use his powers to toss the other around, then they're thrown together and kind of explode.
      Martin: Also exploded.
      The Black Baron: Used for Man Darts.
  • In Space Quest III, getting shot by the pirates will trap you in a solid block of green jello. For not heeding your janitorial duties, death by suffocation is just desserts.
    • The endodroid in Space Quest VI will eagerly tear all of Roger's internal organs out of his body.
  • Mortal Kombat and every other fighting game with fatalities in it exist by this trope. Even characters that are supposed to be the good guys show remarkable cruelty.
  • Soldier of Fortune. Full stop. This franchise's schtick is destructible bodies. The developers literally called it the GHOUL system in marketing materials. It could get... rather messy.
  • Ninja Gaiden 2 (2008) is full of this, cranking the violence from its prodecessor Up to Eleven, from getting your head cut off, dismembered limb from limb, or torn in half vertically OR horizontally {sometimes both} with a variety of different weapons, such as the Dragon Blade, Eclipse Scythe, Falcon Talons, Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang, Lunar Staff, and more. Also, the Ninpos can cause enemies to be burned alive, torn to chunks by wind blades, and more, and that's just for the Mooks. For bosses, you have plenty of facial mutilation and impalation to go around and the amount of bloodshed involved is staggering (with waves of both human blood and Alien Blood galore).
  • In Gears of War 2:
    • Rookie Benjamin Carmine (along with the rest of his squad) are swallowed, helicopter and all, by a gigantic riftworm. The rest of the squad survives, but when Carmine is found in the thing's cavernous stomach, he falls victim to what can only be described as "digestion parasites" and is half-melted/eaten alive.
    • Most of the multiplayer executions count as well: Being chainsawed into pieces (sometimes by more than one person at at time), being curb-stomped, and being roasted with a flamethrower are just some of the ways to take out a downed enemy.
  • Anyone killed by Alma in FEAR. Doug Holiday, and later Jin Sun-Kwon are mangled and thrown around like Garry's Mod puppets by invisible monsters. Half of The Squad in FEAR 2 endure a similar rag-doll treatment before being shredded by black spectral tentacles. The Delta Force escorts get off lightly - Alma just liquefies the flesh off their bones.
  • The adventure mode of Dwarf Fortress allows for a combination of Cruel and Unusual Death and Ludicrous Gibs. Obok Meatgod, who was on his way to being a Memetic Badass, is renowned for causing these.
    • Obok has now gone from a Memetic Badass to an Unperson thanks to one particularly cruel death inflicted on an elven child: He made her fight to the death against another child, and when she "won" he proceeded to rape her until she bled to death.Note  So horrified were the readers that this story played a huge part in the deletion of a thread dedicated to cruel and (debatably) funny things the players did.
  • In Dead Rising, after you defeat Adam the clown, he drops his still-running chainsaws and falls on them. He dies laughing like a maniac while blood is spraying everywhere.
    Sullivan: (Deploys skyhook) We're the good guys, Chuck. Not you.
    Sullivan: (Oh, Crap!! I'm handcuffed to the damn building!)
    Getaway Plane: (snags skyhook)
    Sullivan: (Is torn in half.)
  • The fate of those taken by the Collectors in Mass Effect 2: being rendered down into goo by nanites while conscious and screaming and leaving bloody smears as you scrabble at the glass of your pod. Lovely.
  • God of War allows you to inflict this on the Greek Gods themselves.
    • Special note goes to how Kratos deals with Helios in God of War III, viscerally tearing off his head with his bare hands right square in front of the camera as an interactive QTE. Not even Mortal Kombat goes to such detail of showing how brutal it is to remove someone's head with one's hands.
  • In one of Madou Souhei Kleinhasa's bad endings, Roze ends up being raped to death.
  • BloodRayne allows the player to do a variety of these frequently — Carnage kills begin with a chained harpoon catch and end in a fling into one or more impaling objects (or electrocution, fire, or industrial meat grinders.) In one kick move, Rayne jumps onto an opponent's shoulders, catching the neck between her feet, then flips forward to stomp the head into the ground. But the most splatteriffic is when she lifts an enemy by one impaling blade, spins them in the air with a flick of the other then lets the edge of it hack off all limbs and head before throwing the pruned torso away.
  • Naughty Bear has this as part of the gameplay, being the Spiritual Successor to Manhunt. One example is slamming a teddy's face into a spinning turntable.
