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  • Scary Go Round had a story arc based around such a character, known simply as "The Child", who is a harbinger of change and cause of discord. It turns out that The Child is being raised by someone who looks like Michael Jackson, turning it into a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment that meant the end of the comic had to be rewritten.
  • Pandora is introduced in this form in El Goonish Shive. She's notably somewhat an aversion since her form changes to fit her mood, so she only looks like a child when she's being playful and mischevious. She's a lot creepier when she's pissed.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court:
    • Zimmy is introduced as an over-the-top creep: she's verbally combative towards the protagonists, her science fair entry is "an abomination" the reader never gets to see, she seems to have no visible eyes, and a body-snatching demon is afraid of her. This gets thrown on its head in a later chapter, when the revelation that she's been Blessed with Suck turns her into a sympathetic character who abuses people so they'll avoid her, for their own safety. Which gets flipped on its head again, with the revelation of how Zimmy treats her best friend and why.
    • The main character, Antimony Carver, is an interesting example. The audience sees her when she's alone with her best friends, and thus sees that she's pretty well-adjusted for someone with such an unusual childhood (and the missing parents). Eventually, however, it's revealed that most of her classmates see her as a creep — because all they see of Annie is her impassive public facade and the fact that she never socializes with anyone besides Kat.
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    • Annie's father, Anthony, comes across much like Annie (in Flash Back): a normal guy to his best friend Donny, an emotionless robot-boy to everybody else. Apparently Annie looks like her mother and acts like her father. Must be torture for poor Eglamore.
    • Jack, when he's under Demonic Possession.
  • Chelsie Warner of Concession appears to be a cuddly anthropomorphic lamb-girl in a pink dress. On her first appearance, she stabs Artie Crowley in the eye with a crayon. Shortly thereafter, she has sex with him when he's too delirious to realise what he's doing. When he wakes up, he is horrified not only because of what he's done, but because "Chelsie is actually a boy." It's recently been revealed that Chelsie's hypersexual behaviour is related to a form of childhood bipolar disorder. She became significantly less creepy with proper medication and hormone treatment, after being adopted by the local (quite definitely non-paedophile) preacher. The Where Are They Now epilogue shows her in her late teens, fully transitioned, apparently recovered from her unfortunate past, and calling Father Tim "Dad".
  • Charby from Charby the Vampirate is a perfect example of this.
    • Mye, Hex, Tony, Claire and a large number of other characters qualify too.
  • The Cyantian Chronicles: Quinn and Collin.
    • Collin is a telepath who can walk through walls. He's experienced fear from come people due to this fact.
    • Quinn is also a telepath. She can also walk through walls, teleport through another dimension that only she can reach. Quinn also has "Oulies" as friends, who are beings who are trapped between life and death in a realm that only Quinn can see. Quinn's invisible friends are real. And to top it all off, Quinn has been known to surprise/creep out Collin and the other members of her family.
  • Erfworld: Parson Gotti suspects that Wanda was one of these. Before he learns that Erfworld has no children.
  • In Sire, Susan causes Anna to appear to be one of these, hijacking her body, sitting quietly on her bed, and pulling all the hair out of its head, slowly counting each one off. Her parents promptly send the innocent Anna off for help.
  • Shelly's conscience from Wapsi Square looks like one and she knows it.
  • Memoria: "Harriet, I've never been afraid of a little girl before."
  • In Underling, Lazarus, despite his horns and the company he has kept thus far, meets up with a truly creepy girl.
  • In Sinfest, the agents of the secret sisterhood.
  • Mua, the antagonist, from Kiss Wood. She's enslaved a huge amount of the population and she wants Sul to become another. Her introduction involves her showing one of the slave camps to Sul, watching a slave trip and a guard killing him (believing he's no longer able to work and therefore useless); she laughs at the sight and says there's an opening place for him.
  • Aradia from Homestuck is probably the most "classic" example of this trope in the comic, but most of the trolls can fall under it due to some rather Troubling Un Childlike Behavior. Caliborn is also pretty disturbing.
  • Disbelief the Shadow Child from Roommates is a barefoot creepy little boy wearing white (and having Ninja Prop Living Shadows). When he was introduced he basically KOd the cast with "I don't believe in you!"... when he returned he gleefully offered to do the same with their enemies. He is an Anthropomorphic Personification right out of the Time Abyss so he quite possibly invokes and exploits the trope intetionally.
  • There are a few examples in Book of Lies, but The Girl in the Tower takes the cake.
  • Posey in The Sanity Circus is a Scarecrow who embodies pediaphobia - fear of dolls -, and so always has a creepy, flawless, eternally-young appearance. Even though she's an Eldritch Abomination and can consume people's souls with a smile.

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