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Critical Existence Failure / Board Games

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  • Robo Rally cleverly avoids this trope, where indeed the robots become progressively more unreliable with each point of damage, until they finally explode.
  • This applies to the board game Talisman, as spells and attacks that outright kill enemies and followers only remove one or two "lives" from a player character's total. True player character death only comes when the last life is removed, save for a rare few "instant death" situations.
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  • Magic Realm avoids this trope, where characters each have a number of chits that represent actions such as fighting, maneuvering and casting spells. A damaged character must disable a chit each time he is wounded, therefore damage causes a character to be less effective. A sufficiently damaged character may become helpless, as he no longer has the chits required to wield a heavy weapon or to duck enemy blows quickly enough. When all chits are disabled, the character dies.


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