    • The sequel, Panic in Paradise, really turns up the violence. A lot of the mission targets require a Karmic Death.
      • Shove your victim onto a saguaro, or maybe you'd prefer tossing them onto a bamboo fountain?
      • Throw them to the fluff-eating plants or to the 's and dolphins', which also come in aquatic versions.
      • Shove them into a cookie-cutting machine and watch the slicers go crazy with your victim's body...
  • The old vector graphics game, Another World, is practically made out of this trope. Not only does everything on the planet want to kill him, it wants to kill him in the most gruesome way possible. Roll the clip!
  • Fallout series, especially the first two games. The "Bloody Mess" trait makes every death cruel and unusual. Besides, there are the Lieutenant, the Master, Frank Horrigan and (sweet zombie Bird Jesus!!!) the Overseer from the first game.
  • An early level in Rise of the Triad starts with a glass wall and a group of enemy soldiers in a wide hallway on the other side of it. The game kindly warns you of the danger of this hallway (posts lined with rapidly spinning blades, moving along interlaced tracks in the floor) by pureeing the hapless guards between the two converging rows of sawblades while you watch from your safe position on the other side of the (now-bloodied) window. See it here. Yes, that is a flying eyeball.
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn has Volecheck planning to execute two prisoners by boiling them alive... as a public execution at the full moon festival. One of the condemned is a little girl. Even some of the city folk actually look forward to this event. Luckily, your party manages to prevent this from happening.
  • Dead Space. The death scenes are certainly enough to qualify, in Dead Space 2 they just get worse. Poor Isaac...
  • Resident Evil 4. Not as bad as its younger spiritual cousin Dead Space right above, but still horrifying. Deaths include getting eaten alive by a giant lake monster, torn in half, crushed by a boulder, stabbed in the throat by your own knife, having your head get cut off by a rusty chainsaw, or even insects vomitting acid over you, melting your face off.
  • In Syphon Filter, if you hold the taser on someone for too long, they burn to death, often screaming.
  • Ao Oni: Most versions have some variation of this, including head-chomp, being used as an exercise mat and being swallowed whole implied, via Version 6.23's ending). Also, South Park-mode has particularly brutal death scenes.
  • Clock Tower
    • In Clock Tower 3, a 12 year old girl has her face smashed with a sledgehammer, a man and his old mother are pushed into a vat of acid and another man falls off a balcony where his head hits an ax and splits in half.
    • The first game in the series is quite mundane with its death scenes, but one that stands out is what happens if you fail to pick up the ham before getting locked in the shed; Simon Barrows will eat Jennifer instead. Also, some people theorize that the reason no blood is seen on Laura (as well as her face being hidden) in her shower death scene is because she was scalded to death with hot water (the 10-page manga changes this to her being stabbed while hung in the shower).
  • Let us count the ways the player characters in Heavy Rain can die shall we? Take a power drill up a very sensitive place, fall into a trash compactor while handcuffed to your own car, have half of your body run over by a crane, being stabbed in the crotch with a katana or getting hit on the head with a plasma TV or sledgehammer.
  • Inspector Cabanela can die this way in Ghost Trick if the player Ghost Swaps the bullet that was supposed to hit him with a nearby helmet mid-flight. The Pidgeon Man says it best: "That didn't go well."
  • Some of the deaths in Brain Dead 13 may vary, from being torn apart vertically at the eyes by Fritz, to getting your own skull knocked off of your head.
  • A guillotine is a device that was designed to prevent a victim from suffering. However, in American McGee's Alice, the White Queen is executed this way by the Red Chess pieces facing upward, for no other reason than to instill terror.
    • The White Rabbit ends up Squashed Flat under the heel of the Mad Hatter-like an insect.
  • In Muv-Luv Alternative, there's the infamous CHOMP scene where Marimo has her head bitten in half by a Soldier-class BETA. It's notable for being extremely disturbing to the player. But that's not all for that particular death... Takeru proceeds to run away to the world of "Extra", where Marimo is still alive... until she's promptly killed by having her head shoved into a meat grinder.
    • Of course, considering Kill 'Em All, Marimo's death is far from the only case of this trope showing up, it's just the most well known.
  • Max Payne 3: The Cracha Preto horribly murder Marcelo Branco by necklacing, partly out of sheer cruelty and partly out of trying to pin the crime on the favela gangs. Victims of necklacing executions can live for over fifteen minutes after ignition.
