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  • Alma Wade isn't the villain of a video game named F.E.A.R. for nothing. Every... single... time she appears... is so creepy it'll make you scream and jump. And you can't shoot her, since she's a freaking ghost!! And it gets worse when she grows up...
  • Pink Queen from Advance Wars Eternal War, though she's more around 16-ish. Flash, too. he has a ship made out of guns.
  • In Arx Fatalis, there is only one child in the only city explored in the game. There's nothing special about her appearance or clothes, but she has this soft-spoken voice, which when combined with outdated graphics(expressionless, pixelated facial features), simply makes your skin crawl.
  • The Little Sisters from BioShock are little girls of about five to six years' age who have been turned into living depositories for ADAM, the game's genetic Applied Phlebotinum. Their bodyguards, the hulking and homicidally protective Big Daddies, are scary enough, but a pallid little girl with a syringe on her arm who takes a childishly cavalier approach to sucking vital fluids out of dead bodies is on a whole 'nother level of horrifying.
    • The worst part, though, is how lifelike they are if you stop to watch. Considering that you're expected to kill their bodyguards for powerups and have the option to kill them for more.
      • Despite their creepy appearance and backstories, their behaviour is somewhat the same of a normal child, taking into account their mental conditioning.
    • The creep factor is significantly reduced for BioShock 2... because you're one of their bodyguards. Through his eyes, they're adorable.
    • "Look, Mr. Bubbles, an angel! I can see light coming from his belly! - Wait a minute... - he's still breathing. It's all right. I know he'll be an angel soon..."
  • The killer from the Survival Horror game Camp Sunshine is in adult form in the main game, but in flashbacks you see parts of his childhood, where he was a very creepy child indeed. Somewhat subverted, though, as if not for the fact of his being possessed by spirits beyond his control he was actually a rather gentle child, even though he had a deformed appearance.
  • Sally, from the "Mothership Zeta" add-on to Fallout 3. She's a young alien captive who has been held in since before the nuclear war. She crawls around the air vents giving you information and opening doors for you. She knows way too much, you can see her One-Winged Angel form coming from a mile away...Except it never comes! She doesn't even try to backstab you, she is a fully dedicated ally. Not actually that bad if you take this as a relief, but she also seems very nonchalant about the very evident death of her family and most of the world.
    • Betty, from the "Tranquility Lane" quest. The avatar of the sinister Stanislaus Braun in a twisted simulation of the 50s-esque world of pre-war 2077 who has spent decades torturing, tormenting, and toying with the other inhabitants.
  • Onmyōji has Ushi-no-koku-mairi, who is stated to be a little girl in her in-game profile, but has voodoo-like powers and some rather disturbing lines.
  • Silent Hill has practically an orphanage full of creepy children (and an actual orphanage is mentioned/visited in the 3rd and 4th games): Cheryl (renamed "Sharon" in the movie), Alessa, the demon children "Mumblers" in the school level, "Lil' Walter" from the 4th game, to some extent Heather in the 3rd (she might be too old, however), and Laura in the 2nd (though she was more bratty than creepy, and her creepyness was born more out of obliviousness than genuine hostility. Which isn't to say she wasn't, she just wasn't able to perceive the monsters).
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  • A unique example would be Ridley from Metroid: Other M, who first appears as an adorable, fluffy chicken-rabbit-thing. He is seen again, simply staring at Samus with the most frightening look ever. He is then seen again growling and consuming a corpse, only stopping to hiss at Samus
  • Pharos from Persona 3. And the fact that he just wants to be best friends forever... Isn't. Helping.
    • In addition comes the fact that his Social Link is the Death Arcana, in a game in which Tarot Motifs are good clues to a character's nature.
    • Did we mention that he likes suddenly showing up in your room in the middle of the night? Because he does that. A lot.
