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  • All of the shows by AIC, makers of Tenchi Muyo! crossover somewhat with each other. Dual! ended up with a cameo and recycling the "Light Hawk Wings" for its big mech. Later, in Tenchi Muyo! GXP, a mech looking like the one from DUEL! showed up in an episode.
  • In one episode of the 1980s Astroboy, the titular robot is taken back in time, along with his sister Uran, the one and only Black Jack and the doctor's assistant/companion Pinoko, in order to save the main character from Princess Knight. Good ol' Tezuka mix-and-match.
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  • Attack on Titan: With the Marvel Universe!
  • The mangaka group CLAMP have crossed their works over to the point that now they are all in one big, weird world. Some of these are significant to the plot, many seem to be just for fun. A frequent crossover element is the Clamp Campus, a gigantic private school that shows up in CLAMP Campus Detectives, X/1999, Dukylon: CLAMP Defenders, and Man of Many Faces. Characters from Chobits make an appearance in Kobato.. The protagonist of Tokyo Babylon, Sumeragi Subaru, shows up in X/1999. Even their "joke" series Miyuki-chan in Wonderland contains crossovers. In one story, Miyuki ends up as the Damsel In Distress in X/1999. In another, she ends up playing (strip) Mahjong with other characters from CLAMP works. And there are the tribute music videos CLAMP in Wonderland and CLAMP in Wonderland 2 which have segues between all of their series to date.
    • Then there is Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-. The entire basic premise is being an Alternate Universe Massive Multiplayer Crossover with characters from most of CLAMP's works showing up, often in different contexts from their original portrayal, such as characters from opposing sides of X/1999 hanging around the same cafe. Two of the main characters are alternate versions of the main characters from Cardcaptor Sakura. AND it is the sister series to ×××HOLiC. The plots of the two series are so intertwined that they are essentially two vantage points on the same story.
  • Cross Epoch, a special manga where Dragon Ball and One Piece crossed over.
  • In an odd case of anime crossing over with live-action series, Crayon Shin-chan has crossed over with two Kamen Rider series, once with Kamen Rider Den-O and again with Kamen Rider Fourze.
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  • In the manga Digimon V-Tamer 01 are a total of 3 non-canon crossovers, each being about a hero of the current digimon anime series being space warped and ending up battling an extremely powerful digimon together with Taichi and Zero.
  • One episode of Dragon Ball (and the chapters it is based on) took place in Penguin Village.
    • Dr. Slump's 1997 remake anime has Goku visit Penguin Village. The difference is that Arale is now a main character while Goku is a guest star, and Art Evolution.
    • Many years later, Arale appears in Dragon Ball Super, having a brief cameo in Episode 43, before a proper crossover story in Episode 69.
  • Dream 9: Super Collaboration Special!!: A one hour special between One Piece, Dragon Ball and Toriko
  • The authors of Fairy Tail and Flunk Punk Rumble did a one-shot called Fairy Megane that brought together the main characters from the two series. (The mangaka of the latter used to work as an assistant to the mangaka of the former.)
    • Likewise Fairy Tail crossed over with Rave Master, the previous manga series of the author.
    • The authors of Fairy Tail and The Seven Deadly Sins worked together to make a few cross over chapters.
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  • Gintama and Sket Dance, due to the latter's anime airing in the timeslot of the former's crossed over in two oneshots related to each other: in the first one, the Yorozuya end up in the Sket Dan's room and each group comments on each other's antics; in the second one, Bossun and Gintoki end up competing to get a Devil Fruit. This also got carried to each series' anime.
  • Go Nagai has frequently crossed his different works (mainly his Humongous Mecha series) over since the seventies. Some of the main instances are:
  • Shattered Angels is Kaishaku's go at it with his past works, most notably Kannazuki no Miko and UFO Princess Valkyrie.
  • Creator/Leiji Matsumoto's works. Like with CLAMP, everything is in the same universe (Yamato and Harlock and Maetel and Emeraldas and Queen Millennia...) but details do not match (Tochiro died in three different ways already).
  • Lupin III:
  • Speaking of the Nasu Verse, in 2010, the main writer of the Lyrical Nanoha franchise has produced two crossover one-shot mangas, Fate/stay night× Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha×Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. The titles are rather self-explanatory.
  • The different stories Nasu Verse are all colliding in a hilarious new Affectionate Parody called Carnival Phantasm. The first episode featured the characters of Fate/stay night finding out that the Holy Grail War had become a game show. Numerous people from throughout the Nasu Verse can be seen in the audience.