  • [PROTOTYPE] has several of these, but notable in the sequel is the Tendril power. The primary attack attaches tendrils to the victim's legs and arms, which attach to the nearest wall or ceiling. They then pull, tearing the victim into two or three. The tendrils and the body stays where they are, meaning that you can have a room full of grisly limbs and black tentacles hanging around everywhere. No puppet jokes, please.
  • Any of the death cutscenes in The Last of Us. The runners, stalkers and clickers tear out Joel/Ellie's jugular with their teeth, and the bloaters grab Joel by the head and pull his jaw apart with their hands.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, a hapless monkey is accused of kidnapping the Deku Princess. Her father tortures him for a confession by repeatedly dipping him into a pot of boiling water. Each time Link visits him the monkey gets dipped again. Do this too many times and the monkey is boiled to death.
  • Appears frequently in BioShock; for example, a Big Daddy can kill you by running you through with a giant drill. The plasmids that the player character uses can do this as well, such as sending killer bees at your enemies with the Insect Swarm plasmid, burning them alive with the Incinerate! plasmid, or shooting electricity at them when they are standing in water with the Electro Bolt plasmid.
    • One of the most disturbing deaths is that of Andrew Ryan. After just finding out you've been mind-controlled the entire game and the guy who has been trying to kill you this whole time is your father, he asks you oh so kindly if you would assist in Ryan's suicide. You could technically have just whipped out your revolver and put a bullet in his brain to make it more humane, but nope, he decides to have you beat his face in with a golfclub, and doesn't even go down until three more brutal whacks to the cranium, while his face becomes more horrifyingly mangled and distorted, as he lets out a few more disturbingly garbled screams for you to obey. Top it off with part of the golfclub breaking off and lodging into his cranium with a final spurt of blood.
    • Bioshock Infinite: After Comstock continues his decades-long abuse of Elizabeth, in person for once, Booker will grab Comstock's head and repeatedly smash it against the baptism basin, followed by drowning.
      • Also, Elizabeth summons a portal that leads to a midwestern tornado. The asshole victims beg her to stop until they're inevitably sucked in.
      • Yi Suchong was impaled by a Big Daddy drill, then smashed into the table and drilled until it ripped off the Big Daddy's arm. You get to see this yourself in the Infinite DLC.
  • In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Colonel Volgin dies when he gets struck by lightning, set on fire, and the bullets in his bandoleers go off causing little chunks to be blown out of his body. The death is so graphic that EVA, who Volgin raped and tortured, has to turn away, and even Snake seems disturbed by it.
  • In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance gives you Blade Mode will allows you to slice your opponents to ribbons. The main purpose of this is to slice them open so you can rip out their spine.''
    • "Slice your opponents To ribbons"? More like kibble. You can literally have a single human sized opponent land in 1000 pieces if you want (which even the tutorial makes abundantly clear, and by the end of the game, you're pulling the same thing on a giant robot, using its own giant arm-sword to do it; Platinum Games makes some crazy stuff), and the game gives you a handy counter to track just how many bits you've mauled them into (although, yes, it's inefficient to employ that level of overkill, and blade mode does specifically encourage decapitation in a single stroke, followed promptly by a forceful spine extraction).
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us has Regime!Shazam's death. To clarify: Regime!Superman starts off by choking him. When Regime!Shazam attempts to counter by summoning his magic lightning with "Shazam!", Regime!Superman cuts him off by freezing his mouth and throat shut. Then Regime!Superman uses his heat vision to roast through Regime!Shazam's skull to the other side. For bonus points, he's still a child in a grown-up body.
  • The Elder Scrolls
    • From the series' backstory comes Pelinal Whitestrake, the legendary 1st Era hero of mankind/racist berserker. Believed to have been a Shezarrine, physical incarnations of the spirit of the "dead" creator god Lorkhan (known to the Imperials as "Shezarr"), Pelinal came to St. Alessia to serve as her divine champion in the war against the Ayleids. When Alessia and her army was too struck with fear to attack the White-Gold Tower occupied by Ayleid leader Umaril the Unfeathered, Pelinal charged in himself and defeated (though could not kill) Umaril before he himself was slain. His body was cut into eight pieces by the Ayleids to mock the Eight Divines. His head was left behind and discovered by Morihaus, with whom he had one final conversation that is now lost to history.