    • Alice is a recurring character. She happens to be a Humanoid Abomination with the mind of a young child, massive magical powers and a disturbing lack of understanding on why, exactly, she shouldn't kill/eat/drain to death/feed to the darkness/necromantically revive people who want to be her friends. She has a lot of magical potential and is not averse to invoke Night of the Living Mooks as a valid tactic. All this while still retaining her innocence and Lack of Empathy.
    • The original game had Aki, a girl in black who causes trouble everywhere she goes. She's the personification of every negative emotion Maki has.
  • Manah swings between this and Enfante Terrible in Drakengard.
  • Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne has the hero routinely followed by a silent young boy and his apparent nanny. The boy stands silent with his creepy pallid skin, piercing gaze, and blonde locks, while his caregiver speaks for him. That ain't no child, but a powerful fallen angel trying to groom the hero to be a Messiah for all demonkind to lead them in their battle against God. Nothing too complicated, really.
    • Or we can skip right to Alice, The strangely out of place Alice Allusion who turns out to be one of the most terrifying spell casters in the game, capable of maxing out the magic stat with ease and casting the single most powerful dark based 1 hit kill spell possible.
  • Clock Tower: The First Fear has Bobby, a ten year old with giant scissors who chases the main character around trying to kill her. His face is grey and badly deformed. And there's also his giant, purple, severely deformed brother Dan.
  • "Princess" Agitha from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a girl aged about 10, who lives alone in a "castle" that is more like a giant terrarium, dresses like a Elegant Gothic Lolita, and is obsessed with bugs. She tasks Link with catching golden bugs so she can put on a Bug Ball, and while she is very sweet and polite about it all, she expresses wishes concerning said bugs that range from the perfectly innocent ("I want to tie ribbons on your antennae!") to the utterly squicky ("I want to bathe in your slime!"). All this combined with the lack of any parental figures has led to some speculation about their fate.
    • The fact that she lives alone may actually imply that she's older than she looks. This makes her even creepier.
      • To make this even creepier, if you try to leave without selling any bugs to her, and you have unsold bugs in your inventory, on your way out she says, "I know you have bugs..."
      • She... she growls...
    • Twilight Princess also has Malo. Perhaps the reason he becomes an insanely successful business entrepreneur (before the age of 8, I might add) is because everyone does what he tells them to just to get away from his blank, soulless expression, and the fact that his voice almost sounds like that of a grown man really doesn't help.
    • The Skull Kids from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
    • The little Kokiri girl you meet in The Lost Woods as an adultnote , right after the depressed mannote  disappears. It's her utter deadpan and the fact that we never do get any further explanation.
      "That guy isn't here anymore. Anybody who comes into the forest will be lost. Everybody will become a Stalfos. Everybody, Stalfos. So, he's not here anymore. Only his saw is left. Hee hee." The conversation finishes with: "Heh heh heh. Are you going to be... too? Heh heh!"
      • And she is right. In Twilight Princess, set about 100 years after Ocarina of Time, you are trained in sword tecniques by the Hero's Shade, the embodiment of OoT-Link's regrets. The shape of the Shade? A Stalfos.
    • It gets worse due to Fridge Horror. It's a Crapsack World post-Time Skip... and before the Time Skip, this girl was perfectly normal and one of your friends. What happened to turn a normal kid into this?
    • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker offers the Queen of the Fairies.
    • Some of the creepiest children in the series are the ones that are inside the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, because they are wearing the masks of all the bosses you have killed. Especially the child wearing Majora's Mask, which is sitting all alone under a tree, staring into space. This is all completely unexplained. Some of the lines they say are pretty unnerving:
      Twinmold Child: "Heh, heh... Thanks... You're nice. Umm... Can I ask... a question? Your true face... What kind of... face is it? I wonder... The face under the mask... Is that... your true face?"
      Majora Child (right before you fight it): "Do you want to play with me? OK, let's play good guys and bad guys... I'll be the good guy, and you be the bad guy..."