    • And now there is going to be an OVA crossover with all three.
  • One Piece and Toriko have crossed over three times in anime so far, the first special (which was animated) took place pre-Timeskip in One Piece, while the other two take place post. Both authors are real good friends so theres a chance that the crosses are canon. The third one adds Dragon Ball to the mix.
    • In manga, they crossed over in One Piece X Toriko: The True Food! Devil Fruit!!, in which Toriko finds what appears to be a Devil Fruit, has Komatsu try to cook it to taste it better... oh, and he gets ingredients with Luffy.
  • Speaking of which, Shonen Jump had crossed over some of its series for a while:
  • Pretty Cure All Stars crosses over all the existing Pretty Cure series in one big movie. This has gone from one movie teaming four teams to five movies featuring eight teams.
    • And then a canonical crossover happened in Hugtto! Pretty Cure, much to the amazement of fans everywhere.
  • Sgt. Frog: Aside from all the references and homages to other series, Keroro Gunso has had several crossovers with other series which had direct participation from Mine Yoshizaki in their production.
    • Melody Honey actually originated from Seven of Seven and also appeared in Arcade Gamer Fubuki before her animated appearances in Keroro.
    • On the other hand, Mutsumi and Omiyo appeared in Seven of Seven after debuting in Keroro's manga. However, that was actually their first animated appearance too.
    • The Keroro manga had frequent cameo appearances by Fubuki, from Arcade Gamer Fubuki, and her best friend in the background of several scenes. Eventually, there was a full blown cross over chapter where Fubuki beat Keroro in an arcade game. Fubuki only makes a single brief background cameo in the anime.
    • In the Fubuki anime, one of the finalists of the videogame tournament which is at the center of the story looks suspiciously like Kururu in a Pekopon suit.
      • Natsumi and a Keroro plush had guest appearances in the Arcade Gamer Fubuki manga. Keroro plushies are also seen in the anime.
    • 'Space X Jyubei', main character of an obscure manga by Mine Yoshizaki, had a guest appearance during the chapter which introduces Dororo in the manga, listed among the aliens on Earth. He was absent from the anime version of the story.
      • In the single volume of the 'Space X Jyubei' manga, the last chapter is actually a complete crossover with Keroro, featuring not only Keroro, but also Fuyuki and Natsumi in main roles.
    • Angol Fear, Mois' cousin, debuted in Soul Calibur IV, but her backstory always referenced Keroro, mentioning Mois, who'd come to Earth after her. She eventually would go on to appear in the Keroro Gunso manga itself.
    • Keroro plushies and toys are seen in Lucky Star, and there's even an episode preview where Keroro, Tamama and Giroro take control of the narration.
  • In honor of Shounen Sunday's 50th anniversary, the publisher released a DVD including three OVAs for their three most popular animes: InuYasha, Urusei Yatsura, and Ranma ½. The DVD also included this animated short, where the main characters of the three series met up. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Suzy's Zoo: Daisuki! Witzy: Apparently Sanrio has attempted to cross this series with My Melody at one point, and one costumed live appearance in Japan featured the cast appearing alongside Shaun the Sheep.
  • ∀ Gundam acts as one for all of the Gundam shows that came before it. Universal Century mobile suits are excavated and used by the protagonists while newer mobile suits use technology from Universal Century. And near the end of the series, the Black History is revealed to be every single Gundam series, both before and after Turn A.
  • In a very rare (and very weird) anime/live-action crossover, the fishing-themed anime Tsuribaka Nisshi had one with Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. It formed a cross-series two-parter with the Abarangers appearing animated in the 31st episode of Tsuribaka Nisshi and Hamazaki entering the Abarangers' world complete with the Roger Rabbit Effect in the 26th episode of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
  • Until Death Do Us Part has characters and organizations from Yami No Aegis, by a different author.
  • Voltron: The Fleet of Doom, a TV special made for American audience which had Lion Voltron and Vehicle Voltron working together to battle the allied forces of King Zarkon and the Drule Empire.
  • The fourth Yo-Kai Watch film, titled Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside - The Return of the Oni King has a crossover with GeGeGe no Kitarō as part of its plot, as Natsume, Akinori, and Jibanyan seek the help of Kitaro and his family in order to purge Touma's darkness and extract the Kigan Gear.


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