    • In Oblivion, during the Siege of Kvatch, many people are killed in violently cruel ways by the invading Daedra, if the gore left behind is any indicator. One victim was St. Jiub the Eradicator, the Ascended Extra Ensemble Dark Horse from Morrowind. All that is left of him when you find his "corpse" is a severed head with a large chunk of his skull missing and a look of sheer terror on his dead face. Whatever the Daedra did to him, it wasn't pretty. (For added cruelty, Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC reveals that they also soul-trapped him, condemning him to an eternity of wandering the bleak Soul Cairn.)
    • Skyrim has an off-screen example from the Great War between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion. When the Empire crushed the Dominion at the Battle of the Red Ring, Emperor Titus Mede II captured the Aldmeri general, hung him from the top of the White-Gold Tower, and kept him alive for thirty-three days. On the thirty-fourth day, he finally expired and was carried away by a winged daedra. Given that this general was responsible for the sack of the Imperial City and related atrocities... He kind of deserved it.
  • In Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, any young girl accused of witchcraft is sealed in a steel cage that looks disturbingly similar to an Iron Maiden, then the cage is lowered into a pit of flames. Just to drive the cruelty of it home, all three times this happens on-screen are FMVs, which means you see and hear their terrified begging for help until the cage closing in cuts them off. Luckily for the victims, the fire is an illusion, and the accused can leave the cage through a trap door and are carted off to a forest outside of town.
  • Some of the deaths in the Ace Attorney main series games are pretty brutal. Some that come to mind:
    • First game: Neil Marshall, impaled on an ornamental suit of armor.
    • Second game: Russel Berry, hit in the head with a metal bust.
    • Investigations 2: Horace Knightley, stabbed in the throat. Isaac Dover, bludgeoned to death with a rock-salt ornament, then hidden inside an ice sculpture for over 10 years. Jill Crane, beaten to death with an auction gavel then stabbed in the chest with a candlestick. Jack Cameron, hit in the back of the head with a brick. Di-Jun Huang's double, crushed to death under a hot air balloon's basket (the autopsy report for this one was so brutal everyone was convinced he must have been stepped on by a Kaiju-esque monster). Not to mention the game involves a Professional Killer whose main weapons were his dog and woodcarving chisels... yeah, this game has a lot of brutal deaths.
    • Dual Destinies: Metis Cykes very narrowly avoided getting posthumously dismembered, Jack Shipley was initially thought to have been killed by an orca, but actually fell head-first into a drained pool.
    • Dai Gyakuten Saiban: John Watson is paralyzed by curare poison, paralyzing his respiratory system and causing him to suffocate, all while his hand is stuck resting on a plate hot enough to burn the logo on the plate into his flesh.
  • Saints Row 2 has some of these. For example, Carlos, who gets dragged around the city while chained to a truck; by the point the Boss gets to him, he's so injured the Boss is forced to shoot him in the head to end his suffering; there are also Jessica, who gets kidnapped and crushed to death in the trunk of her own car, Shogo Akuji, who gets buried alive by Johnny and the Boss and Kazuo Akuji, who gets impaled by a katana and left to burn alive in a flaming ship.
  • Fatal Frame features numerous such deaths throughout the series.
    • In the first game, the central Ritual involves tying ropes around the Virgin Sacrifice's neck and limbs, which are then pulled tighter and tighter.....until she's torn to pieces. After the mansion fell under the Curse, victims suffer a similar fate.
    • In the second game, the rituals are centered around causing as much suffering as possible. One involves systemically torturing the victim before throwing them into a hell gate. The other? One twin has to strangle the other to death.
    • In the third game, the ultimate fate of Priestesses is either to be Flayed Alive if they fail.....or to be crucified if they succeed. The punishment for breaking the Kuze Code is also crucifixion.
    • In the fifth game, lesser sacrifices and men rejected by the "brides" had their limbs broken. This allowed them to be stuffed into a water-filled box while still alive....
  • The Deception series are made of this. The number of possible cruel deaths would take pages to list. Some mundanes ones include knocking an enemy into a wall fan to watch them get chopped up, sending them flying into a brazen bull to get cooked alive, shoving them under a giant guillotine blade, feeding them to a mechanical alligator and so forth...