      • The Moon Children all share a distinct semblance to a man who is easily the most terrifying and intimidating character in the whole series. Yes, that's right, it's The Happy Mask Salesman. Capable of changing position without ever moving, scary when he finds out you didn't get his mask, oh, and when you fail and the moon destroys all of Termina? HE STILL COMES AFTER YOU.
      • If you look closely while you're forking over your masks to them, you'll see that Link is backing away slightly each time...
      • The questions they ask (recalling the story of the Skull Kid and the Four Giants) suggest that they're all part of the Skull Kid.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass has the Cubus sisters, who look like little girls in hooded dresses and are scared of spiders...but are for some reason on an extremely creepy haunted ship, and whose eyes (unlike Link and Linebeck) are black, with little dots of blue in the middle...and who seem extremely "off" until the player's suspicions are confirmed and they turn into ghastly grinning flying demons.
  • Annie from League of Legends, in addition to looking rather creepy, she can cast advanced magic and animate her toy bear to ravage enemies.
    • Said murderous teddy bear is actually a real live demon bear that she's ensorcelled. His name is Tibbers.
  • One of these follows you around in Jade Empire, going by the name of Wild Flower. Although her actions and attitudes aren't creepy per se, one has to wonder what the design team was smoking when they designed her. The fact that she's the already-dead host of Spirit Guardian Chai Ka and his 'Other' certainly doesn't help matters any either.
    • That game also features a pair of ghostly children who drowned during the flooding of Old Tien's Landing. One of them tries to convince you to help her get revenge on the orphan master who left them to die.
  • The Indigo Child in Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy.
  • Lieselotte Achenbach from Arcana Heart. Wanted criminal in another dimension, and carries around a legless puppet with her sister's spirit trapped inside. And she's only ten years old. Nope... nothing creepy about that at all.
  • Then there are the notorious Children of Goldshire in World of Warcraft: a group of six children who live in an upstairs room in one of the houses in Goldshire (an otherwise peaceful, low-level human settlement). They sometimes make trips to nearby Stormwind, except that they always form a group shaped like a pentagram and if you go upstairs to their room, the mellow tune suddenly gives way to ominous ambience. People have reported hearing strange voices in that room and some players end up spooked to such a degree that they swear to never enter that room again.
    • There's Pamela Redpath, a ghostly girl in Eastern Plaguelands, although she's a lot more depressing than creepy.
    • A non-human example: Wrathion, the purified black dragon. He is TWO YEARS OLD and is already well-known for being manipulative and has already had players murder his remaining family, including his father Deathwing. His human form is a short human male, who looks like he's in his early teens. His dragon form is a tiny baby blackwhelp...the kind we've spent the entire game farming for mini pets.
    • Abby Lewis, a little girl wandering around a deserted village in the middle of a witch-hexed forest. She enlists your aid in gathering her toys for a "tea party", all the while being far too cheerful and upbeat for her spooky surroundings. Midway through the quest chain she disappears as you start discovering the remains of the villagers, while hearing her voice making little rhymes about them. Finally the time comes for the tea party itself, which turns out to be a summoning ceremony for a creature you naturally have to fight off. Abby vanishes after that.
  • The Keepers in the Thief are a secret order of mysterious men and women who gather in dark places wearing black cloaks with hoods, so it is no suprise that the girl who translates the mystic words of the seer is also creepy. In the ending of Thief 3, she is revealed to be a monster that wears the skin of a girl it killed decades ago, and infiltrated the organization that worked to stop her.
    • Lauryl from Thief 3. Incredibly creepy voice (being voiced by frickin' SHODAN helps) and prone to send you jumping by butting in while you're almost cornered by the Body Horrors in her asylum 'home'. There's a also bottle of her still-warm blood in the cellar, despite the fact she's been dead for years. Yet another reason why the Shalebridge Cradle is still probably the scariest level of all time. Oh, and she's on your side.
  • Overlord II's protagonist is the son of the Overlord of the previous game. The beginning of the game will have you playing as the Overlord's son as a child. Naturally, he is mostly faceless and is quite malicious, particularly towards the kids that bully him in the beginning. Contrary to other examples of this trope, he looks quite scary and is given the all-too appropriate nickname of Witch-Boy.
    • Considering Overlord tends to parody fantasy tropes and etc, the rather Obviously Evil look the Overlad has is deliberate.
  • The banshee from Fable II attacks by sending "ankle-biters", shadow monsters that look like creepy children with swords and knives, after you.
  • From Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, we would like to introduce Penny, whose interests include explosions, and... actually, mostly just explosions. Don't worry, Penny likes you. Unfortunately, Penny has a tendency to do what Mr. Bear says, and Mr. Bear HATES YOU!
  • In Chrono Trigger, the young boy Janus and his cat Alfador are randomly encountered by the party in Enhasa. Upon meeting him as a stranger, Janus abruptly and unsettlingly prophesies, "The black wind howls. One of you will shortly perish." Later, Crono dies trying to protect his friends and Schala from Lavos, fulfilling Janus's prophecy.
    • The creepy effect gets kicked up a notch if you realize that the black wind he mentions is actually the sound heard when traveling through time, and he grows up to be Magus, the primary antagonist until this point.
  • The ghosts from Corpse Party. Specifically the Girl in Red, Sachiko Shinozaki, who murdered three other children in Heavenly Host and then let an innocent man take the fall. Their spirits were what created the spirit world of Heavenly Host and trapped many others there to be killed as well.
    • Not to mention the reveal of Sachiko as the murderer is through the eyes of one of her victims...and you realize that she's giggling and essentially experimenting on each victim to see what stabbing them in what place will do. Sachiko is the definition of Creepy Child.
  • Clive Barker's Undying: All of the Covenant children once they were cursed. A particular mention goes to Lizbeth, who bit her nanny and licked her lips afterward.
  • The Child Crusaders from Clive Barker's Jericho. These creatures are the malevolent spirits of young children forced to march in a crusade, only to be horribly slaughtered. After the Breach is opened in that timeline, the evil of the Firstborn transforms the children's souls into vicious, hateful ghouls, harbouring great anger towards the adults who let them die. They appear as floating, sharp-toothed, pale-skinned creatures with their lower torso missing and their intestines hanging out. They also have no hands, and use the shredded tendons of their arms to attack. They also make very creepy moaning and shrieking sounds, and their disembodied crying can be heard before the Jericho Squad encounters them.
    • The form of the Firstborn could also qualify. Here you have an evil, all-powerful, godlike creature who despises humanity, and it takes the form of a small, naked child with glowing white eyes and a distorted voice made up of several male and female voices speaking at once.
  • If the game didn't make her seem creepy enough, the fandom certainly made Touhou's Flandre Scarlet incredibly creepy. She's a 495 year old vampire with the body and mind of a child, as well as mental and emotional insecurities (read as 'insane') to boot, who has the ability to destroy whatever she wants by bringing its "Eye" into her hand and then clenching it into a fist...
  • The Xenoas from Requiem Bloodymare are essentially a race of Creepy Children... who have recently been made playable. Childlike bodies, with some creepy physical traits, adult-like intelligence, and a usually-hidden disdain and hatred for all other races.
  • Eresh of Suikoden V. Being a frail mage who is apparently old enough to have known Jeane (way, way, way) back in the day just isn't enough; she also has to talk about her body as "this shell," too.
  • The Infernas in The Suffering. In human form, they're an immortal trio of eerie, smiling children that talk quite candidly about how they play with the souls of your dead children for all eternity. In monster form, they're charred corpses that giggle constantly as they soar towards you on a jetstream of fire.
  • The Narrator from the Starsiege cutscenes. The major cutscenes in the game are narrated by a young girl with a British accent and an oddly extensive vocabulary. The opening of the game introduces her by an oddly echoing humming, the beginning of a schoolyard chant, followed by her singing: "Little Lord Peter, missing his liter while Hercy plays in the red. Down came the Glitches and burned us in ditches and we slept after eating our dead." Also, in one of the possible endings, she further narrates "It was only a question of time before the Cybrids captured the last human survivors. Now, we're all being systematically elminated."