  • In The Silent Age time travelling is explained as getting all the more imprecise the farther one travels. In the most distant location there's a corpse of a guy, that apparently was transported right INTO the wall and never got out. Also the consequences of getting infected by the virus are described as horrible: people getting their spines cracked in convulsions and whatnot.
  • Beruga from Terranigma gets cut up by his own airship's propeller.
  • Chara of Undertale, if you do the research. All the game actually tells you is that they died from eating buttercups — you have to look up the symptoms of buttercup poisoning on your own to realize just how nasty it was.
    • Speaking of flowers, Flowey also has quite the horrifying one at the end of the Genocide Run. After realizing that Frisk is planning to kill him after having murdered every monster in the underground, Flowey begs for his life, trying to convince Frisk that he's useful, and that he can help. He even goes so far as to invoke the image of his former self as Asriel Dreemurr, to dissuade you from killing him (as he still believes Frisk is Chara, the Fallen Child). Frisk, not shaken in the slightest by Flowey's pleas for mercy, repeatedly chops the crying flower in half and brutally crushes what remains afterwards to a pulp. Made worse by the fact that Flowey's face begins to fall apart from each strike, his eyeball falling out and hanging from his socket as he is bifurcated and crushed at the same time. By the time Frisk finishes with poor Flowey, there is absolutely nothing left of him.
  • Life Is Strange heavily implies that Rachel Amber was drugged, raped, butchered, violated violently, beaten, and left Buried Alive by a Serial Killer who abducted her. The player finds her remains and Chloe suggests that it looks like she struggled to get out of her predicament.
  • The Walking Dead:
    • Pretty much anyone who's Devoured by the Horde.
    • Sarah gets Eaten Alive by a group of zombies while crying out for her family to rescue her.
    • Luke dies drowning underneath a frozen over river, desperately banging under the ice while Clementine tries all she can to crack it in order to save him to no avail or possibly getting dragged down deeper underwater by zombies. Either way, he'll die a painful death drowning and will most likely return as a zombie permanently stuck on the bottom of the river.
  • Dayshift at Freddy's includes death by springlocks, usually Played for Laughs with loud screaming in the background. The springlocks activate any time you come into contact with liquid, move too hard inside the suit, or piss someone off to the point they activate it themselves, resulting in rusty metal spikes piercing through your lungs as blood sprays on the screen. Then, just to add insult to injury, your boss tells you that dying is against the rules and you're fired.
  • Essentially the entire point of Bulletstorm is to find the most creative ways to kill enemies, after which you get given points based on your creativity which function as currency. Or at least, that's the point until you realize nothing can ever truly rack up points as quickly and easily as simply locating the nearest set of spikes and kicking every enemy into them one by one.
  • Fate/Grand Order:
    • EMIYA Alter inflicts this with his Noble Phantasm, Unlimited Lost Works. First he shoots his opponent with an Origin Bullet. Shortly after the bullet enters them, dozens of swords erupt from their body.
    • Olga Marie after the conclusion of the prologue is revealed to be dead from the explosion that started the attack of Chaldea, but survived by sending her soul to rayshift along with the protagonist to Singularity F. The mastermind of the attack, Lev Lainur, drags her off from the Singularity and throws her into the copy of the Earth's soul Chaldeas, which right then was a molten slag of magma because of the Incineration of the Human Order caused by the aforementioned attack. This poor woman's soul is burning in literal hell for all eternity and in the anime First Order, we see from the front row seat on how she was drowning in the scorching liquid fire as she screams for help.
    • In the SE.RA.PH chapter, Mabel Macintosh was locked inside a battle royale between Chaldea personnel, chased by her crazed coworkers, before she was shot by the above mentioned EMIYA Alter. Her corpse was flayed by the chapter's Arc Villain, Kiara, who would then prance around in her skin as a disguise to fool the protagonist.
  • Randal's Monday: Matt is subjected to this every Monday. He keeps killing himself in ridiculous ways with his outlandish appliances.
  • Sleeping Dogs has a variety of environmental kills available, ranging from the pedestrian to the downright ghoulish. A few examples on the more extreme side of the equation:
    • Smashing people into air conditioning units, causing the whirling blades to turn their face a bloody pulp.
    • Knocking a victim into a counter and slamming the security gate down on them, crushing their chest. You can also do this with an engine block.
    • Cornering an opponent in the bathroom and drowning them in their own piss.