  • Castlevania 64 tried this with Malus but they weren't subtle enough to fit into the trope.
  • Soon after you finish the second mission in Survival Crisis Z, you have a vision of a greenskinned girl wandering down a bloodstained hallway. This is probably meant to be the first clue that this isn't your typical Zombie Apocalypse.
    • They appear for real in episode 3. And they have knives.
  • Kid Albedo from Xeno Saga. Dear God. Especially at the end of Episode II when he taunts Rubedo.
  • PARIAH from [PROTOTYPE]. And if the Web Of Intrigue is anything to go by he's eternally a child, and can kill anything by touching them.
  • Dante's Inferno has the Unbaptized Babies who also qualify as undead children. They move like real toddlers as a toddler was brought in specifically to do motion capture for them.
  • Sally from DragonFable. She's a cute little six-year-old with blond pigtails... and she plays with the ears, eyes and hearts of zombies. For fun. After the boss is destroyed in the Necropolis Quest, Sally finds the now-abandoned subterranean university-city of necromancers, death knights and the undead, and claims it as her playhouse.
    • She even creates a cross between a Skeleton and a gingerbread man for the main character to try out for fun. Meet the Gingerdead Man.
  • Jojora from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, a magical, levitating girl. She appears when you first enter Joke's End amidst some extremely creepy music and starts to taunt you. After a couple of more sightings, she says she's bringing a friend over to play...who turns out to be a hulk many times larger than she is, and the two attack you.
  • Sue Pea and Chauncey from Luigi's Mansion.
  • Tales of Symphonia: Presea from when you first meet her up until you make her a new Key Crest and free her from her Cruxis Crystal.
  • Tales of the Abyss: You only see him in a single brief flashback, but from Nephry's descriptions, Jade Curtiss was definitely creepy when he was younger. Apparently he liked to experiment on small animals. And himself. Frequently. Much more obvious in The Anime of the Game, in which he is terrifying.
  • Bahamut's Fayth from Final Fantasy X. It's just... the mysterious way he speaks to Tidus, the fact that his eyes are always covered, the fact that he's one of the few characters in the game who actually understand everything, the fact how incredibly creepy his version of the praying song sounds, due to him being such a small child, the fact that his battle-form is a giant, Civilization obliterating Dragon-Something-Hybrid-Beast... This child surely gave some people serious nightmares.
  • The arcade sleeper hit The Outfoxies features the playable Ice Climbers-esque siblings Danny and Demi. They giggle like small kids typically do when they run, even if they happen to be packing a machine gun or RPG at the time, and after they've murdered one of their fellow assassins the same giggling sample is played while one of them draws an indiscriminate green squiggly mark on the television set that displays their recently expired target. It's much creepier in context.
  • Kingdom Hearts has its share of creepy kids.
    • Roxas and Naminé don't look much more than fourteen, but they have this funny look about them - possibly related to the fact that they're Nobodies.
    • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has Ienzo, who never says a word but just keeps staring... and staring... and staring.... Because Birth By Sleep takes place before Chain of Memories, the audience already KNOWS how he's going to turn out.
  • Special mention goes out to the child version of Kirie in Fatal Frame despite not being a hostile ghost, the Kiryu Twins in II, the Handmaidens in III, and Ayako in IV.
    • Especially Ayako. She's as cute as a button, but there's a very good reason she was in that mental institution.
  • We're about 20 years too late to see it, but Cyrus from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is implied by people who knew him then to have been the same as he is as an adult.
    • While a Manchild instead of an actual child, N from Pokémon Black and White is very much an example with his theme and actions.
    • In the Strange House in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, a building where Ghost Pokémon reside, you also meet a ghost girl. You see her three times while exploring the place; the first two times, she mutters things about darkness and nightmares, and then vanishes. Then, when you find the Lunar Wing in one room, she talks to you, and asks you to give it to a Pokémon before disappearing. The Pokémon you must give it to is Cresselia, who is found on the Marvelous Bridge; if you want to capture it then, you are able to try. You might also see the ghost girl on the bridge, but she vanishes forever if you succeed in capturing Cresslia.
    • Several Fairy Tale Girl trainers in Pokémon X and Y come off this way. The pre-battle sprite makes it even worse.
  • About half of the cast from Psychonauts probably counts, since we're talking about a game that's set in a summer camp for psychics. Dogan seems like the most notable ...but he's just so adorable. This trope also comes into play when you talk to any camper who doesn't have his or her brain.
    • Special mention to the Stepford Smiler pair, who are incredibly enthusiastic about their suicide pact.
  • Kamila in Ghost Trick acts like a wholesome, happy little girl until she's possessed by Yomiel and smacks Lynne around with an uzi. Even her character sprite is different, with her hair down to hide her eyes in shadow.
  • Nearly every child in Dragon Age is creepy, though in a couple of cases one suspects the creepiness was unintentional. There's a creepy child standing around reciting a creepy poem in a Creepy Monotone in the Haven graveyard. There's a villager's daughter in danger of possession in a basement in Honnleath. And Arl Eamon's son Connor, who is possessed, is as creepy as they come. And then there are the singing ghost children in the Alienage orphanage ("But I'm dying, Ser Willem, Ser Willem, in pain.")
  • In American McGee's Alice there were the Insane Children. Alice herself too, maybe. She's definately creepy, but whether she qualifies as a child or teenager is hard to tell.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has Babette, a member of the Dark Brotherhood who is actually a 300 year old vampire who uses her looks to lull targets into a false sense of security.
  • Samantha Maxis from Nazi Zombies. There's a reason she's called the Demonic Announcer, or according to Tank, "Devil-Voice!" Then there's her laugh when you get the Teddy Bear from the Mystery Box.
  • Gary from Bully is a tad old, but he fits pretty well in a more comedic sense. I mean, yeah, he's a sociopath, but he just loves being a sociopath so much that you can't help but laugh with him. Well, until he's caused the entire school to become a warzone and strips you of all your allies. Because A) He's crazy and B) He knows you're a threat. But still, he's so fun when off his medication.
  • Lucius of the game Lucius, who is essentially Damien Thorn in all but name.
  • Albedo from Xenosaga was this. He was clingy to his brothers, namely Rubedo, beat his other brothers up a lot note  and was overall just an incredibly creepy child... Which only got worse when he came into contact with U-DO and went insane...
  • Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2 is a 13 year old girl who has some...interesting qualities to her character. When you're first introduced to Tiny Tina, you see her playing a more violent version of "Pop Goes the Weasel" with a bandit by blowing him up with explosives. She later on asks you to fetch a "friend" of hers, who turns out to be a baby version of the monstrous insects you fought in the region, in order to get ready for her tea party. Tiny Tina then asks you to fetch the guest of honor, who is a bandit named Flesh-Stick; Tiny Tina straps the bandit to a chair, has you smack him, and then she tortures him to the point where the bandit begs for the pain to stop, only for Tiny Tina to respond by electrocuting him to death. Tiny Tina's demeanor throughout the whole game has her talking dirty as if she was 30 years old while still doing little kid things like having tea parties, which adds to the weirdness factor. Considering that the world of Pandora isn't exactly friendly, the kid definitely went through some rough times to be what she is today. In fact, you find an audio log in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve indicating Tina was Forced to Watch her parents get tortured to death during Hyperion's slag experimentation, and was only able to escape with a hand grenade they helped her smuggle in.
  • Lymle of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Mostly due to her Creepy Monotone and doll-like face invoking the Uncanny Valley. Although she has a good reason for being like this: she once accidentally sent herself to Hell with her symbology and it broke her completely.
  • Bao from The King of Fighters is not one of these normally, but he briefly gives the vibes in his team's KOF 2001 ending. Though to be fair it looks like the villain Ron is behind it.