    • Setting people's faces on fire with furnaces, grills, and stoves.
    • Using a chandelier to rapidly hang someone from a ceiling.
    • Impaling victims on rusty pipes, swordfish, and gibbet hooks.
    • Shoving an opponent's head into a running table saw, causing chunks of something disgusting to fly all over the place.
    • Most gruesomely, stuffing the Big Bad into a running ice chipper.
  • Metroid:
    • The scans of some of the corpses throughout the Metroid Prime Trilogy reveal some details about their deaths. On the Frigate Orpheon in the first game, we have cases such as Space Pirates having their joints fused together by acid (and leaving them paralyzed) or having their internal organs eaten by parasites while they were still alive. In the second game, we have examples of Luminoth being used as target practice for young Warrior Ing and one starving to death while holding their post. Many of the Federation Troopers on the Valhalla in the third game have suffered cases such as asphyxiation, Explosive Decompression from a cracked visor, or having their Phazon Enchancement Devices malfunction, causing the Phazon to slowly devour their remains.
    • One of the Pirate Logs from the first Metroid Prime reveals that the Pirates tried to make their own version of Samus's Morph Ball. For context, the Morph Ball is a Power Suit ability that allows Samus to compact her body into a sphere one meter in diameter without any apparent lasting physical harm. However, no one knows how it works (and the species that invented it is allegedly extinct), and the prototypes for the Pirate version ended up crushing the test subjects to death.
    • The beam combos in Metroid Prime 2 are unusually brutal. The Sunburst essentially boils down to firing a miniaturized sun at your enemies, and if they aren't incinerated by a direct hit, they will be set on fire from the rays and eventually burn to death. The Darkburst creates a rift to a dark dimension that sucks in enemies like a black hole while ripping them apart molecule by molecule. The Sonic Boom fires a faster-moving projectile that creates a crack in the fabric of reality when it hits a target.
    • Crocomire in Super Metroid gets backed into pool of acid and has its skin melted off while it's still alive. What's also horrific is that it survives long enough as a skeleton to get out before dying.
    • Death by the titular Metroids is no walk in the park either. They latch onto their victims with their larger mandibles and suck out their life-force with the smaller ones, leaving behind a brittle husk that will collapse into dust with even the slightest bit of physical force against them.
  • Guild Wars 2 minimizes the horror by not showing the gore, but most of the player stories get hit with this from the word 'go'.
    • If a human street rat doesn't save their friend Quinn, they'll hear later how "half of him was in the lake and half was in the fountain."
    • If a Synergetics asura chooses revenge over rescue, the Inquest murders Pol by throwing him to an incinerator golem.
    • A sylvari going up against the Green Knight has the option of beating him to death with an enchanted hammer.
    • All charr players messily lose their entire warband (and their leader, too, if playing Ash or Iron) to Ascalonian ghosts. And to make matters worse, said leader gets brought back as a grotesque shambling zombie.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Either Galeem or Dharkon suffers one at the hands (or tendrils) of the other in World of Light's bad endings: Galeem is Impaled with Extreme Prejudice, while Dharkon is reduced to a fine mist.
  • Peret em Heru: For the Prisoners has several of these in the form of the various punishments your companions can receive when judged. Among the most horrifying: Rin Tsukihara gets thrust and crushed through a wall by a bronze statue carrying them through like a demented Kool-Aid Man. They're then pinned against another wall with the statue's arm punching through their stomach, leading to them bleeding out before anyone can hope to help. By the by, Rin is all of nine years old.
  • In Red Dead Redemption II, Kieran Duffy, who defects from the Colm O'Driscoll gang to the Dutch van der Linde gang, is abducted by the O'Driscoll boys and has his eyes gouged out and is then decapitated by them and put on display for the Van der Lindes to see.
    • Also implied to be how Dutch's lover, Annabelle, died in the hands of the O'Driscoll gang. Dutch simply says he can never forgive Colm O'Driscoll for what he did to her, and the aforementioned death of Kieran makes it plain that they're not above torture.
    • The player is allowed to kill non-playable characters in some pretty brutal ways if they so choose. The player can do anything from hogtying an NPC and placing him or her on a train track, to feeding them to an animal, to even strangling them to death.
  • Poor Sakuri in Demonophobia is regularly subjected to horrific deaths during her traversal of Hell itself. And to twist the knife, she eventually remembers every last one of them.


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