    • Kula Diamond starts as a very creepy and sheltered pre-teen girl who nonetheless has a good heart underneath all the snow and ice powers, but barely knows how the real world works due to her upbringing as a guinea pig and assassin for NESTS. She has been getting better lately, but she still has some traces of the trope.
  • Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening is an older teenager, but in his Dark and Troubled Past ( which included him being suhunned by everyone in his town, then going in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge when his Only Friend (a wolf) was slain by his townspeople), he fit here very well. Luckily, after he becomes a member of Chrom's Shepherds, interacting with other people normally starts doing him some good.
  • In Fire Emblem Heroes, the Big Bad of the game is a very creepy-looking Little Miss Badass named Princess Veronica, who summons heroes and villains to fight the protagonists Alfonse and Sharena. She's all but stated to be more of a deeply-wounded Dark Magical Girl, however.
  • Robopon reveals Dr. Zero and Dr. Zeke were this as children in the second game.
  • Neverwinter Nights mod Bone Kenning: Art of the Thanaturge has Lina, a little girl on the second floor of the Kavesk ale hall who's the only unrelated person in the village that isn't afraid of your character. She casually mentions wanting to use a voodoo doll on her mother and is friends with a hobgoblin which can be summoned by reciting a rather... interesting rhyme:
    Mother's hands at sunset,
    To tuck us into bed.
    Cobnell's hands at midnight,
    And at cock-crow we're found dead.
  • Sayo Samonji from Touken Ranbu has an obsession with revenge that definitely makes him this. This is due to his Dark and Troubled Past, since (being the personification of a real sword) he was stolen, used by robbers and killers and finally used in a bloody murder that was fueled by revenge.
  • Chara from Undertale is hinted to have been one when more is learned about them in the video tapes in the True Lab and from Asriel at the end of the True Pacifist route, when we learn about their hatred of humans and their Thanatos Gambit. Then at the end of the Genocide route we get to meet Chara. While most characters' text appears with an "accent sound," Chara's is completely silent, and while smiling happily they tell you that the purpose behind their reincarnation is power just before destroying the world and only agreeing to restore it if you sell them your soul. Frisk also qualifies in the Genocide route since they no longer become recognisable as human.
    • Asriel/Flowey counts for this trope as well. While Asriel is normally as sweet and friendly as a kid could be, an untold time spent without a soul and festering feelings of regret about having spared some humans' lives made him cruel and vindictive. The fact that the strongest words he ever uses are "idiot" and "stupid", as well as the motivation behind his antagonism being his inability to let go of his "best friend" Chara ultimately make him still seem childish despite his frequent nightmarishness.
  • All five of the Weaver children from Wick, but especially Lillian, Tim, and Tom.
  • Pale Luna from BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm is an emotionless little girl who can turn into an Eldritch Abomination through unknown means. She isn’t evil though, and it’s said that she sought the power in order to help her friends.
  • Phantasmat 5: Behind the Mask has Thomas, who wears a black Victorian boy's outfit, has a pale complexion and empty black eyes and chants morbid rhymes in monotone.
  • While, most of the children in Absolute Despair Girls qualify, Monaca really takes the cake, and not because of any supernatural influence. All she wants to do is create the successor to Junko Enoshima, and although her original plan doesn't work, she still succeeds in the end.
  • As a playable character, Beatrix from Battleborn has been designed specifically as such which is most evident in a number of her disturbing taunts.
  • Little Nightmares: The main character of the game, Six, definitely qualifies. A tiny, malnourished girl in a yellow raincoat, she spends the game sneaking around the Maw, attempting to avoid being caught or eaten. Her hooded face and thin, pale form are unsettling enough, but then there's the subject of her eating habits....
  • The title character and protagonist of Fran Bow acts as a decidedly non-villainous example. She's not evil, but some of her actions and observations are just unnerving. Other child characters in the mental institution where the game starts are the same.


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